Don't Let Weak Grip Strength Hold Back Your Sports Performance.

Strong Hands Are The Mark of A STRONG Athlete.

Zach here from The Underground Strength Gym of NJ.

I want to share with you a powerful story along with some critical tips I learned from a tire yard. It's a tale of being "Gym Strong" vs "Field Strong".

The photo below was taken when I began training from a tire yard in my old hometown of Edison, NJ.

Tire Flipping At The Edison Tire Yard Back In The Day.....

Tire Flipping At The Edison Tire Yard Back In The Day.....

I still remember the day I learned my lesson as if it just happened yesterday.....

My buddy and I were shocked to learn that being able to bench over 300 lbs, squat and deadlift over 450 lbs meant nothing to men who had the type of strength that we REALLY needed in order to perform at a higher level as strength and power athletes.

The shocker that came to me was when these men who embarrassed us in the tire yard told us they didn’t even “lift weights”, in fact. they didn’t even train at a gym and they smoked cigarettes.

You see, I’m very much like yourself. I’m tired of seeing all the BS fads, gimmicks and short cut style information all over the internet that comes from people who don’t even lift weights or train for raw, brute strength.

I know you’re tired of all the hype as well.

This is exactly why this ‘Grip Experts’ training course has been assembled. People like you and I want to get information from the guys who are the top tier experts in strength training.

These are Coaches who deliver real information that has been proven and tested.

The information I want to share with you comes from Coaches who are training others for performance VS being a pretty boy, cover model.

The critical benefits to having strong hands and powerful grip strength has many benefits.

Here's just a few of those benefits that you'll get when you put this info to use:

  • Stronger hands and a stronger grip helps your entire body gets much stronger. Weak hands and weak athletes go hand in hand (no pun intended). Stronger hands = Stronger athlete.
  • Understand exactly why you can not afford to have weak hands if you want to achieve a bigger bench, power clean, deadlift and squat. The hands MUST be strong for the rest of your body to be extremely strong. These experts will show you tried and true methods for getting the job done.

Weak hands are unacceptable for Serious athletes, PERIOD.

Have you ever met a strong athlete who had weak hands? No. There is no such thing.

Call it "man strength" or "farm boy strong".

Whatever you want to call it doesn't matter. Having weak hands and a weak grip is limiting your true potential in strength, it’s holding you back and it’s keeping you weak. Is that what you want? To be a weak athlete? I didn’t think so. A Real Man is supposed to be strong. It is man’s duty to be strong.

An Athlete With Weak Hands Can NOT Maximize Full Body Strength and Power.

It Doesn’t Work That Way.

Here's Why...

  • A Weak Grip and Weak Hands Leaves You at the Mercy of Your Opposition, be it in sports or you VS the barbell. Once the grip gives out the rest of the body gives out.
  • There is a unique confidence gained when you grip the barbell or your opponent and feel locked in. Greater confidence equates to improved athletic performance.

I remember feeling weak and confused at the tire yard.

I could barely grip the tractor tire and I wrestled with it for what seemed like 30 seconds to flip the tire the first time.

I was confused and even a bit embarrassed to have to ask for a lighter tractor tire.

I was bigger and stronger than the guys in the tire yard but they tore through those tires, flipping them easily. They made my buddy and I look pathetic.

That's exactly Why this e book on grip strength was created.

When I experience personal set backs and mistakes in my training I immediately become a man on a mission to help other Serious athletes who hate mediocrity. Why go through my mistakes?

When You Increase Your Hand and Grip Strength There is a Very Powerful, Positive Correlation with Your Overall Strength.

The Problem With Weak Hands and Poor Grip Strength is that your Full Body Strength is Limited.

When I first stopped using wrist wraps and straps for training there was a mental hurdle to get over at first because....

  • I couldn’t perform heavy barbell or dumbbell rows, limiting my pulling power.
  • My chin ups suffered big time because my hands and grip felt as if they were slipping off the bar after the first few reps.
  • My Deadlift dropped immensely as my forearms would get so pumped that my hands couldn’t hold on to the heavy working sets.
  • I had no strength endurance in my grip at all, so mid way into a training session my forearms were so blown up I had to lighten the weights I used to what I normally warmed up with when using lifting straps.

I was pissed off and embarrassed but once my grip strength improved, my deadlifts and power cleans improved.

My Barbell Rowing got better.

My pull ups improved.

I added thicker muscle to my upper body that I didn't have when I used to train with straps.

The bodybuilders of The Golden Era never used lifting straps. Arnold, Franco, Ken Wahler, Reg Park, Dave Draper, Bill Pearl, Lou Ferrigno. These men were built like Tanks and did not use lifting straps.


I quickly realized that my hands and grip were the weak link in my overall performance and something had to be done to get my hands up to par.

That is where dedicated grip work and changing my overall training program came into play. I knew that by doing some grip work at the end of my training wasn't going to be the answer.

I had been doing that for years and although I had big, muscular forearms, my hands felt weak when they were challenged to grip onto heavy weights or odd objects.

My fingers felt like they couldn't grab heavy weights adequately and my forearms would blow up and fatigue very easily.

I thought about the World's Strongest Man Competitions from the early 80s and how many of those men were bodybuilders but NOT like the pretty bodybuilders we see nowadays at the gym. These guys could deadlift small cars from the bumper, bend steel bars and deadlift tremendous weights. THAT was the type of strength I envied and the type of strength that could perform.

Weak Hands = Weak Athlete

I began researching methods and strength exercises to improve my hand and grip strength.

Yes, I came across countless tools and gadgets to pump up the forearms but none of these tools or gadgets were worth a dime when it came to developing truly strong hands. It was more internet BS trickery where big results were promised but not delivered.

These fancy gadgets did not develop "Man Strength" ....

  • "Man Strength" is The 50 year old construction worker who shakes your hand and it feels as if he is smashing every bone in your hand. That is what I call REAL Man Grip Strength!
  • "Man Strength" is when I wrestled against a guy in his late 40s and when he grabbed my wrist I felt as if he controlled my entire body. His front headlock left my neck sore for 3 days and this guy also did not do traditional gym workouts. He worked in a bar on weekends and carried kegs. He wrestled on weekdays and "moved weights" by moving another body.

The guys at the Tire Yard shocked AND inspired me with their brute strength.

At the time of this experience, I was training from my 2 car garage. My workouts were a blend of free weights, Kettlebells, Sandbags and Kegs. I had just started my transition away from bodybuilding workouts to more of a "functional" style of training.

The guys at the yard were cool about letting us flip tires, so on Saturday mornings, my buddy and I would show up and these two guys would get the fork lift and pull down some tires for us.


On The First Day there, my buddy and I got crushed.

Each time we got a little stronger, more explosive, tougher and more confident.

The first time sucked. I won't lie. But, it was a good wake up call. It was like a slap in the face and a massive blow to the ego, especially after we saw the fork lift operators smoke us in the tire flip.

These guys were watching us strain and struggle to flip the tires, chuckling the entire time as we sweated it out. My buddy and I were literally wrestling with these tires to flip them over.

The first few reps of flipping tires, we almost got crushed because we didn’t have the technique or that "REAL Man" strength to get these monstrous tires to move.

But, with the right training, our strength and confidence quickly grew.

At the time, my buddy and I were strong enough to bench 300 lbs for sets of 3 - 5 reps, squatting and deadlifting over 450 lbs and there we were, wrestling against tires like no tomorrow just to get them to flip once.

To most people, squatting 450 lbs for reps and benching 300 lbs for reps is considered strong......

And it IS strong.


Gym strong doesn't necessarily mean there is a positive transfer to sports performance.

Above, the infamous tire yard where we encountered men who possessed REAL Man Strength!

These guys laughed at us wrestling against the tractor tires. They put down their cigarettes (YES, they were smoking cigarettes) walked up and flipped the tire literally tearing through it like child's play. These guys didn't use any strongman techniques, no knee drive to assist in the tire flip, no strain and no struggle. Just brute strength.

Watching this made my buddy and I look like weaklings. Imagine what this did to our egos. We were shocked and I became even more obsessed with learning different training methods to develop strength that translates to sports.

Both of these tire yard workers weighed about 175 lbs or so, but they were built like farm boys. They had a toughness to their build that you don't see in a typical globo gym.

These guys had hands that were solid and thick. You can see their hands had literally been molded through manual labor. Their forearms were jacked, looking like bowling pins.

To add more insult to my buddy and I, they showed us the tires they "train" with when they have some down time.

According to them, we were flipping the “small tires”. The tire they pulled down must have been near 700 lbs and they ripped through them with ease. It took me some time but through proper training and the methods inside Grip Experts I was able to flip the BIG tires that were 600 + lbs with ease as well.


What was interesting was that These guys don’t train at a gym and they don’t “work out”. Their training is what they do day in and day out at work. Carrying, lifting, pushing and pulling heavy odd objects. Simple, NOT easy.

When these guys were flipping tires, the owner of the tire yard was watching us the entire time.

He leaned over and said to me, “That’s not the guy you want to take a punch from”

“No S**t!” I said to him. 

Watching him tear through tires with ease was intimidating. I had a lot of respect for these guys because they were STRONG. They EARNED it!

Their brute strength came from working in the tire yard and lifting odd objects. There's a unique type of strength you develop through this style of training.

The bodybuilder who always uses wrist and grip straps and support gear to allow him to hold on to the weight does NOT have that freakish MAN strength and he will NEVER achieve this type of freakish strength. If you are just a bodybuilder, you don't care about performance muscles and I understand that. I'm sure bodybuilders didn't even read this far....

True athletes NEED performance muscles.

Here’s what I learned…..

I learned that it was going to take way more than some gripper gadget to bring my hands up to the respectable strength levels. Those gripper gadgets were NOT going to be the make or break factor towards achieving REAL Man Strength. I needed something infinitely more effective, and so do you.

These Simple Changes To Your Training Can Make The BIG Difference In Your Performance

That day at the tire yard was our wake up call and my buddy and I KNEW that we had to do something radically different with our training!

We started training with odd objects such as sandbags, stones, kegs, ropes and more. We ditched the wrist straps and started developing our hands and forearms like never before!

Now I have no problem deadlifting 500 + lbs or rowing dumbbells that weigh 180 lbs, all without straps or wraps.

The results our athletes have experienced have not only improved their hand and grip strength, but the hand, wrist and grip strength improvement has made them stronger all around.

How strong have they become?

  • We have high school and college athletes trap bar deadlifting over 500 lbs.
  • Bench Pressing over 315 lbs. on a thick bar
  • Squatting 405 lbs. or more going below parallel
  • Guys that weigh over 220 lbs. are doing pull ups on thick ropes and performing 1 arm rows with over 130 lbs for 10 + reps
  • Athletes Power Cleaning Well Over Bodyweight

These are powerful results considering they are NOT weightlifters, they are sport athletes.

This strength has been a side effect of our training for ‘REAL Man Strength’, something you’re about to embark on.

Do you want your numbers to improve in your bench press, deadlift, olympic lifts, rowing movements, pull ups and chin ups and military presses on a regular basis? Then stop leaving the details out to chance.

FACT: The hands generate and transfer strength throughout the body when they grab onto another object.

FACT: Weak hands generate very little force.

FACT: Strong hands, on the other hand, can do a lot of damage.

Try grabbing a very heavy sandbag and rowing it or pressing it. If you can barely hold it you will barely lift it. Or, you may not even lift the sandbag at all! Same goes for a barbell, dumbbell or your opponent!

Your weak hands and poor grip are limiting your true potential in strength.

Do you want to allow your hands and grip to be the weak link in your strength development?

In fact, you and I are probably on the same page, agreeing that any serious athlete always wants to obtain any edge possible to increase their rate of success in sports performance.

Who are these Grip Experts and What Can You Learn from Them?

Grip Expert # 1: Gregory Mihovich

Greg unleashes an awesome 17 page encyclopedia of grip training methods. You will love this special report, intense and packed with proven grip strength methods.

  • Discover how to train your body as one unit while dramatically improving grip strength and endurance without putting in any extra time to your workouts.
  • Every angle of grip training is addressed, including crushing (hand), pinching (thumbs) and levering (wrists), as well as supporting (fingers and wrist) and extending (fingers).
  • 20 unique exercises for grip, hand, wrist and full body strengthening. Every exercise comes with fully detailed descriptions.
  • A 3 day workout regime designed to quickly improve grip strength and full body conditioning. These workouts are tough and are tailor made for anyone who wants to build a tough mind, body and hands. You are going to LOVE these workouts.
  • How to cycle your training program to ensure that results come quickly and regularly instead of wasting time on workouts that are bringing little or no results. Greg tells you how to vary workloads for the best in results and progress.

Grip Expert # 2: Jedd Johnson

Jedd Johnson is one of the world's premiere grip and hand strength experts. Jedd's special report on grip and hand strength going to freak you out! His article downright makes you wake up, take notice and get ready to tear into some serious training that delivers results.

  • Discover the details of “support strength” to increase your deadlift and other big lifts.
  • Are thick bars as powerful and beneficial as everyone says they are? See what Jedd has discovered about thick bar training and his opinion on specialty bars.
  • What does Jedd recommend you use from a hardware store when training your hands and grip?
  • What are the most effective movements for improving hand and grip strength in conjunction with simple hardware tools? Simple yet Results Proven Info.
  • Discover the details of the nail bending technique which will work your entire body AND your grip in ways you never imagined, forcing new found strength to develop in your hands.
  • Maximize your hand and grip strength by using these special techniques with resistance tubing.
  • Three must have movements to use with resistance tubing are included to develop every single area of your hands and fingers.
  • A unique and highly effective method to work your hands with a sandbag.

Jedd unleashes 20 pages of rare information that has sent him to the top of the game in the world of grip strength. Now you can discover Jedd’s NO B.S. training secrets for developing freakish grip strength and freakish REAL Man Strength.

In addition, you will see why Jedd is so strong and kicks major ass in strongman events. If you’re a strongman competitor or simply a strength fanatic, you can not afford to pass this opportunity up.

You are going to get so fired up after reading Jedd’s article that you’ll be tearing away at the information immediately!

Grip Expert # 3: Eric Cressey

Check out this powerful audio interview with Eric Cressey. EC is not known for grip training, instead, he is world renown for building Major League Baseball Players. EC caught my attention with a 600 lb deadlift weighing 175 lbs.

  • Discover how athletes should utilize grip training in conjunction with their athletic training workouts.
  • Discover why Eric NEVER missed a lift due to a lack of grip strength and why you shouldn’t either.
  • Has your grip training become overly fancy and complicated and actually held you back from improving strength? Maybe it has. Listen to Eric’s methods and philosophy on training the hands to ensure you do not over train the hands and actually hold back your progress.

Grip Expert # 4: Rob Isza

Rob Isza is the MASTER of creating workouts when you have a limited budget, less than stellar training facilities and you’re basically stuck with making your own equipment. Not to worry because Coach Isza is going to show you his proven strategies for developing freakish grip and full body strength.

  • Discover the “8 Tried and True” Training principles that will put you on the fast track towards Field Strength.
  • The top 11 exercises to develop bone crushing hands on a limited budget.
  • How a homemade farmer walk implement can be made for dirt cheap and used for an endless array of grip specific and full body strength movements. You’re gonna love this one!
  • Check out this grip exercise which promotes full body strength. All you need is a quick trip to Home Depot and you’re going to find this gem ready to help you mold your hands from weak to mighty.
  • How to use this super cheap hardware store object for sled training and pull up attachments. If you want to speed up the grip strengthening process, you must see this training tool and exercise.
  • Coach Isza’s overall strength training philosophy integrated with his grip training philosophy and top 11 movements will blast your body to the next level in strength, power and muscular development. Your body will have no choice but to grow and excel like never before with this style of training. Any true Gladiator will love what they discover in this amazing special report.

Grip Expert # 5: Jason C. Brown & Pamela MacElree

Pamela MacElree, a Strength & Conditioning Coach & BJJ practitioner along with one of the country's most sought after Kettlebell Expert Jason C. Brown. A blend of Kettlebell training expertise and Combat Application methods are blended together in this special report to show you how to develop strong hands for Grappling and Kettlebell training. Jason and Pam show you how they use ropes and towels with Kettlebells to add grip intensive exercises that prepare your hands for any form of grappling arts. If you are using kettlebells in your training then you MUST read this special report.

  • 5 Grip Focused Kettlebell drills for transforming your weak hands into hands that lock in on your opponent.
  • 11 Kettlebell Training Drills to FORCE your hands to work harder and tougher without adding extra time to your workouts. Your grip will have no choice but to improve in strength with these grip exercises. If you’re a combat athlete you will love these drills to give you the grips you need in BJJ, Wrestling, Judo and even Football.
  • Any combative style athlete who needs not only strong hands, but hands that can endure the bumps and bruises of combat sports will find these hand and grip exercises worth their weight in gold.

Grip Expert # 6: Jon Davis

Jon Davis is The Owner of DTS Training Systems in Florida & stays BUSY all year long preparing athletes and transforming them into high octane, dominant athletes on the playing field. He is known for transforming athletes and has helped countless athletes get to The D1 level and pro level in countless sports.

  • John outlines exactly how he designs strength training programs for athletes along with when and how to incorporate grip specific work for the ultimate in results.
  • Jon shares his full list of grip specific exercises that will transform weak hands into strong hands in the gym AND on the sports field.
  • Six different crushing exercises to develop lock tight hand and finger strength.
  • Two rotational exercises to develop powerful forearms and wrist strength.
  • Two different pinch exercises to strengthen your fingers and reduce common sport injuries that plague the hands and fingers.

Grip Expert # 7: Spida Hunter

Spida Hunter from New Zealand shows us how he trains the top fighters of NZ with his special report on ‘Grip Training for the Modern Warrior’.

  • 2 types of grip strength that combat athletes must focus on to develop a grip that dominates opponents and never fails throughout a combative event.
  • How many grip exercises do you really need to include during each workout to get the most bang for your buck? Spida explains how to simplify and get faster results in grip strength.
  • A fully detailed week of a combative workouts with specific sets, reps and exercises to follow so you can make fast progress and avoid mistakes in designing your own program.
  • The progressions from simple movements to advanced movements to ensure you keep progressing in grip strength and grip endurance.
  • 3 simple exercises which require NOTHING fancy to develop your hand strength and grip endurance.

Grip Expert # 8: Zach Even – Esh

In this special report I take you through a 29 Page Report on how I emphasize grip training into my overall program design system.

  • Avoid my Biggest Mistakes that limited my grip strength which also limited my potential in success as a Wrestler as well as strength gains in the gym.
  • A Top 20 List of my Favorite Grip Strength Exercises that stress the hands and grip AND also build full body strength. These are the movements that the athletes I train use on a regular basis for helping them increase grip strength quickly.
  • 6 grip strength workouts for you to incorporate immediately with a simple & effective blue print for building stronger hands and bigger forearms.
  • A sample week of  off season athlete workouts from The Underground Strength Gym that are geared towards developing strength, speed, muscle and grip strength. Get the insiders look at how I dial in workouts to transform Football players who needed to get stronger, tougher and faster!
  • A full week of Wrestling workouts. Each athlete / sport I work with gets a unique twist on their workouts to create "General - Specific Workouts" to give them the edge both physically and mentally.  If you are a Coach or a combat athlete you will love these combat style workouts.

Grip Expert # 9: Juan Carlos Santana

JCS is 1 of the pioneers in the field of strength and conditioning and shares the exact training he implements with many of the worlds best Grapplers and MMA Fighters. JCS unleashes some awesome grip and full body strength exercises that will open up your mind FAR beyond grip specific training.

This audio interrogation reveals not only great information but also some very inspiring training stories that will make you want to crush your training.

  • Discover how Juan Carlos has analyzed combative sports and the different type of gripping required for all the different combat sports.
  • Are fat bars and thick bar training as effective as you think they are? See what JC has discovered through his decades of training athletes.
  • Why you need to know the difference between parallel and perpendicular gripping and how this will dramatically improve your hand and grip strength.
  • Why are your hands the “gateway” towards achieving high level strength throughout your entire body.
  • Do you know why wrist training is critical to improving hand, grip and full body strength? These findings that JC reveals will blow you away and force you to think and train at a higher level. Excellence is the ONLY standard.
  • Discover how to train your hands from various angles to optimize your hand and grip strength.
  • How should combat athletes train their hands for grip strength and grip endurance while training with Gi VS No Gi. Discover how to balance your combat training and grip training to avoid overuse training and optimize your performance.
  • Should you tape your fingers during combat training to improve hand health and longevity? See what JC has discovered through years and years of combat training and research. JC will get you on track with longevity in your hands with these simple yet highly effective methods.
  • In this 36 minute audio interrogation with Juan Carlos Santana you will wake up big time to the most advanced methods towards improving hand, wrist, grip strength AND hand health.

Grip Expert # 10: Troy Anderson

Another awesome 30 minute audio interrogation on training to be STRONG.

  • Troy gives us a behind the scenes look at his strongman contest preparation training log in FULL detail. Weighing 185 lbs his numbers are very impressive and his details on training remove the confusion of what it takes to be strong.
  • How did Troy flip an 800 lb. tire 10 times? Discover how Troy built himself up to this amazing feat of strength.
  • What does farm work have to do with developing a foundation for strength? Troy grew up on a farm and will reveal how you can utilize “Farm Boy Workouts” from the gym to develop full body strength.
  • Discover when and why you should incorporate bodybuilding methods to improve your strength and recovery. This is must have information if you are training for serious strength.
  • What can you do if your grip is the weak link in your overall strength? What are your best options? Discover the keys to developing your hands through Troy ’s "farm strong" methods.
  • Unleash your gains in strength with wave loading and working the groove and discover how these two techniques will have you breaking through those long standing, annoying plateaus.

Grip Expert # 11: Mike Fry

Mike Fry takes you through his ‘Grip Training Made Simple’ template.

Don’t misunderstand “simple” for being easy. Mike trains wrestlers and LAX players using these methods with great success.  This special report reveals some awesome training methods that will test and build your grip strength.

  • Mike's homemade grip training tool that develops strength in your hands, grip and entire body. This homemade tool is excellent for combative athletes and anyone training on a budget.
  • Simple rope training movements for developing gripping endurance. In addition, this movement will improve your overall conditioning.
  • Do you train yourself or others outdoors and need creative ideas for training the grip and entire body? See how Mike takes a rope and gets the body working aggressively out in an empty Football field. Who ever said you need expensive, fancy equipment to get stronger was Wrong!

This is a Great read for you if you train with limited equipment and / or train on a limited budget.

2 More Grip Strength Bonus Reports ....

BONUS # 1: The Project Underground E Book ($ 27 value)

What happens when a group of Young, Underground trained athletes find their way to an industrial yard? Project Underground is what happens and it’s NOT pretty, but the results are.

In this special e book you will see how 2 of The College Football Players I trained began making added use of their time working on a construction yard. You can take these tools from a local hardware store and use them as an added bonus to your traditional strength workouts.

Once you read ‘Grip Experts’ you’ll understand why training with odd objects is extremely powerful and this Bonus E Book will give you the added tools to your arsenal to make your gains in strength, speed and muscle gains come that much faster.

BONUS # 2: ‘Freak Strength’ E Book ($ 27 value)

This e book takes you behind the scenes to a world of training that changed my mind about what it takes to get strong. Since 1989 I've been training myself, training others and experimenting with what works and what doesn't work.

In a world of BS fads and gimmicks this e book is putting the WORK back into Training. This is a style of training where most "gurus" call this style of training “taboo” because it breaks all the so called “rules” in the strength and conditioning industry.

Results are what count and what looks good in a book or on the internet is not what delivers results that athletes truly need. This book delivers results. Period.


You don’t want to miss this amazing information on grip strength and hard hitting strength knowledge. This is your chance to bypass all the mistakes All of us have made and put yourself on track to achieving faster results.

With this compilation of result proven training information, you have the chance to avoid the time wasting mistakes that don't deliver results. Get results. Get stronger. Improve your performance in sports and in the gym.

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  • 36 Minute Audio Interrogation with Juan Carlos Santana ($ 49 value)
  • 14 Minute Audio Interrogation with Eric Cressey ($ 27 value)
  • 30 Minute Audio Interrogation with Troy Anderson ($ 49 value)
  • Bonus # 1: Project Underground: A Special Report ($ 27 value)
  • Bonus # 2: Freak Strength E Book ($ 27 value)

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In Strength,

Zach Even – Esh

Founder, Underground Strength Gym

Creator, Underground Strength Coach Certification

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