STRONG Life Ep 30: Elliott Hulse Throwback & A STRONGER YOU!


This is a “throwback” podcast, the first of it’s kind.

Before podcasts were out, I was recording some shorter interviews and posting them to the blog but they have gotten buried in literally thousands of blog posts, articles, videos and etc.

They are too powerful to let slip away, so here is my throwback STRONG Life Podcast with Elliott Hulse.

We discuss the following:

– Why you must constantly evolve as a person as life goes on.

– What does it mean to become “the strongest version of yourself” and how can you do this?

– How to turn triumph into tragedy.

– How did Elliott rebound both physically and mentally after tearing his bicep?

– Can you lose fat, lose excess weight and STILL be Stronger? Elliott lost almost 50 lbs and he describes how he changed training to better his health and still lift BIG weights.

– What are the 4 layers of strength and how can you develop each of these strength layers?

There is tons more that Elliott and I discuss, so give it a listen and take action with your new found info.

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  1. says

    The first time I met Elliott was when he attended a Strongman seminar at my gym with Tom Mitchell in 2007.
    About a year ago I attended one of his seminars at his gym.
    He is a very intelligent, passionate guy for sure.

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