"Want me to Reveal My Most Proven, Profitable, Foolproof Strategies for Creating Predictable Floods of Cash & Customers with Your Strength & Conditioning Business?"

"And, NO, You Don't Even Need a Gym to Make it Happen!"

"And YES, You Can Do this from Scratch!"

To: Anyone looking for a foolproof way to build up your fitness training business and start earning a full time income FAST!

It wasn't all that long ago when I was struggling to get my training business off the ground. It actually seems like yesterday 🙂
I remember posting signs on trees, earning $5 / hour, clients were negotiating membership and having me reduce my prices for them!

"I sucked....BIG time."

I went through a boat load of bumps and bruises, road blocks and obstacles, but I learned....the HARD way.
It took me years to build up my business, and I lost a lot of money in the process and the toughest part was the toll it took on my family.
Now things are different, MUCH different 🙂


That's my kids running wild on the beach during 1 of our family vacations. I used to NEVER have time to do what I love. But all that changed once I took control!

I run my internet business and gym by my own rules and earn more money than my old teaching gig (93 grand a year teaching salary when I left).
Most of all, I get to control my time and spend more time with my wife and kids, hang out with my friends and just be flexible with my time, something I didn't have since I was a kid.
I have gotten countless e mails, phone calls and messages through all the social media outlets asking for help.
Help to grow their fitness business.
Help to get out of the rat race.
Help to get clients and train only who they want to, not who they have to.
People who are struggling, just as I was years ago, are constantly sending me messages asking for help.

But, not all of them are serious. They want everything for FREE.

And one thing I learned about free, people who don't invest in themselves never take action with what they get.
This is why I buy the products that my friends sell, because if they give it to me, I know it'll just sit on my desk.

Now that I've got some extra time on my hands, I am looking to work with a few, serious go getters.

Here's Who I Will Work With, 1 on 1:

People who want to take action and kick ass.
No whiners, complainers or negative naysayers. I don't work with people like this.
People who want to achieve their dreams and want to start making some SERIOUS progress.
I have room for 10 people so pay attention if you're serious about finally making a living doing what you love.
Honestly, I can't see myself doing anything else, what about you?

Here are the Details of Your 6 Month, Kick Ass & Take Names Coaching Program:

- We'll begin your 6 month coaching with a Kick Start phone call. You can tell me where you're at now in your business, where you want to go and I will give you an action list to get rolling with asap. ($250 Value)
- You will get access to a private e mail account that ONLY my coaching clients will get. I will check this e mail 3 x week and get back to you promptly. If e mail doesn't solve your questions then we'll hop on the phone and iron it out asap. ($350 monthly Value)
- You will get 1 Year of FREE access to http://UndergroundStrengthCoach.com ($127 Value) where there are hundreds of videos and training articles to keep you on the cutting edge of training while also being able to mastermind with other like minded coaches.
- You will receive 50% off any of the upcoming USC Certifications within 1 year of your Coaching Program start date ($750 Value).
- Option to come by the USC Gym once a month to visit, observe, train, talk shop and see how I run the BIG show, making it that much easier for you to learn from me and take home more heavy duty ammunition for your own business.
Others invest $ 750 a day to visit me and receive coaching with me at my gym. You get to do this once a month for 6 months! (Value? Priceless!!!)
It's really quite simple.

"To become AWESOME at what you do you must find a Mentor"

I did this and it helped me get MASSIVE results FAST!
Rather than digging and prodding through tons of useless material, I went straight to those who were kicking ass doing what I wanted to do.
It skyrocketed my success and now I am doing what I love, living life by my own rules.
I want you to have the same opportunity.
But, like I mentioned before, you need to be an ass kicking go getter.
If you want to live life by your own rules and build your fitness business up faster than a speeding bullet, take action and become 1 of my coaching clients.
Let's get started, BUT, remember my criteria, Action Takers and Serious Go Getters ONLY.

Click HERE to Become part of my 6 Month Inner Circle Coaching Group.

Your Investment will be 6 EZ Installments of $197 / month.

That is only $6.35 a day!

If you pick up 1 client, just 1 client, and keep that client for 6 months, your investment is already taken care of!
I bet you'll be getting a whole lot more than just 1 client in 6 months once you start rolling with me!
This comes out to $ 6.35 a day!
Trust me, I will NEVER offer coaching like this at such a low rate.
10 People Only.

Sign Up HERE.

See you on the Inside 🙂
PS: $6.35 a day. That is seriously NOTHING.

Sign Up NOW by Clicking HERE.

"Zach Even - Esh is the Charles Atlas of Powerlifting / Weightlifting / Athletic Training. He is a walking inspiration. A kick in the ass for all of us."
- Steven Pressfield, World Renown Author
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