"A Rare, In Depth Look at How Zach Even - Esh and Joe DeFranco Started Their Warehouse Gym Business & How You Can Take Our Kick Ass Approach To Maximize Your Success & Profits with Your Very Own Warehouse or Garage Gym!"

Dear Coach,

If you're serious about growing your training business into something that allows you to quit your day job and / or follow your passion, then pay VERY close attention to this letter as it can literally be the "Make or Break" factor in whether or not you get to run your business full time vs part time.

It was a Saturday Afternoon at The Underground Strength Gym of Edison, NJ.....

Only a small handful of Strength Coaches were allowed to attend this closed door Mastermind where Joe DeFranco and myself unleashed our most powerful methods and strategies that have grown our businesses from the days of training athletes using only the equipment we could stuff into the back of our SUVs to our current 6 figure business model.

LOTS of Gurus and Coaches talk about 6 figures and 7 figures but MANY of them don't even own a gym. It's a BIG difference learning about theory VS learning from Coaches who have their feet in the gym day in and day out, actually DOING what they teach.

This closed door Mastermind was 2 hours of intensive, ALL out, no holds barred information captured on Video revealing exactly how we grew & transformed our businesses from the trunk of our cars, to playgrounds and finally into world renowned warehouse gyms.

It's THE knowledge I wish I had back when I started.

It's the knowledge you MUST get your hands on if you're at all serious about creating a profitable training business, and it doesn't even matter if you own a gym or not. What you're about to learn will easily give you the tools to create a second pay check at the very least.

I have invested tens & tens of thousands of dollars on countless business seminars, coaching groups, books, DVDs and CDs in an effort to explode my business. You will NOT have to do what I did, instead, you'll get our most hard hitting information with NO filler inside this 3 hr success kit.

You'll get TWO Unique angles & perspectives on how to Transform your Gym Business.

Joe began straight out of college working as a Strength Coach inside a facility, then to his Chevy Tahoe and finally into his FIRST "gym", a 400 sq ft. revamped storage closet! Yes, it was a storage closet!!

I began as a married man, while working full time and evolved from part time to full time and 6 figures (while growing a family with 2 children now! 🙂

Check out the Video below and you'll see some of the information you're about to get your hands on. Information that will VERY LIKELY be the best value for your dollar you have EVER invested.

Watch this Video Below

Check the TWO Highlight Reels Below...

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You will get instant access to an MP3 recording of our closed door Mastermind.
Inside this informative and intensive audio, you'll receive priceless information led exclusively by Joe and myself, you will get our personal strategies for building and growing your fitness business at break neck speed.
Rather than waste years of your valuable time and hard earned money, you can have a full proof blue print to work from and become profitable from the get go.

Lost Secrets of Strength: The Business Files is a rare and unique opportunity to get inside our heads and inside our business model without having to travel into the Dirty Jerzee.

Without hesitation, I MUST add, the strategies and methods Joe & I discuss and encourage others to do requires WORK.

Work that MOST Coaches are not willing to do.

Cry Babies, Lazy Asses, Excuse Makers and Whiners Beware....

If you are happy with your current status quo and always have an excuse or cry about your lack of success, 'The Lost Secrets of Strength: The Business Files', is NOT for you, plain & simple. You must be ready to dedicate yourself to strategic actions that we discuss in these audios.

On the flip side, if you are hungry to pursue the life and business of your dreams and are willing to go the extra mile so you can achieve greater success then this program will prove an incredibly small price for the enormous benefits.

Now, of course, the critical question: How Much Does it Cost?

Simple. There is NO "Cost" if you truly take action with what we teach you. It's a $ 97 investment. If you view this as a cost then your mind is in the wrong place.

If ALL you do is pick up 1 client for 4 weeks, then you will MORE than cover your tiny investment.

But, let me put my word behind The Lost Secrets of Strength: The Business Files.

You will, if you only apply a fraction of what Joe and I reveal, earn back at least 10 times your investment.

Prepare to Learn Our Strategies On....

Plus, Much MORE....

But, like I said before. This program is ONLY for action takers, those who DO work and those who walk the talk. Success will NOT fall onto your lap.

Time to get after it and start achieving more success with your warehouse gym.

In Strength,


PS: Back in the Fall of 2004 I was Joe DeFranco's FIRST business coaching client. It was 2 weeks before I got married and money was TIGHT for me.

The investment for that 1 hour sit down took me 6 months of e mails and I took a "sick day" from work to drive 1 hour up north to Joe's first storage closet gym.

I was a full time teacher and was running my business from my garage.

Two years later I opened my first Underground Strength Gym location and my business has exploded since then. Between what I have experienced and what Joe and I reveal to you there is simply NO way you can't easily earn back at least 10 times your investment.

PPS: This is not an extensive, 16 DVD & CD course with binders and works sheets and a million confusing hand outs. It's straight forward, simple to use: an audio you can download to your computer and load into your iPod to take with you on the go... the most powerful ready to use information to grow your training business like a wild stampede of Bulls.



"Zach Even - Esh is the Charles Atlas of Powerlifting / Weightlifting / Athletic Training. He is a walking inspiration. A kick in the ass for all of us."
- Steven Pressfield, World Renown Author
War of Art & Turning Pro

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