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Is The “Perfect Workout” Holding Back Your Bad Assery?


My wife would tell me I HAD to put the air conditioning on for the athletes.

I told her I would. I didn’t want her worrying.

Then, I told the athletes, if my wife ever asks you guys if I turn the air conditioning on, you better say, “YES!”.

Now, before you start telling me that I’m so mean, let me explain that everything I do is for the best interest of the athletes.

I’ve seen countless athletes KILL their training with heat over 100 degrees. Making their workouts comfortable will work against their success and the same holds true for YOUR workouts.

I’ve learned something through IM-peferfect workouts.

Let me explain how these IM-perfect workouts can work for your advantage as well….

YouTube Preview Image

The video footage above was pulled from a section of my up and coming Underground Strength Coach Certification. 

I discussed program design in this video section and in this clip I’m sharing with you, I touch upon blending the optimal program design methods with the training of the mind, blended together, becomes a critical key to your success.

For my own training, and very likely for yours as well, I will be making changes to my training, nutrition and lifestyle. I am always evolving my training and lifestyle to help me achieve greater success in LIFE.

Why do my workouts and lifestyle constantly evolve?

As your life changes, as you age and as your body begins reacting differently to all the different stimuli, you must evolve or your health will decline.

In efforts to improve my overall health & fitness I am stepping OUTSIDE of the gym much more often and training much more in nature.

Mountain Biking to the beach, animal training on the sand, water training and more freedom, less structure.

I am encouraging you to start doing the same for yourself. And it’s OK to train outdoors when it’s cold. We spend too much time inside and not enough time connected to what we’re meant to be doing.

I recently came across an article that ran a study and spoke about how chopping wood increases more testosterone than playing sport does. This article certainly isn’t the end all be all of why I am changing. The changes come through greater knowledge and self experience.

If you’ve been following me for sometime, you recall my Soul Lifter explanation.

I am rethinking a lot about training, nutrition and lifestyle. More so than ever before.

I am looking back to that exact day when I took a job that stressed me out beyond words and had me hating life.

It was the same time I lost my abs as well.

The same year I tore up my shoulder and then my ACL.

I was stressed out all day and night. Nothing else changed in my life except my job. The stress took it’s toll on my health and well being.

That day was early September of 2003, some 11 years ago yet it feels like yesterday.

As always, time flies.

It’s TIME to control your life and everything else that affects your overall health.


Lots of changes coming. Stay tuned.

Please leave your comments / questions below.

Till the next time,

Live The Code 365


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5 Responses to Is The “Perfect Workout” Holding Back Your Bad Assery?

  1. Gary Larrison says:

    Zach, this message has just left the greatest impact ever…..I have always had the thirst and passion for iron but placed to many “borders” on my self and others I train. Thanks for the eye opener, may you never cease in your journey….Gary

    • Zach says:

      Gary, so great to hear from you, as always. Our self imposed limits are just that, self imposed.

      There is always more inside of us!

  2. Kevin Salisbury says:

    So much truth here. Training inside with ac and fans creates a body that only functions optimally in those conditions. I tell people this all the time, like you always say “Get comfortable being uncomfortable”.

    • Zach says:

      Yep, all truth. That comfortable environment builds complainers. I remember when I used to train at a globo gym, the people complained endlessly about nonsense.

      The owner eventually sold the gym, he told me he wanted to punch everyone in the face! ha ha

  3. mike guardiola says:

    There is nothing like breathing in outdoors and feeling invigorated. The hot air of summer seems to warm the muscles and the cold air of winter seems to wake my senses. I train outdoors 95% of the time. I live in Texas, so the other 5% is indoors when it rains. haha! This type of training does make for a more rugged individual in and out of the gym. I like to tell people I work out in the oldest gym in San Marcos, “The Dirt”. haha!
    In Strength!
    Mike G.

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