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How To Eat & Train for MAX Muscle (Intermittent Fasting)?


How do you eat to get leaner, stronger & fitter?

How do you train to pack on MAX strength & MAX Muscle?

The answer is this…..

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The basics will always WIN.

If I am intermittent fasting, then my day looks like this:

6 AM:  2 cups bulletproof coffee

ALL Day & Evening: Snack on almonds, cashews, etc. Small protein serving post workout if I train that day, around 2 PM have 2 servings of Athletic Greens

9 PM: 12-16 oz of meat (filet mignon, chicken, beef, etc), large salad or mixed veggies, serving of Athletic Greens

NOT fasting daily meals:

6 AM – 2 cups bulletproof coffee

7 AM – 4 – 6 scrambled eggs, Athletic Greens

12 PM – Moderate protein serving & moderate fats. Steak, Chicken, Tuna, etc.

3 PM – Trail Mix 1 Cup

9 PM – 8 oz protein & veggies or large salad

Nothing fancy when it comes to eating. The more basic I keep things the better, same goes for you. I personally do NOT need variety when I eat. I can live off of chicken, steak, red meats, salad, coffee and some peanut butter, ha ha

Fruits are minimal, sugars in general are minimal.

Don’t deny it and don’t try to fight it. The strongest and best built men for as far back as I can trace have been the men who stuck to basics in lifting and nutrition. Don’t be “that guy” searching the internet for the magic bullet when the answer has been here all along.

Live The Code,




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15 Responses to How To Eat & Train for MAX Muscle (Intermittent Fasting)?

  1. Sven says:

    “the basics are always what will win!” – love that line!

    You cant go wrong with the “KISS” system.

    Here’s a little story:
    My family comes from a little island in the Mediterranean Sea. Life was brutal, poor and simple. Land didn’t give much and people were living from the things the sea and the little gave them. That was mainly fish, goat milk, lamb meat, almonds, olives, whine and what the garden gave them. Nevertheless the people there are known the be big, strong and athletic.

    Whenever I travel there my productivity, my strength and activity go through the roof. My wifey usually has to hide from me during that time. hahaha, …
    That is because life happens outside. You are always outside, active. Also the food is still basic. Not a day without fish broth, lamb or goat meat, figs, almonds and whatever is eatable from the sea. Basic stuff.

    In the meantime – avoid everything that has more than three ingredients. Simple rule – but not easy.

    • admin says:

      Sven! Awesome story and Awesome info on basic, simple (NOT easy) Nutrition.

      Stepping up my game in ALL fronts, homie!! 24-7!

  2. Dustin Maynard says:

    Very true Zach!

    I am geting back into my old ways of training and eating. Ironically I am doing it now of all times (workin 12 hr shifts). Now my co-workers see me training at lunch, and even the owner recently asked if I am “tired?” due to all the hours—My supervisor was like “Please, that kid ain’t tired. He works out at his lunch time!”

    Nutrition is nothing sort of BASIC foods. Cans of tuna, hardboiled eggs, and Nuts of some sort. At Dinner—a big ass meal of meat and veggies. I’m getting leaner and stronger…

    P.S. I even make homemade protein cookies with no “carbs”/flour of some sort. Not the best tasting, but it gets the job doe. Thinking about making homemade beef sticks. Eat dat meat on the go. :-)

    Awesome post, zach. Sometimes folks just neeed to be reminded.

    • admin says:

      DM! Bro, back to our roots. When I was in college, summer classes, I would pack food and finish class, then hit the gym and eat out front.

      I always had 4 scrambled eggs and a few small red potatoes, plain.

      Felt awesome and got lean and mean! Eat clean, lift hard, lift heavy, ALL day!

  3. Noreen Veffer says:

    There are a lot of kids now who are allergic to tree nuts and peanuts. What would you substitute for snacks instead of the nuts? A quality beef jerky?

    • admin says:

      Noreen, such a GREAT question, this is so weird to me b/c this was NEVER going on when I was younger, but now, it’s very common

      Yes, I would try some healthy beef jerky or find a different nut / seed that has healthy fats and be aware of quantity.

      • Noreen Veffer says:

        Thanks for responding Zach. Love your work and attitude on life. I wish I had found a version of you when I was playing sports in high school. I may not have quit the varsity basketball team (too slow =>lack of confidence) senior year. Now, I run into women I played with and against and realize I had at least 3 inches on them in height or they weren’t has big/tall as I thought they were. Should never have been intimidated by them. Definitely, could have succeeded with a coach similar to you.

  4. Dustin W says:

    There is no doubt “For Me” intermittent fasting is a great maintenance eating plan. It works well when my training is not on the heavy end. That is me! I am sure there are people that can go heavy and feel fine. Once I start training with my heavy cycle my body can not get enough food. I walk around hungry. I have learned to feed it during this cycle and let it grow, and when I lighten the load for a cycle I go back to this style of eating. I still keep my 24hour full fast every Sunday. It is a spiritual thing for me. It grounds my thoughts and actions. Makes me see clearly, and calms me. Crazy as it seems I don’t feel hungry because I am in a state of meditation all day. Even though I am playing with the kids, doing yard work and everything else.
    It is a good thing to try, but you have to do it right or you can really mess up your gains.

  5. Mike Guardiola says:

    this just gives me energy!

    I think about early morning workouts with my crew, where i would chop up a watermelon and we would devour it right after an outdoor workout. It’s a cool sight to see.
    I’ll paint the picture: Early morning in a large practice field, under a huge Oak tree, steam rising from our heads. Hearts pumping, still feeling the energy from the air and earth and odd heavy objects we find sustenance in a natural food. These are beautiful mornings in my book. Keep on keeping on Zach!

  6. Michael DOhi says:

    I order the russian lion but i was wondering if you can send it to my email address..

  7. Sleeman says:

    Hello zach whens the best time to IM, training days or non training days?

  8. Mike Magee says:

    Zack, thank you for all your incredible posts over the years. I apologize if I missed this in an earlier blog. In regards to the bulletproof coffee you speak of, can you provide a link where to this can be obtained.

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