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STRONGCast # 11: Simple Life, Navy SEAL Stew Smith, SEAL & BUD/S Training

Stew-Smith-NavySEALIn this episode of The STRONGCast I get to interview a man I’ve looked up to since day 1, former Navy SEAL, Stew Smith.

Stew was at the forefront of getting quality information on the web back in the last 90s and still kicks ass today!

We talk candidly about Life and Lifting and I also crush an intro on living the Simple Life along with some powerful life and lifting lessons that I have picked up on this past week that you are sure to love.

In STRONGCast # 11, here is what we talk about:

– What books and movies have I recently watched that have influenced my life AND lifting lately

– What it took for Stew to get to BUD/S and become a Navy SEAL

– How did Stew train when he was at The Naval Acadamy

– Why are there traditional bodybuilding exercises inside of Stew’s Navy SEAL Fitness books

– How does Stew break down the year of training in accordance with the various seasons and weather changes

– What is “THE X Factor” that makes or breaks people through BUD/S, SEAL Training and other tough life events

– Can you teach mental toughness

– How does Stew Smith train today in his 40s to stay strong, tough and healthy

– During SEAL deployment, which countries had tough soldiers that inspired Stew to train harder AND smarter

– What are the 2 BIG mistakes BUD/S & SEAL Candidates make when prepping for the training

There is plenty more in this STRONGCast with Stew Smith, a Navy SEAL veteran, talking about having a Strong Mind, Strong Body & STRONG Life!

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Please drop a comment below with any questions / comments.

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Connect with Stew:

Stew Smith Official Web Site

Heroes of Tomorrow

Stew Smith Facebook

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6 Responses to STRONGCast # 11: Simple Life, Navy SEAL Stew Smith, SEAL & BUD/S Training

  1. Frank says:

    Interesting thoughts on who succeeds and who doesn’t. It’s not always who we would pick as the most likely to make it that does actually make it.
    We never know how fight is inside of a person

    • Zach says:

      Frank, so true, and, as they evolve and grow as a person, they can change dramatically…. I’ve seen this happen so often with the kids I train as they mature through the years

  2. Keith says:

    Zach I just wanted to say thank you for your dedication to helping young men and men in general be strong mentally and phyiscally. You have definitely helped me to finally make a move in the right direction. I was in the military and always lived the code and then became a correctional officer at a prison and worked there for 20yrs. I saw my share of violence but never doubted my other staff until during a riot I witnessed many people I had known for along time not help and just watch from a save distance. I have always worked on the ground with and around the inmates never in the towers. I lost my trust in others and knew I could only count on people I had known to be there when it was needed. I have been suffering from PTSD for a couple of years and have been getting treated for it. I had lost my drive and motivation. Watching your videos and listening to your advice has helped tremendously. I have started taking care of myself and started training again. I’m taking action thanks to you and hopefully in the near future I’ll be able to attend USC cert. and help young men and men in my area become strong mentally and physically. Again thank you.

    • Zach says:

      Keith thank you my brotha! Keep it simple and basic and stay committed, don’t veer and focus on 3 workouts ea week

      This is simple enough AND powerful enough to get results

      Keep crushing brotha!

  3. Wow Zach, Stew Smith looks fantastic in his 40s.

  4. john says:

    fantastic interview. very insightful questions and a great exchange of thoughts, ideas and experiences.

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