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"Men have a Duty & Obligation to be STRONG."

From the Office of Zach Even - Esh

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5:47 AM

Dear Friend,

Zach Even - Esh here and I'm glad you stopped by. This means you take your health and strength seriously and you're ready to make a change. Contrary to what the masses say, You CAN get stronger, leaner and all around better in your 40s. It is never too late. NEVER.

In a world where excuses are commonplace and the internet / media are telling you it's acceptable to be weak and flabby as you "get older", I am here to tell you..... THEY ARE WRONG. And if because you're here reading, I know you disagree with the masses as well.

As men, we have an obligation and duty to ourselves, our loves ones and to our community.

It starts with being Strong & Capable.

A weak man is not healthy.

A weak man is not a productive contributor to society or his immediate community.

There is ZERO benefit in being weak.

On the flip side, when you are strong and capable, you are confident and reliable to everyone around you.

You are an asset to your family, friends and loved ones. You are an asset to your community.

You are viewed as a leader in your community.

STRONG & LEAN OVER 40 is my Intro Course for Men Over 40 and it's only $7. 


I am tired of seeing the BS being peddled out there for Men Over 40 that only confuses you and makes you weaker. 

The training I see being prescribed is conservative at best.

“Coaches” are out there acting like Men Over 40 will disintegrate if they lift heavy, squat or deadlift. They are WRONG.


A lot of guys over 40 think their best years are behind them… and that they can never get back in shape.

The thing is:

It’s just not true.

Look at Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerburg.

They grew up skinny and unathletic… and as they’ve aged, they’re getting stronger, leaner, and in better shape than ever before.

STRENGTH is the ultimate flex.

It doesn’t matter what happened in the past. The only thing that matters is what you do NOW with the time you’ve been given.

If you're waiting for a special date on the calendar to get started, forget it.

You need to dig deep and want Strength for something deeper and more meaningful.

Being STRONG will give you the physical and mental edge in all aspects of life.

If You want to get into the Best Shape of Your Life, the Solution is Simple:

It’s time to get Back to Basics.

You don’t need a fancy gym.

You don’t need a complex meal plan.

You don’t need a bunch of powders and supplements.

You just need the will and determination to get your hands on some iron and follow a dead-simple plan.

My new book, Strong & Lean Over 40 will show you how.

Get STRONG Over 40 HERE for only $7.

Men have a moral obligation to themselves and their family to be STRONG & Capable.

This requires a certain style of training and it’s Not the soft BS I see out there nowadays that encourages comfort, light dumbbells and .

Men need to train like MEN, not like fragile snowflakes.

STRONG Over 40 is a short yet powerful ebook giving you the tips you need in training and nutrition to get Leaner, Stronger and in Better shape, even as you “get older.”

“Getting Older” is NOT an Excuse to be Weak & Flabby.

STRONG Over 40 is available HERE - $7 

NOTE: This is NOT a full blown training course like my programs on Train Heroic……

STRONG Over 40 is a Intro Course, a Series of tips and sample workouts for Men 35 & Older so you can take fast action and start getting results today. Now. 

See what Steven Pressfield, World Renown Author is saying about my work.....

"Zach Even - Esh is the Charles Atlas of powerlifting / weight training / athletic coaching......

He is a walking inspiration, a kick in the ass for all of us....."

No confusion.

No fancy, complicated workout programs that don't deliver results.

Instead, you’re going to go straight to the source of what delivers results.

It’s simple yet powerful and of course, like all of my training info, this requires ACTION.

In a world where everyone is so busy, I decided to keep this PDF short & to the point.

My normal style is to go ALL out and pack tons of info into everything I possibly can into one book but I have found that Men today are so busy, they simply want to be told what to do and get straight to the point.

There are sample workouts in:

Who else trusts me & endorses my work? 

How about Men like Joe DeSena, Founder of Spartan Race and Owner of Tough Mudder

Elliott Hulse, World Renown Transformation Coach endorses Zach Even - Esh....

If you are ready for RAPID Results and You are Ready to take ACTION, you can get STRONGER HERE - Only $7 HERE.  

You will get the PDF download immediately after your purchase. 

Live The Code 365,


"Zach Even - Esh is the Charles Atlas of Powerlifting / Weightlifting / Athletic Training. He is a walking inspiration. A kick in the ass for all of us."
- Steven Pressfield, World Renown Author
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