Discover The TRUTH About Growing Your Strength & Conditioning Business Into a High Profit, Low Hassle, Life Changing Business!

Inside Operation Thunder You Will Learn How to:

1) Craft Your Strength & Conditioning Business According to Your Own Rules (Train Only Who You Want, When You Want, While Setting Your Own Prices)

2) Earn a Full Time Income While Working Part Time Hours (Some Coaches have Earned 6 Figures Following this System)

3) Change the Lives of Others While Truly Living Your Passion

Dear Coach,

Running your own training business CAN be awesome when done the right way.

Unfortunately, lots of Coaches who are passionate and trying to make it happen end up burning out, going broke and / or struggling to make money.

It is NOT as complicated as the "business experts" make it out to be. In fact, it's very simple. Now, simple does not mean easy. Like anything worth having, this will take work. So, if you're a lazy, excuse making coach, forget it, this is not for you.

If you're here, you're likely similar to the hundreds of Strength Coaches who have gone through this course:


You LOVE Coaching and you're not some "Master of Marketing".

You don't want to manage a bunch of other Coaches.

You want to show up 3 - 5 days a week and coach for 2 or 3 hours a day.

You don't want to live in the gym. You want a LIFE outside of training & coaching.

You want a business that gives you FREEDOM, Not a business that enslaves you.

You want to make a Full Time income while coaching part time hours.

Nowadays, there are countless programs and "coaches" out there talking about the business as if you're not "successful" unless you have 200 or 500 members, have 5 coaches working for you, own a gym that's 5,000 sq ft and bla bla bla.

More Overhead, More Coaches to Manage, More Expenses.... That sounds like a BIG headache to me and I'm sure you Don't  want More Stress in your life.

Well, have these "Coaches" actually ran a warehouse gym? Have they delivered world class results training athletes or adults and changed lives? Or, do they simply have a online business, where they mill people in and out, employ 10-20 coaches and have stress levels that would send you to the hospital?

Operation Thunder is The Proven, Low Hassle, High Profit and ETHICAL way of Growing Your Strength & Conditioning Business.

Your business CAN give you the freedom you want and the money you need to relieve stress from your life and when you understand HOW to achieve these things with your training business, you begin living life on YOUR terms.

Nothing could be worse for your Health, Mental well being and for those you Love than having a business that Stresses you out and makes you feel like a Slave.

I KNOW because I've been there, in debt, working crazy hours, often times 6 am - 1 am 5 or 6 days a week. This lifestyle broke me down both mentally and physically. 

I have often explained to Coaches and athletes that emotional stress will run you down 20X faster than the stress from a hard training session. You don't need that stress. Instead, why not have a business that is fun, low stress and brings in a full time income. I am sure that sounds GREAT to you.

Imagine how you'll feel when your business is running like a fine tuned machine. You're not working crazy hours early in the morning or late at night, you've got consistent income and in turn, you can focus on what you really love, which is coaching and helping people. Who needs more stress? Not you and not me!

When you understand how to build your business properly, market properly and think properly (Yes, I cover the mindset needed to achieve financial success as a Coach), you can build a profitable business that is also fun and low stress.

And that's what you'll learn inside Operation Thunder.

Of course, this success takes time, work and strategic action. It does not take months and months on end. Every month you will steadily build and grow your income while reducing stress and very likely reducing your hours.

I'm not telling you this will be easy.

It requires dedication and a NO excuses attitude. Just like you want your athletes and members to be dedicated and be consistent, you will need the same dedication.

If this sounds like you, then read on.....


Here are just some of the topics I cover inside Operation Thunder along with MANY additional components to help you build your Strength & Conditioning business into a Low Hassle, High Profit "Operation". 



Inside 'Operation Thunder: The Warehouse Gym Project', You'll Get:

4 Videos - Get the Entire Operation Thunder Seminar caught on film. A full blown 4 part series where I take Strength Coaches step by step through the processes of both brick & mortar + online strategies to grow a warehouse gym or fitness business that is profitable from the get go! NO need to go in debt and wait a year to make profits or any other BS that business experts tell you. Follow my system and profits begin with your first client!

- Audio Downloads! Load them on your smart phone and listen while you drive or take a run. Every audio will give you powerful business strategies helping you to grow the warehouse gym you've always dreamed of.

  • The Entire PDF Presentation, Outlining the Entire Seminar with Action Steps / Business Exercises that will take you step by step from the ground up. Each PDF will put you in the FAST track towards the specific actions you MUST take to build a group of die hard, raving fans for your warehouse gym.


  • 5 Business Modules, taking you from my earliest days of NO warehouse gym while training athletes from my parents backyard and my 2 car garage, all the way to my current stage of business, running a warehouse gym with part time hours (3-5 hours a day) and earning a full time income, 5 and yes, even a 6 figure income. This is The BEST way to do what you love and earn a living.


I like to break this down into simple math. When I first opened my warehouse gym (The Underground Strength Gym) I wanted to earn $10,000 / month from my business, so I broke it down into simple math. It would require me to get 40 members paying $250 / month. This was done with 3 hours of coaching Monday through Thursday, 2 hours on Friday and 1 hour on Saturday.

Today I work much less because I don't want to miss those moments with my kids. I also share how I "manage" my Coaches without really managing them. Again, I follow the Low Hassle, High Profit approach. I hate stress and headaches, so I axe anything that interferes with my happiness.

  • Discover THE difference between ordinary and EXTRA-ordinary warehouse gyms and how to separate yourself from the "competition". With countless trainers calling themselves "World-Renown Strength Coaches" you MUST know how to dominate the competition.


  • What is the proper mindset you MUST have in place to achieve success and attract highly qualified prospects that will stay, pay and refer on a regular basis? Many have heard about why the right mindset helps you achieve success but far and few know HOW to get it. This piece alone will boost your success.

      • What false beliefs must you get rid of  that other "fitness marketing gurus" tell you to utilize when they are NOT in the trenches, running a warehouse gym, day in and day out.
      • Who doesn't love FREE marketing methods that don't cost you a dime yet bring in highly qualified prospects? Learn the Guerilla Marketing tactics you can implement to cut your expenses BIG time and increase net profit dramatically.
      • You've always been told to choose a "niche market" but you gotta dig deeper then simply finding your niche to truly succeed. I'll explain exactly how, who and why to choose the right people for your niche to ensure you are viewed as THE go - to Coach for your niche.
      • The BIG mistake most Coaches miss out on (Hint: it has NOTHING to do with your skills as a trainer). This alone will get your head in the right place and bring you more success.
      • Do you know how to negotiate a lease for your warehouse? What if you already are in a warehouse gym? This will explain how to minimize your unnecessary overhead and maximize your profits.
      • Stop trading time for dollars. Learn how to leverage what happens in your gym and create marketing materials, info products and more income with OUT having to keep working more and more.
      • How to engineer and craft every event at your gym for maximum profit, trial workout, complementary evaluation, Bring a Friend day, etc that happens at your gym into an ass kicking experience.
      • The Underground Strength membership check list to force you to think differently and outside the box of what a gym is "supposed" to be like. This list is HUGE and will get your creative juices flowing BIG time

      • How you can use FREE (7 different ways) to bring in clients who stay, pay and refer other highly qualified prospects to your gym on a regular basis
      • The proper language to use when discussing membership options with prospects to make it stress free, casual and easy for them to become part of your "family"
      • How to avoid being a commodity. There are warehouse gyms popping up everywhere. Don't become another warehouse gym who's viewed as the "same ol', same ol'" and people shop around for you based on price.
      • This is CRITICAL: How to structure training AND business systems to help you enjoy more free time, more vacations, less stress, building a team around you while giving you the edge over surrounding strength coaches / warehouse gyms.
      • What are the "MUST Have's" when running a warehouse gym / strength coach business? Follow this check list to ensure nothing is left out, from legal information, equipment info, financial planning, web site requirements and more
      • What does your gym / training web site need to be successful in today's world of technology? I'll break it down for you so your web site can act like a robot that helps you attract highly qualified prospects around the clock, 24-7-365.
      • How to effectively hold contests and fund raisers in your gym that not only support important foundations but also help you attract loyal clientele who have a desire to be healthy, strong, fit AND share your mission with others.

Each insight inside Operation Thunder is a "BIG idea" that can improve your business.

Even if only ONE Idea leads to one new client, and, if that one new client stays with you for a year you likely just added an average of $2,000 to your income.'

Whether or not you're a seasoned Strength Coach or you want to be a Strength Coach running your dream warehouse gym, there are countless "BIG ideas" in every single Audio in this course.

Take Action Now to learn how to increase your profits quickly, train ONLY clients you love to work with and operate your training business on YOUR terms....

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For Only $297 You Will Get:

* The Entire Video Recordings ($297 Value)

* The Entire Audio Recordings ($297 Value)

You are getting the proven business systems and marketing strategies that have helped me continue to grow my business since 2002. The Underground Strength Gym has stayed strong going through economic recessions, hurricanes, covid and anything else that comes our way!

You will learn how to do the same for your business. Imagine the stress relief that will come with more money, more free time and more fun!


I know that making an investment can sometimes be frightening. I've been there before. My first business course was $97 and I must have read the web page for that course 10X before I made the jump.

I realized that if I don't take action, I will never have skin in the game. And unless I started learning how to run my business, I would still be struggling and stressing next month, 6 months from now and next year.

Imagine what will happen to your business and life after you take action with Operation Thunder. Just one BIG idea implemented on the regular can bring you new members every month. Even if it's only 1 new member a month, after a few months and 5 new members, that's another $1,000 - $1,500 / month. In a year, that is like getting a $12,000 raise.

It's all simple math. It's time for you to stop being confused, stressed and over worked. Get Operation Thunder and start transforming your business and your life today.


WARNING! Do NOT invest in Operation Thunder unless you are a SERIOUS ACTION TAKER. There are NO refunds for our business courses. After your purchase, you will receive an email with access to your videos and audios. If you don't see an email, please check junk folder before emailing us. Thank you.


"Zach Even - Esh is the Charles Atlas of Powerlifting / Weightlifting / Athletic Training. He is a walking inspiration. A kick in the ass for all of us."
- Steven Pressfield, World Renown Author
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