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If you're tired of Wasting endless hours on the internet and coming across bull sh*t fads and gimmicks and simply want a central resource of STRENGTH Knowledge that is Battle Tested and Proven to help you kick ass and take names, The Underground Strength Academy Is Your Hub for ALL of these things:

- Strength & Conditioning Workouts, Methods & Program Design

- Garage Gym Training & Workouts with Minimalist Equipment

- Business Tips for Strength Coaches & Warehouse Gym Owners

- Behind the Scenes Access of The Underground Strength Gym with Videos, Monthly Workouts, Instructional & More

- Seminars and DVDs are ALL Streaming Videos

The Underground Strength Academy represents all of the training I've been researching, applying and proving to deliver powerful results. It's the work I've done in the gym, the seminars, the old DVDs, interviews and more.

Since 2005, I've been adding powerful content every single month! 

You'll also have 24-7 Access to me via the Member's Only Forum. 

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The Underground Strength & Sports Performance Coach Certification

A Proven Training System for Building Dominant Athletes In The Gym, In Sports and In LIFE. Grow Your Business Faster Than Ever Before While Changing Lives Through Strength.


Gain Access to The Online USC Certification from Anywhere in the World. 

Learn our proven training methods so you can build BEAST Athletes & grow Your Training Business Faster Than Ever Before.

Some Coaches just TALK about it. They don't own a gym and maybe they coach a few people on the side.

Me? I Like to LIVE IT.

Since 2002 I've been training athletes FULL TIME.

From youth athletes to D1 athletes to adults to Tier 1 Military.

Everyday I am training 100-200 athletes, putting The Underground Strength System to the TEST.

NONE of this information is Theory. Instead, it's proven and battle tested every day with REAL people since 2002. Now it's your turn. This is your opportunity.

Learn From Anywhere In The World, Experience The USC Cert Online, HERE




13 Responses

  1. Ruben Ballane says:

    You’re a beast, really enjoy watching your workouts and allowing my son to watch what a real iron workout is all about.
    I’m tired of watching these trainers baby their clients

    All the best


  2. …Happy New Year. love to watch your videos.
    keep it up. big time respect.
    will contact ASAP…


  3. this is the year 2009. good videos zach train hard be strong sweat, blood gutes, its time too bleed. zach bigmike and ben ennis will be coming to your place soon so look out from later michael johnson elkhart,in.

  4. Hi zack! I started doing some of your grip exercises the results were awsom. My daughter halle is 15 yrs old and plays varcity softball.Halle was the starting shortstop as a freshman,is a sophmore now.I started doing grip training and at 5′ 110 lbs can hit the ball over the fence.
    Thanks for the grip tips

  5. Michael Bateman says:


    Beast Strength is sick! Love it! Thank you for all the information and all that you do. You are a true inspiration, and I am doing all that I can to spread the word…I was at my commercial gym the other day, and one of the $50/hr club personal trainers was working with a new client. I was working in the power rack (the only 1 they have – had to make room for Life Fitness machines), and he and his client were behind me at the leg press station. The client started asking about squats, and the trainer told him that the leg press was a better exercise. “It has all the benefits of the squat, but is safer. Plus you can push more weight.” WTF with these people? It just so happens that my membership is about to expire, and the club saleperson told me it was time to renew. I have been building an underground style facility in my garage for the past few months – sandbags, kettlebells, ropes, chains, tires, power rack, barbell, dumbbells,(still can’t find a keg though)- so I was delighted to tell them I will no longer be a member. Thanks again for everything!

  6. Don Cullen says:

    Hey Zach. Love your stuff bro. I know this may be a dumb question but do you have any t-shirts for sale? That would be an easy way for your followers to support your good work in between buying your books, tapes, etc. Even if they were a bit overpriced, I would buy them. Look at the Crossfit stuff. Overpriced but still cool. Just looking out for you! If I missed it on your site, my bad.

  7. Hi Zach,
    How can I reach you via email? Interested in talking about your blog.

  8. Hey, my dad is a powerlifter and I would LOVE to get him one of your awesome shirts do you know when you will have some available? Thanks so much!

  9. Whatever happened to Bodyweight University?

  10. Gogo della Luna says:

    Hi Zach, I’d like to purchase your ‘Mental toughness workouts + DVD but cannot find it on your website. Can you please help? I need it ASAP! 😀

    Thank you!


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