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Harness Your Fear To Lift Heavier & Get STRONGER


I ain’t gonna lie.

I was nervous and actually kind of scared. It’s been a LONG time since I felt any fear entering a training session.

I was at Mark “Smelly” Bell’s Super Training Gym in Sacramento, Ca. I had watched the videos for years and years, before I even owned my warehouse for The Underground I had seen guys killing weights in Smelly’s gym.

I had never deadlifted with bands from a platform before and I was feeling run down from all the flying and sleep deprivation. My thoughts started to fuck with my mind for a brief moment….

I sized up each lifter in the group and I quickly realized I was not going to be stronger than any of these guys. I knew Silent Mikke and Jim McD but the other 2 guys I didn’t know.

They didn’t even introduce themselves to me. I knew what was up. I was the “new guy” and if someone is gonna shake your hand in this gym it’s because you earn their respect by battling against heavy weights.

Instead of focusing on how shitty I felt I focused on harnessing my fear and using it for my benefit.

This is something I’ve learned to do after years of allowing fear and nervous energy to push me around like a little bitch.

In life, you have choices. I choose to be strong and I choose to fight for myself and stand up for what is right.

Watch my video as I explain how to harness fear and your emotions to become STRONGER.

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Drop a comment / question with how you handle fear and your emotions.

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8 Responses to Harness Your Fear To Lift Heavier & Get STRONGER

  1. Jim Thompson says:

    I know where you are coming from. I always pick stronger guys to train with. A good problem you run into is it becomes harder and harder to find those guys Haha.

  2. Coach BiGD says:

    I find being around athletes no matter the age drives me. Especially my college kids. They freakn grind and it drives me to be better. To be stronger so when I want to show them form I can walk up without a warm up or stretching and grab a weight they struggled with and make it look easy while talking them through the movement as I lift.
    It is laying the foundation for the future!
    Dude I here you about the travel because when I came out to your cert over a year ago it was my first time away from my boys in six years. Being a stay home during their early years developed an understanding that ” Daddy is always here for us”. Being gone was tough and I will admit I almost didn’t get on the plane because of it. That’s where having am awesome wife helped. She told me to follow my dream. Underground-Edison-Zach Even Esh!
    Two hours of sleep and little food. All day cert! No regrets! Life changing and sent me down the path. Still going but do we ever reach the end because with each accomplishment we have more dreams “If I can do that… What about…?”
    Safe travels!

    • Zach says:

      Big D! YES! We do a lil sacrifice and then it can pay us back for a lifetime….

      I feel the same brotha, there are those “moments” and we must seize them to turn dreams into reality!

  3. Sibghatallah Imdad says:

    I know exactly how this feels, but for me, it happens during wrestling practice, when I have to drill and go live with the varsity guys. It freaks the shit out of me, and i get beat on a lot. Since i’ve been doing it though, i’ve improved significantly. That fear that makes your legs shake, and stomach turn is something few people can handle.

    • Zach says:

      Sib good for you, bro! Keep training hard and follow my programs.

      You will get stronger than them and even if they are older you will KNOW you have worked harder and smarter to give you the edge

      I have seen MANY well prepared underclassmen BEAT upper classmen because they are stronger and better prepared!

  4. Frank says:

    My Powerlifting Coach, Dru Patrick, benches 551lb raw.
    He’s amazingly strong guy, and he tells every week about the guys he trains with and how they push him because they are the same way . Training with other monsters help him keep getting stronger.

  5. Mike says:

    I’m an aspiring bodybuilder. Always get sore muscles after my GYM errands, after workouts need to get to get to my office job. Moreover, my wife is all over me in the evenings. And I usually feel very exhausted. By the way, was at the Arnold this year. Bought a product called Second Wind by Military Grade. Great muscle soreness reliever.

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