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​Begin Your Journey Towards Becoming a Certified Underground Strength Coach (CUSC) & Learn The Proven Training System To Give You The Blueprint You Need To Skyrocket The Success Of Your Training Business & Ultimately, Your Life.

Since the Underground Strength Coach Certification began in 2008, over 500 Certified Underground Strength Coaches have gone through the live training certification & over 1,000 Coaches have gone through our online training course.

​Since 2008, Coaches have traveled from as far away as Australia and Ireland to learn exactly what happens behind the walls of The Underground Strength Gym in NJ.  

Zach’s proven training system has been implemented around the world by these coaches, and now it’s your opportunity to join this elite group of coaches to change the lives of others through strength!

The Underground Strength & Sports Performance Course is a 100% online training course.

​It is the first step in your journey towards getting certified by Zach Even - Esh at The Underground Strength Gym in NJ.

​You are about to gain access to a proven training system that has transformed countless athletes from average to dominant since 2002. 

Here's what we've got for you.....

We've recorded a LIVE 2 Day, Underground Strength Coach Certification, Live Training Sessions from multiple Underground Strength Gym Locations, Business & Training Webinars, Program Design Videos & Much More for you so you can learn from anywhere in the world.  

Here's a short list of who has used The Underground Strength System to gain the physical and mental edge over the competition:

  • ​Youth Athletes to High School Athletes
  • College Athletes, College Coaches & Universities from D3 to D1 programs.
  • Adults from their 20s through 60s
  • Naval Special Warfare
  • FBI & Border Patrol 
  • Special Forces Soldiers
  • Law Enforcement, Fire & Military  

​You can “plug and play” this training system into your current program model to deliver greater results at a much faster & more powerful rate. People want results fast and The Underground Strength system will deliver so you can stand apart from the crowd.

​​Your Instructor: Zach Even-Esh is the founder of The Underground Strength Gym and Creator of The Underground Strength Coach Certification. Zach has trained thousands of athletes at his gym and tens of thousands of athletes online, ranging from youth athletes to Olympians.  Zach authored the best-selling book, The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength & Conditioning and serves as a consultant and speaker for athletes, Military, Division 1 Coaches / Universities and Companies who want to learn Zach’s system for developing dominant strength that gives you the edge in sports, career and / or life.

The Underground Strength & Sports Performance Coach ​Online Course

​This training system is not based on theory. It is based on real world application having trained thousands of athletes from Youth to D1, from Adults to Special Forces Soldiers, while blending science with real world application. 

Special Offer! $500 Value
Enroll now and You Will Receive a 4th Bonus (The Matt Wenning & Zach Even - Esh Seminar Recordings) ​

Here’s what people are saying about the course

​Ralph Barbato

Breakthrough Fitness
Certified Underground Strength Coach
Team Barbarian Head Strength Coach

​Best Career Move I've Ever Made

​​​“I’ve successfully completed the online Underground Strength Training Certification, and it has been the best career move I’ve ever made.

The course was well-written and easy to follow. It has enriched my life in many ways. I used to struggle with programming training sessions for young athletes, as well as my adult clients.  I tried to use the razzle-dazzle approach to get that “WOW” factor, however what I learned most is that simple, basic training with hard work and motivation yields greater results. I’ve see tremendous improvements in my client’s progress.

If there’s one message I can convey to trainers/coaches: Sign up for this course and get certified. The knowledge that Zach shares is immeasurable. It will change your life, your client’s lives, and enhance your business.

Thank you Zach Even-Esh. Keep motivating and inspiring us!”

​Ron McKeefery, M.A, MSCC, RSCC*E

​2x College Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Year   
Vice President of Performance & Education

​Well Worth The Investment In Your Own Career

​"Zach has been a great friend for many years, but I first knew him as a mentor from afar.  Zach is one of the first coaches to start sharing his information online. For nearly three decades Zach has been coaching, operating and teaching at a high level.  He has coached novice and elite athletes, owned and operated a successful gym business, and contributed a tremendous amount of S&C knowledge through speaking and writing. His certification is a collection of his life's work, and no doubt will be extremely insightful. Any opportunity to learn from someone that has been successful for as long as he has in this game is well worth the investment in your own career"

Andrea Smith 

​Co-owner -Trident CrossFit
4 time Masters Weightlifting World Champion

​Turning Point In My Career

​"Going to the Underground Strength Coach Certification was a turning point in my career as both a coach and a business owner. Zach’s knowledge, passion, humility and authenticity blew me away and showed me what kind of coach and leader I wanted to be."

​John Welbourn

​9 Yr NFL Veteran
Founder, Power Athlete

​When It Comes To Old Shool Training... Zach Has A Lock On It

​"I am excited for the next generation of athletes knowing that Zach has rebooted the Underground Strength Certification online course. When it comes to old school training and old methods, Zach has a lock on it because he comes from the oldest school on earth - hard work. And that has been around longer than Oxford - and that is pretty damn old."

​Curt Brownlee


​Lots of Practical, Immediately Implementable Material

​"I've been following Zach for about 6 years. The first year I followed him his material was so impressive I decided to take his Underground Strength Coach Certification course. The certification was more than I hoped it would be. Very hands on, with lots of practical, immediately implementable material for both the coaching and business side of running your own strength and conditioning studio.

The only thing that matters is RESULTS and Zach's USC Cert will deliver. Take the certification and build your business while "building Hammers" as Zach says. I've been using what Zach taught for the last 5 years and my clients are the benefactors. I highly recommend the Underground Strength Coach Certification."

​Jared Mielke

​You Won't Regret Becoming One Of Us

​"Having Zach as a mentor has helped me beyond words. The Underground Strength Coach certification is a life changing experience. It's not just about the gym. I've become a better business owner, coach, mentor, even a better husband and father. All because of my time with Zach & the Underground. You won't regret becoming one of us."

​Chriss Smith

​Navy SEAL
Co Owner - Trident CrossFit
Mentor - Leader - Motivator

​You & Your Business Will Grow Exponentially

​"You’d be a fool not to take the opportunity to attend the Underground Strength Coach Certification.  Zach delivers a ton of information in a way that is easily understood and can be executed on immediately.  You and Your business will grow exponentially."

​Here's What's Inside The Underground Strength & Sports Performance ​Online Training Course


Module 1: ​Introduction to the Course
  • ​This module contains the OFFICIAL Underground Strength Coach Manual and the Introduction Video.
  • Contains the 500+ page Underground Strength Training manual with dozens of photos, 2+ years of training programs, training programs for various sports, training programs for various levels of physical preparedness and much more.
  • Includes special welcome video from Zach Even-Esh detailing how to best go through this online course for maximum success.


Module 2: ​​​Introduction: The Underground Strength Gym Intro Workouts & Assessment
  • ​1 hour 19 min video on Warm Ups & Assessments plus the Introductory (Baseline) Workout that we use for new & beginner athletes at The Underground Strength Gym as well as D1 University sport programs. 


Module 3: ​​​Dumbbell Training, Quick Lifts and Program Design Methods
  • ​1 hour 18 min video on Dumbbell Training (Speed, Power, Strength, Muscle Building) including how we implement Speed and Power Training.
  • How we use Dumbbell Quick Lifts as a precursor to Olympic Weightlifting.
  • How to train large groups with quick lifts that are easy to teach and easy to learn, a crucial aspect when training athletes.  


Module ​4: ​​​​Bodyweight Training & Explosive Calisthenics 
  • ​90 min video on Bodyweight Training: Bodyweight Workouts and Program Design from beginner to advanced athletes.
  • How to use progressions and regressions of bodyweight exercises / calisthenics from beginners (youth athletes) all the way to D1 athletes, Special Forces soldiers and more.


Module ​5: ​​​​Barbell Training
  • ​1 hour 28 min video on Barbell Training including Trap Bar Deadlift, Zercher Squats, Bench Press and Floor Press.
  • Details how to coach these lifts, spotting / safety techniques, how to fix technique flaws and more. 
  • Learn the common mistakes and weak points found in these exercises and how to fix them.
  • Learn the appropriate age to incorporate barbell lifts safely & effectively with athletes.


Module ​6: ​​​​StrongMan Workouts / Odd Object Training 
  • ​36 min video on StrongMan Training with Program Design tips & strategies. 
  • Includes tire flip techniques, safety tips and drills. 
  • Learn the exercises needed to safely prepare athletes for strongman lifts.
  • ​Avoid the common mistakes that cause injury to athletes when strongma training is incorrectly used in strength training programs.


Module ​7: ​​​​Underground Strength Coach Program Design
  • ​ ​23 Min video overview of the basics of Underground Strength Training and implementing “Mini Training Cycles” for athletes / adults. 
  • This is the exact program design method used at The Underground Strength Gym and for The D1 Universities we consult with.
  • Conjugate and Concurrent training methods.


Module ​​8: ​​​​Athlete Training Sessions (Filmed LIVE)
  • ​2 videos (49 min and 24 min) showing actual workouts (including warmups) in action.
  • Videos were taken at 2 different Underground Strength Gym locations to give you insight as to how to organize effectively and efficiently regardless of how big or small your training facility is.
  • Each training session is filmed from start to finish; from the warm up all the way through the end of each training session, incluiding mobility and recovery methods.  You'll see sprint training, jump training and live training sessions coached by Zach Even - Esh.


Module ​​9: ​​​​Organizing Your Gym for Maximum Success and Safety
  • ​14 min video as Zach tours 1 of his Underground Strength Gym facilities detailing how to organize the equipment and layout of your training facility for maximum results, safety and efficiency.  
  • See exactly how Zach organized The Underground Strength Gym as well as the weight rooms of D1 Universities.


Module ​​10: ​​​​Program Design for the Bench Press / Pressing Movements
  • ​3 videos  (approx. 22 min total) covering basic, intermediate and advanced program design for the bench press. 
  • How to progress / regress athletes from beginner to advanced.
  • How can you train athletes in 1 group that have varied levels of physical & mental readiness? This is exactly how we use safe & effective progressions & regressions of pressing exercises.


Module ​​11: ​​​​Program Design for the Deadlift (Trap Bar, Conventional & Sumo Deadlift)
  • ​3 videos  (approx. 18 min total) covering basic, intermediate and advanced program design for the deadlift. 
  • This video breaks down how to assess the athlete in the deadlift and which exercises should be used for specific age groups and specific levels of physical preparation.


Module ​​12: ​​​​Program Design for the Squat
  • ​4 videos  (approx. 36 min total) covering basic, intermediate and advanced program design for the squat.
  • This video series breaks down how to take a new athlete and develop their squat into advanced levels.
  • This video series also covers age appropriate exercises for the youth population all the way up to D1 athletes and beyond.


Module ​​13: ​​​​Overall Underground Strength Coach Program Design System
  • ​6 videos  (approx. 1 hour 45 min total) covering detailed principles of Underground Strength Training program design. 
  • Methods and Topics covered include the conjugate system, concurrent training model and how / when to implement training from various times of the year.
  • In Season vs Off Season Training.
  • Pre Season vs Post Season Training.
  • When is it appropriate to be Using bodybuilding methods to build muscle / tendon & ligament strength
  • Samples of specific training sessions from The Underground Strength Gym broken down into detail as to why / how to implement these training methods.


Module ​​14: ​​​Underground Strength Exam
  • ​60 question Multiple Choice Exam


​Plus You Get These ​3 Powerful Bonuses!

Bonus 1
​​Business QnA Webinar ($197 Value)

​This is a webinar that was recorded from Coaches who sent in powerful training & business questions. Zach answer all of these questions thoroughly to give you a deeper understanding of both training AND business. You'll want to listen to this recording many times as it GOLD!

Bonus 2
​Lifetime Access to Private Facebook Group ($2,500 Value)

​You will be invited to our private facebook group for Underground Strength Coaches. You'll be able to connect with Coaches from all around the world, connect with Zach and be part of a support group unlike any other. Question on business, training or anything else? Ask in the group and you'll have the support you need!

Bonus 3
​1 Year Access to The Underground Strength Academy ($197 Value)

​The Underground Strength Academy has been going STRONG since 2005. With seminars and DVD converted to streaming videos, hundreds of behind the scenes videos, hundreds upon hundreds of training courses, e books, special reports, audios on training, business and more, this is your 1 stop shop for skyrocketing your knowledge and success as a Coach.

You Will Also Get a 4th Bonus ($500 Value):
The Matt Wenning & Zach Even - Esh Seminar Recordings

In Your Underground Strength Coach Course You Will Learn & Experience The Following

  • ​The Underground Strength Coach Warm Up & Assessment System. Learn how to implement our powerful warm up & assessment system that you can implement immediately with your own workouts as well as your students workouts. This warm up blends mobility, athleticism as well as assessment all into one. You will learn how to use assessments to help dial in your program design methods for better results for your members.

  • Training Underground Strength Gym athletes. The best way to learn is through a seeing a hands on approach. Nothing is staged, you will see how our program design is adapted to a LIVE group from middle school to college athletes in the same group.

  • You'll see live video footage of how we Train our athletes at multiple locations and experience the energy and power of a TRUE Underground Strength session. ​You'll see middle and high school athletes in action along with how we adjust training to meet the various needs of each athlete during the same training session.

  • The Most Effective Bodyweight Exercises That You Can Use for the development of Strength, Explosive Power and Functional Muscle Building. While learning these bodyweight movements you’ll also get business tips tied in as to how you can use these methods for seminars / clinics anywhere, any time, giving your training and business no boundaries. These bodyweight methods have been a BIG key in training my athletes as well growing my business. I’ll be sharing it ALL with you.

  • Odd Object & Strongman exercises that deliver the most bang for your buck as well as proper execution / coaching of these odd object lifts. You’ll learn how to safely apply these drills differently for athletes vs adults, strength & power vs fat loss. In addition, you will gain the knowledge to design different programs with safe and effective progressions and regressions for all the different fitness levels of your athletes.

  • Barbell Training – The Barbell basics are often butchered and used incorrectly and unsafely. You will Learn the critical details which differentiate the average Strength Coach from a Professional / Expert Strength Coach. Learn how to implement these powerful barbell basics into the essence and power behind your program design.  During this portion of The USC course, you will learn the barbell and dumbbell exercises we favor with our athletes to produce maximum results with minimal time as well as how to properly execute safe technique PLUS proper coaching cues.

  • The Underground Strength Gym “Intro Workouts” that we use to introduce new students to our program, how to safely and properly progress them to the “next level” of Underground Strength training and why we utilize this specific intro workout. The Underground Strength Gym is known for producing powerful results which is why our gym is always busy! Learn how you can replicate our system for your success.

  • Program Design, Underground Strength Coach Style: Learning how to properly perform exercises is one thing, understanding the method behind delivering incredible results & coaching effectively for youth athletes to adults, from D1 athletes to Special Forces soldiers, this requires deep knowledge and skill. You will learn exactly how to implement our program design system + coaching methods and you will take your success & the results of your students to a level 10X and beyond.

  • ​A Systems Approach towards training athletes ​using safe & effective progressions and regressions. This is the system of training I implement at The D1 Level as well as with the athletes we train who vary in age range from youth (11 years old) up to adults in their 60s ​​​

  • Business / Training QnA / Underground Strength Coach Webinar Recording: You will receive the recording from a QnA session of a no holds barred Q&A on training, life and business. Get an inside look as to how things are run at The Underground Strength Gym from both a training & business perspective.

  • Once you have completed your online exam, we will do another private webinar with you and the other Coaches who have completed the online course. I will answer ALL your training & business questions during this live webinar.

​Underground Strength & Sport​s Performance Coach
Online Course



/one-time payment

  • 365 Day ​Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • ​4 Bonuses Valued at Over $3,500 - Included FREE!
  • Lifetime Access to Private Facebook Group

Frequently Asked Questions

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​Underground Strength & Sport​s Performance Online Training Program



/one-time payment

  • 365 Day ​Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • ​Bonuses Materials Value Over $3,500
  • Lifetime Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 27 Videos / 7 Hrs & 20 Minutes Total Time

​My Guarantee to You....

​The Underground Strength Gym began in 2002 from my parents garage & backyard and has continued to grow & thrive.

You are getting an inside look into how you can plug & play these proven training systems and business tips so you too can thrive while changing the lives of others.

From youth athletes to D1 Teams & Universities, from Adults to Special Ops Military - you'll see exactly how to thrive with The Underground Strength System! 

​Not many Coaches can say they've built a business that has thrived for so many years. This is your opportunity to gain access to this proven system from the comfort of your home.