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Don’t Get Stuck Being Strong AND Useless

In a recent interview I was listening to between Mike Robertson and NFL Strength Coach Joe “House” Kenn, Joe was asked an interesting question. He was asked what he would like to see more of AND what he wishes he

STRONG Over 40: 5 Speed & POWER Exercises for MEN Over 40

Photo Cred: Inside Marty Gallagher’s Must Have Book, Purposeful Primitve As I continue to share more for the Men Over 40 crew, this is the latest video for my series called ‘STRONG Over 40’. One of the requests I often

How to Get Stronger & Build Muscle in Your 40s

At the time of this writing, my body is on the mend since my knee surgery and blood clot last March, 2021. My knee is not 100% and as we get older, if you have had an injury or a

The Advantages of Being STRONG, Bill Starr Training & York Barbell Stories

The more years and Decades I put into training and coaching, the more I realize and learn that it keeps coming back to STRENGTH. I am not talking about Strong & Useless. Strength requires Speed. And, speed requires strength. They

Building Stronger, Tougher & Faster Athletes: Eventually, Athletes Need a Heavy Bar on their Back

Times have been changing for quite some time….. Strength training with the basics is just not “cool” anymore. “Experts” hate on squats and now we have high school kids who can barely squat bodyweight. And this COVID shutdown of gyms

The POWER of Calisthenics for Athletes & Men – Training for Performance and Strength

Training for Performance – The Value of Calisthenics. Let’s dig into performance. Performance for sports and performance for life and work. Bodyweight training is a big component to improve your strength and muscular endurance for sports. In high school we

191 | Getting STRONGER in Life, In The Gym & In Your Business

STRONG Life ep. 191 here we GO! I answered some GREAT questions and this is part 1 of a post from my Instagram. We’re almost at 200 episodes so feel free to dig in and keep going WAY back as

6 Random Thoughts on Bill Starr, Consistency, Being ‘Too Busy”, Strength vs Speed, What It Takes & The Future of Gyms

Image belongs to Here we go. A brain dump of some random topics and thoughts running through my head that I wanted to share with you. 6 Random Thoughts on Bill Starr, Consistency, Being ‘Too Busy”, Strength vs Speed,

Strong, Slow & USELESS | The Problem with Modified Powerlifting for Training Athletes

I’ve spoken at length regarding my “Strong & Useless” rants when I see athletes who can set the records on the weight room wall but they can’t last through a sports practice or they’re always “hurt” but not injured. I

Are You Stronger Than an Idiot aka Learning From Injuries?

Time to lay down the law on those who listen and especially those who are “good enough” and only listen to a select few. Remember, to achieve greater success you must acquire the mindset of “always a white belt”. The

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War of Art & Turning Pro

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