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Mental Toughness During Hurricane Sandy

A quick update from my iPhone:

We’ve been hit quite hard by this hurricane.  The town we live in got hammered due to proximity to the beach.  Rumor has it we will not have power till Nov 6th or so.

I will drive to today and see if we can open from 4-6 pm.  I don’t want to leave family behind for too long.  There are curfews in my hometown as well as Edison, where the gym is located.  Our power is out and water / bathroom use is not allowed either.

When I say we’re training for life I mean it!

There are many lessons to be learned here but can’t explain fully via this phone:

Simplicity in life and mental toughness are certainly two important lessons being learned by everyone affected by the hurricane.

I will be training today regardless of power.  The key is to NOT allow things like this to give us a green light to make excuses.  Following simple yet tough workouts are the ticket in the garage.  You can do many of my workouts without electrical power.  All you need is a strong mind, a strong will, your own bodyweight and the tenacity to get it done!

Follow along with me:

If you’re in NJ or any of the areas affected by the storm, hang tough for friends & family.  Stay strong!  Keep your loved ones close.  As long as you and your family are safe, that’s all that matters.  Everything else can be rebuilt.

Everyone here at Team Underground hopes you are safe.  If you need anything, the best way to reach me is via

Deb is available for support as always via our contact page.

Be well. Become agile, mobile and hostile.

And always… Live The Code

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4 Responses to Mental Toughness During Hurricane Sandy

  1. Dustin W. says:

    The Nation has your back Zach! It will take awhile, but as long as the family is safe that is all that matters.
    Having two boys of my own I can’t imagine how difficult and stressing it may be on you. Stay tough!

    • admin says:

      Thnx, Bro, pretty bad here, people acting like ass holes, gas station owners gauging prices like they are the enemy

      strength is what pushes me onward and upward, can’t be stopped

  2. Sven says:

    Hang tight, Zach.
    Watching those pictures of NJ on the news is disheartening. That was truly a hard hit. And you & your family were right in the middle. Health in such circumstances is Numero Uno – everything else is not that important and will come back somehow.
    Take care.

    • admin says:

      Sven, thnx bro, some NJ areas are good, other places have been devastated

      gas all around NJ is horrible, people acting like dick heads in gas stations, grocery stores, etc.

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