The Way To Live ($27 Included)

This 1908 book is a blend of George Hackenschmidt’s autobiography, his philosophy on life and his training system for strength, power & muscle building.

Included is a 33 page introduction by myself with my thoughts on life and lifting. This book simplifies the system of training, nutrition and lifestyle, something ALL men should be looking to achieve along with success in life.

To learn the ways of other strong & successful men has been the habit of other strong & successful men. They constantly sought out further knowledge to enhance their own success.

Now it’s your turn.


Old School Strength, Power & Muscle ($27 - Included)

This training manual will come with 24 Time Tested, old school workouts, based on nothing but the basics and RESULTS. Nothing fancy included or required to train with these workouts and get results.

What is required? The guts, the passion and the motivation to go against the grain and to train like a REAL Man, with heavy weights and a relentless pursuit of bettering yourself, day in and day out.

In addition to these 24 old school strength & muscle building workouts, you will find in depth excerpts from my favorite articles that date back to the 50s, 60s and 70s.

In these Classic Reprints, You'll find articles on:

- Wrestling strength & conditioning workouts for the off season. ANY athlete can follow these training programs and get results in strength, speed, power, mental toughness & conditioning.

- A rant from one of the most popular Bodybuilders of all time, who was also built like a TANK. In this rant this man speaks his hard hitting truth about how he feels with regards to all the "secrets" that are out there and how you need to approach training to get results.

- How a powerlifter & world class shot putter took action using powerlifting guidelines from the Original Westside Barbell while chasing a 750 lb deadlift. You'll learn of his mistakes, his success stories, how he learned to listen to his own body and how / why you should learn to do the same.

- The story of Bill "Peanuts" West, The Original Creator of The Westside Barbell Club, how he learned his innovative and now world renown training methods, how he ran his gym from his garage, how he ate to bulk up or lean down, his personal training regime and much more.

These Classis Strength Reprint articles are some of the most cutting edge, influential and powerful strength & muscle building articles I have ever come across & I know you'll feel the same. They will blow you away considering they are from 30 - 40 + years old yet more powerful than 99% of the information being shared today.

You’ll get 67 pages of hard hitting, old school strength & muscle building information. Follow the advice from these articles, perform the old school workouts & You WILL prosper in mind, body & spirit.


The Navy SEAL Success Strategies Audio Series ($49 - Included)

You will get 2 Powerful, Hard-Hitting Audio interviews with Navy SEALs revealing & detailing EXACTLY how to use their success principles & strategies beyond the weight room, beyond the gym, beyond merely “working out”.

These are men who have walked the talk in the most dangerous places on earth. MANY “experts” talk about how to achieve success, other experts complain about this strategy and that strategy.... Navy SEALs are the MEN who have TRULY been through hell and back and still come out on TOP.

Instead of hearing from an internet Guru who doesn’t truly Live The Code, you will learn from True Warriors.

Discover What it means to be “Training for Life”, how to use your workouts to transform you into a more successful person, how to set goals & achieve them, how to smash through obstacles, obtain a success oriented mindset & more.

You will also learn about being a “Dangerous Man”, keeping your edge (and if you NEVER had the mental edge - How You can GET it), how to motivate yourself without relying on other people, places or things to dictate who you are, who you become and what you truly CAN become.

You will want to listen to these audios over and over and over again. These audios alone are worth your investment in The Russian Lion Power Course.


The 1 Year Russian Lion Power Course ($47 - Included)

includes an entire one year blue print for training.

With a detailed progression of your warm ups, organizing your workouts and putting them into a "Power Plan" that develops a powerful physical body and a powerful state of mind.

Not only will you develop a body that is strong, muscular and can perform for real world activities or sports, you will also develop a strong, tough mindset, a key trait for being successful in life or sports.

Included in the 1 year Russian Lion Power Course you will get an intro phase, properly and safely progressing you from beginner to intermediate to aggressive training methods.

These workouts will push you to the next level, taking you out of your comfort zone and into the realm that forces you to grow in mind, body & spirit. These are the workouts that have been battle tested & proven on hundreds of athletes that have trained at The Underground Strength Gym as well as what I have personally used to push myself to new heights.


NavySealAudio2WarmUpThe Navy SEAL Warm Up ($27 - Included)

Let a former Navy SEAL & Certified Lv2 Underground Strength Coach take you through his warm up to help you prep your mind & body for your workouts AND for Life.

Even on your rest days from training, this warm up will serve as a form of meditation for you, clearing your mind & cleansing your body of negative thoughts, toxins & low energy.

Follow this short & simple warm up plan & you'll feel invigorated, energized, stronger, more focused and ready to kick ass & take names in your training & anything that dares stand in your way.

A strong mind is a strong body & vice versa.The two go hand in hand & with this course you will now have the knowledge and the power to grow as a person in mind, body & spirit.

Between the Navy SEAL warm up, the Navy SEAL success strategies & the philosophy & methods of old school champion, George Hackenschmidt, you WILL take all your life activities to the next level.

Now is the time to change your life. This course is unlike any other Underground Strength Course we have available. It is specifically designed to help you grow as a person to the 10th degree.

Your success should have a sense of urgency. Waiting for tomorrow or next week will NOT change your life.

Russian Lion Power Course

$97 $37

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"Zach Even - Esh is the Charles Atlas of Powerlifting / Weightlifting / Athletic Training. He is a walking inspiration. A kick in the ass for all of us."
- Steven Pressfield, World Renown Author
War of Art & Turning Pro

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