Integrity…. Got Some?

It’s the year 2011 and I NEVER make New Year’s Resolutions, I ALWAYS resolve to do things NOW. I’m an action oriented guy, waiting for the perfect time does nothing.

But, ONE thing I am careful with is who I contribute my work to and who I associate myself with.

The lack of integrity that I have come across has bothered me, and NO, I will not harp on it, this is just me giving a rant that for those who read my blog, I hope you continue to live your life with passion and integrity.

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  1. Joe Chizek says

    That was one bad ass video!!!

    One of the major things that has attracted me to your way of training and business is what you preach through integrity.

    I feel as you do that loosing respect quickly with people is very fast for me also. Not a lot of truth to anyone’s word these days.

    The people that are copying are making huge mistakes and don’t even realize how much that’s taking away from them than it’s giving to their business or ego.

    In time they will be weeded out! You can count on it…. Thanks for being open with your thoughts and feelings on this topic.


  2. says

    Zach –
    Whether you feel it or not during these current trials and tribulations, YOU are an incredible inspiration for so many of us out there. Not a day goes by where I don’t get lifted up by something motivational that you say. Today’s message has been especially helpful during rough times – so thank you for that.

    Let this stuff roll of your back, Zach. There are plenty of people out there who appreciate your integrity and who are aching to learn from you and be a part of your world. Everyone else isn’t worth your time.

    Cheers to you!
    Kim Ball

  3. says

    I feel ya, Zach! I’ve been in that situation more times than I care to remember. It’s even WORSE in the corporate world and I’m glad to say I’ll NEVER be a part of that bullshit world again.

    We ALL need to be thankful that the internet has eliminated the barriers to entry for those of us with a message to spread and great content to put out into the world. I’ll NEVER have a gatekeeper in between me and what’s right again and I’ll NEVER let some douchebag sitting at a desk determine how I do my job, run my business or my life again.

    Stay strong, keep kicking ass and remember the 21st Century belongs to the Linchpins.

    Here’s Seth Godin on some of the topics you touched on:


  4. Darryl says

    Good job Zach,you are very inspiring in your work out talks in your gym-and now today I listen to your talk on integrity.I am a big fan of the HARD men of the past-it is refreshing to know there are young men from this mold. BRAVO! Darryl

  5. Joe Pece says

    Hey Zach – Hearing about this made me feel for you mate. You have helped and inspired me in such a big way that I am thankful every day that I found you and invested in your stuff.
    I got out of the corporate world because not just that I hated what I did and wasnt following my dream, but also for the massive lack of integrity that is involved.
    I have been burnt many times by people with a lack of integrity, but I keep going and learn the lesson.
    Mate, its the magazines loss (but unfortunately the readers as well) that they dont have you as a writer….the new editor is such a d*&k that he cant realise when he has a kick ass strength coach writing for him.
    Keep up your own integrity mate, keep inspiring people, because I can honestly say that without your knowledge and encouragement I wouldnt have the gym that I have today.
    Keep on inspiring….you have a huge following that cant wait to hear from you on a daily basis!
    Thanks for all your inspiration and help.

  6. says

    Zach keep doing what you do. You are changing lives and inspiring others to do their best.

    My wrestling coach always use to say, “Good things happen to good people.”

    You kick ass man, we need more people like you in this world. Keep molding more underground beasts and the world will be a better place with more INTEGRITY.

    I can go on and on, but you are the man and don’t be bummed out about things that you can’t control. The things you are doing for fitness professional and young athletes alike are quite amazing.

    Keep killing it Zach!

  7. Bob Fabsik says

    Don’t ever stop being a true example of integrity. Life can beat us down every day and I think many of us after a while give in in one way or another. You could have instead told the new editor that the new article was great and kissed butt to get another article in, but instead you held your ground. It’s amazing how often things in life aren’t just right but we accept them. Guys like you will help motivate change in our society, so keep it going.

  8. Josh Blacker says

    Zach, brother, amazing video and insight. Two of the things I value the most are Integrity and Initiative. You have both in spades and continue to inspire (and make us laugh). Keep strong and keep doing your thing. Much respect!

  9. Dustin says

    Damn that sucks! But not surprising in our day/era. I offered my services to a local high school to help their athletes and met with “NO, We don’t have money to pay you.” I told them I don’t want money, I want to help. “Our football coach has it under control.” So I asked to talk to him. I come to find out he doesn’t lift, and hasn’t for the past 10 years. I asked his number one exercise and he responded bench! Plus I asked him if he has his football players flip tires, and said, “Why would I do that?” I hung up!
    I get geeked over your emails/newletters. Sometimes pulling into a parking lot while driving just so I can read your stuff.
    Those that want it won’t find it, and those that need it will! Those that get it had it, but those that don’t get it never will!
    Keep pumping it out, and I will keep pissing people off as I quickly pull off the road to read your rants.

  10. says


    Keep swingin’ bro!

    Don’t let that crap get ya down.

    I’ve worked in all kinds of businesses over the years and it is amazing this country is even still afloat. Most businesses are full of slackers, cheats, stealers, etc. Many people today, if the opportunity presents itself and they feel no one is watching, will cheat and slack off any way they can in life and in work.

    I would say that of the 40 hours most people put into work, only about half of it is really devoted to working hard and honest.

    They all lack integrity. They care only about themselves.

    You can see it reflected in the economy and in the collaspe of the family unit. You can see it in the lack of health and strength of individuals.

    Nobody wants to put forth the effort to eat, work and live clean lives and teach tehir children to do the same.

    I can’t tell you how many times I have seen such people even getting ahead in the world even though they are scum. I think it is a part of the persona of many people today and technology is making it even worse because it is harder to catch people at it, it is easier for people to become casual thieves, betrayers of their own integrity and honesty. And they teach their children to be the same.

    It’s amazing how many people go through life thinking everybody else owes them and they can just think, say and do what they want without any regard for the effects on others.

    I’ve busted my nads for years and it always amazes me how far others get ahead on the load of crap they shovel to other people. Honesty, truthfulness, integrity, etc, are very rare qualities in this day and age.

    It use to be all a person had to do was be honest and hard working to get ahead. Too many have been able to get ahead by doing everything but that. It’s almost as if society punishes the honest integrity upholding people now-a-days.

    I have been zinged many times by such useless people who merely used me to get ahead themselves.

    But those of us who strive to improve in all areas of life really stand out for those who wish to follow the same path.

    It is not easy, but it brings peace of mind and heart, which most do not have. It sets an example for friends and family to follow.

    Rock on Zach!


  11. Brian D says

    Many years ago a pastor once told me “Never be afraid to speak the truth from your heart, no matter who is around”. Words I will remember forever and teach to my own kids and those I coach/train/mentor.
    I think the key word is “truth” which is an integral part of having integrity. It’s great to see and hear you speaking up on what goes on behind the scenes, and how you are not afraid to put your values out for all to see, and to protect and maintain those values! In doing so you will attract those who share the same values, those that don’t will weed themselves out.

    As for the haters and cheaters and “cut & pasters”, another truth is that people should not deceive themselves, for whatever they sow, that is what they will reap. Call it karma or something else, doesn’t matter, it’s for real.

    Keep ut the great work Zach! We got your back!

  12. Kunoy says

    Damn straight brudda, just fyi I and my club have cancelled our subscribtions to said mag.

    It is remarkably refreshing to hear someone in this industry keeping it real.

    You are an amazing training as well as an amazing human being!!!

    Rock it hard Zach, we luvs ya Bro.

  13. says

    OH ZACH! You ARE THE MAN! THAT GOT ME GOING…. I too wrote for a magazine for nearly 4 years, please let me PLUG their INTEGRITY…St. George Magazine, St George,Utah. I too was the Strength and Conditioning Specialist who had a monthly article on fitness, nutrition, wellness, etc. OH YES, IT MUST BE A VIRAL THING WITH THESE EDITORS…. This gal NEVER discussed, talked, thanked once. I don’t think she even read or proofed the final copy before print! She would have someone hack and slash your article so bad that they’d run sentences together that made NO SENSE. She’d change the article title to something that had NOTHIING TO DO WITH THE TOPIC. I’d find photo’s in my articles that were NOT mine! How does someone have a position like that? Do they EVER WONDER OR CARE ABOUT THE QUALITY OF THEIR PRODUCT? And as you talked about, DON’T THEY CARE ABOUT THEIR PUBLIC AND FOR WHOM THEY’RE TARGETING??? It’s sick, yes, you’re right, and sad. Sad that they DON’T CARE ENOUGH ABOUT THE QUALITY AND BACKGROUND OF THE PROFESSIONAL WHO IS CONSISTENT AS YOU WERE SHARING YOUR PASSION FOR THOSE WHO ARE LOOKING FOR IT.



  14. Peter says

    Brother, you really are the best at what you do. I suppose it’s easy to second guess yourself. Everyone does. But take it from an outsider–your reputation is UNBELIEVABLE. Not only are you well-respected (by athletes, coaches and experts alike) you are also well-liked. That’s rare.

    Trust me on this: in the short-term, your absence from said magazine will simply be their loss. In the long term–judging from the kind of editor they appoint–the magazine is turning in the wrong direction anyway, so your absence will be all the better for you.

    I hate that you sounded hurt there. For every comment here, you got a hundred other people behind you too.

  15. Greg says


    Right on with your comments. Integrity is massive.

    I want to ask you something though, this is not intending to stir up anything, but I’d like to know your thoughts given how big you are on integrity and also from a dealing with others point of view.

    Integrity is a common theme in all your work that I’ve read over the years, however some of the folks you list as mentors are clearly lacking in it. How do you reconcile your strong thoughts on integrity with working with those that will do anything to make it to the top?

    Again not wanting stir up anything, curious as to how you deal with it. Ignore it? Accept it? Appreciate that most of their advice would be solid, despite some ‘errors in judgement’?

    Keep kicking ass.

  16. says

    Greg, thnx for the comment brutha, unsure who you see as lacking their own integrity – but, the ONE thing I have control over is what I do.

    Keep me posted my friend, you can send me an e mail as well.


  17. Tom says


    I know I have commented before on your blog and emailed you about how the fitness industry needs to be regulated and I know we didn’t see eye to eye on some of comments, especially where being certified is concerned or getting your program certified by the NCCA similiar to what NSCA, NASM, or ACSM has out for trainers.

    Now, with that said, INTEGRITY is huge in my life, both personally and professionally.

    You see Zach, like I emailed you before, I am a 42yo retired Army NCO and when you lead troops both in war or stateside, you have to be a man of integrity and lead by example.

    I have taken that into my own fitness bootcamps, military style as a Army Master Fitness Trainer to give to civilians a taste of what the military has done for me and what it can do for them.

    What you have going on in the fitness world, both with fitness trainers, fitness marketers, writers, editors, and so called experts is nothing more than what we used to call in the military the “good ol’ boy system”.

    You know, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. That is why I emailed you a while back to stress upon your clients and people taking your certificatoin course to be LICENSED, INSURED, make sure they have the integrity to be in this business where peoples lives and bodies are shaped by our actions.

    I totally agree with your rant in the video, it’s warranted, but I also know what I have been taught by many military officer, educators, family, friends, etc….if you want to make a difference and change the world, you have to have a solution. In other words, the rants, gripes, bitching, etc…it great, now what do you do besides telling your Underground Strength Gym followers, colleagues, friends, etc…..GIVE A SOLUTION.

    Maybe do what some of your followers have suggested, start your own Underground Strength Magazine or MMA Magazine where folks will appreciate your hard work and columns you write.

    Maybe, you do grow your Gym so then your name will become more noticeable in the MMA community like WEC or UFC, then dumb ass editors like the one you dealt with will have to take notice and then they will be begging you to write again, but this time they will have to pay you, know what I mean?

    You see Zach, the world is full of liars, cheaters, and scammers all over the place. Folks will try to cheat the system, ignore the system, or just plain ignore all your forward thinking, ideas, or being a good person and doing the right thing.

    The key is in life, KEEP MOVING, just like you preach to your followers. Don’t worry about being perfect, do the best you can with you what you have and keep moving forward to be the best person God intended you to be.

    Now, not to get all religious on you, but “what do believers have in common with non-believers” that is a biblical paraphrase of christians and non-christians being unequally yoked or not having anything in common.

    Why did I bring this up? It’s because, just because a MMA Editor runs a magazine, doesn’t mean they have anything in commmon with the industry or MMA. They may be just that, and EDITOR and care only about selling subscriptions and making money.

    Do you think all the people that are at those fitness marketing seminars or masterminds care more about the clients, programs and helping folks get better? NO, they don’t. Many folks are doing because it’s a means to an end. They train, get involved in seminars, mastermind groups, etc….to get to their next bigger, better deal maybe to be a fitness editor or write a book or sell a product all to get MORE MONEY.

    So, in closing Zach, I just want to say “THANK YOU” for what you do from you heart and staying true to you. I know I have sent you some emails where we may “agree to disagree”, but I meant well and just gave you my opinions.

    As far as what happened to you, sometimes in life you just have to KEEP MOVING and just keep doing what God intended you to do….help people thru your training, mentoring, and just to be better people all around.

    As far as this editor goes, “what comes around goes around”. Eventually he will be replaced or realize the error of his ways and that a quality writer like yourself got away….his loss bro, his loss.

    Peace bro,


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