Underground Strength Bodyweight Workout Challenge


I got the e mail from “that guy” who got too caught up reading one too many articles on the secrets of building speed and muscle.

“I weigh 130 lbs and I wanna be a BEAST! I am gonna follow the Football program at my high school and was wondering, can I use Bodyweight Bodybuilding on my off days? Bodyweight is just good for finishers, right?”

That question may have come from a high school football player but I get the same question from guys in their 20s all the way up to their 60s.

Bodyweight Training is undervalued and misunderstood amongst way too many people.

Most get confused or caught up in the 2 “categories” of bodyweight training explained below and don’t venture beyond these 2 areas. 

This is unfortunate,as Bodyweight training has MANY more doors to open for you.

Let me explain….

Here are the 2 categories people think ONLY exist for Bodyweight exercise.

1) The high level bodyweight skills shown by the top Bodyweight experts like The Bar-barians and groups like these….

YouTube Preview Image

2) Bodyweight training being used a circuit or finisher where you bang a 5 minute circuit of push ups, pull ups, jump rope, etc.

Yes, the above 2 categories are effective, BUT, there is much more to Bodyweight training then just these 2 categories.

In fact, I used to be stuck in just using bodyweight workouts for finishers myself. Until I came to the point where my joints felt like shyt from regular abuse of heavy weightlifting, lack of mobility and not listening to my body.

There are MANY more ways to use bodyweight training, which is why I created Bodyweight Bodybuilding.

The video below is a short challenge that most can do and it would fit into the fat loss / conditioning category.

But, it is also a powerful circuit for developing power endurance as you are being explosive for repeated bouts.

Level 2 of this challenge can be performed with a weight vest on, ranging from 20 – 40 lbs.

Level 3 would be to progress your push ups into clapping push ups on every rep and set.

Try this Bodyweight Workout challenge, originally intended for Wrestlers at The Underground Strength Gym, but great for all who want greater fitness …..

YouTube Preview Image

Post a video of your workout and title your video “Underground Strength Bodyweight Challenge”.

Let’s see who crushes this challenge with the best time?!?! Post your youtube link in the comments section below.

Psyched to see how you do.

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  1. Mitchell says

    I think I did the first one in a little under 3 minutes, didn’t really keep my time that well though. Will be redoing it this weekend and then try it with the vest on, even though my vest is terrible for push-ups

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