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I’m extremely passionate about everything I do. I have NO clue how it all began but as long as I can remember, whenever I got into something, I went full force and gave it my all.

I’ve noticed that being passionate gets you into trouble sometimes. “Normal” people call me crazy. Passion and Genuinely Caring for the success of others is something that is in my heart, I can’t be changed and I can’t be stopped.

This week has been an amazing week of opportunities.

I have gone through some tough times as of late and I simply kept my spirits high, learned who my real friends are and allowed what others would view as obstacles for me to view as opportunities.

It’s amazing how many doors opened this week and I know they never would have happened had my passion or caring for others been on a “normal” level. Thanks to ALL who have supported me and allowed me the opportunity to teach, encourage, motivate, educate and inspire you to greater heights of your own.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this video….

WARNING: Adult Language Used

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What does Live The Code mean to you?

What are you passionate about?

Drop your comments below! Psyched to see what’s going on with YOU!

Live The Code: Honesty, Integrity, Commitment, Work Ethic




  1. Ryan says

    Living the code to me means working my ass of every single day, except for planned days of rest. It means putting in more effort than all of my teammates and competitors. It means working harder than everyone. It means not changing who I am so that others can feel good about themselves. It is about NOT being normal. I hate the thought of even being normal. I want to be way up and beyond normal . It means not sleeping in. It means not taking the easy way out. It means showing no mercy in life in sport, in the gym, or even in school. It means going after my dreams full force and letting absolutely nothing stop me. If it comes in my way, I will simply DESTROY it. Living the code to me is a way of life, not just something I do in the gym. It means constantly striving for improvement in every aspect of my life. It means taking the road less traveled. It means doing what everybody else is afraid to do. It means pushing harder than every one else. It means to have an unbeatable mindset that can power you through even the toughest workouts and times in your life. It means to do what I am passionate about every single day, which for me is Hockey. That is my passion hence why I skate or workout almost every single day, even though it is the “off season”. For me and the other Undergrounders, there is no off season. There is only grind time. Time to work our asses off to be the very best version of ourselves, not worry about what others think of us, and do everything and anything that we can to improve ourselves.

  2. says

    Real simple sum up. If you watch this video and need a preworkout to get your self fired up you are a pussy. You should just except the fact you will never acomplish anything in life and its not because you cant its because you have decided not to . Best video I have seen in a while. I would like to apolagize to my gym in advance, headed there to destroy it!

  3. Dustin W. says

    Missing Rule Number 6: “Give something Back!”
    I think you forgot that because that is like breathing for you. You do it with out thinking. The guidance you have given me is priceless. T-minus one month before the gym opens.
    On my wall I have the “Six Rules of Success”, “The Code” and “The Nine Nobel Virtues”. I stare and read them daily.
    I was asked last week how I differ from another trainer in my area. I looked at my hand, “There is no one like me in the world. We are all unique with unique features and abilities.”
    This will be a crazy month for me, but I am ready!
    I train and live for my family! My wife and boys mean the world to me. I had to have my own place because I will have my boys with me as much as possible. Not only watching me train, but watching the athletes. I want them to see the benefit of training so hard.
    Great stuff!

  4. Mario Platt says

    Hey Zach. This has to be one of the best videos you ever made. thanks for that.
    Living the code for me is never backing down. I work in Network Security for a big telco, and many times I get stares from my colleagues because they don’t get me. I was once asked and gave a response that the whole department stood there watching me, and one colleague event told me that was scary. The question was around me not eating because I had too much to do for work. And my response was “I don’t care. During the day, this is what I do. Security is my craft and that’s what I attack during the day. If I can eat, so be it. If not, I always have dinner.” I never get chased over anything at work. Everything that’s thrown my away, has just become my mission and I always deliver on my missions. That’s what training is for me. As you say, training for life. Building my threshold so that nothing gets me off balance. Comfortable being uncomfortable.
    No matter what we do in life, it’s the go get attitude that will drive us to higher ground, and that’s what I want everyone to remember me for. No bullshit, no rest, motivation and the ability to deliver… always above average. Cheers

  5. says

    Worth memorizing and repeating:
    2 pains in life: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret

    the pain of discipline goes away once you taste success

    the pain of regret will haunt you for a lifetime!

    YOU choose!

  6. don says

    Best fucking video yet..thanks zack I check your emails every morning before I check my bosses…Your emails get my mind right to live a productive day

  7. Dustin Maynard says

    DAMN! Live the Code and Represent!

    Awesome video—one of the best I’ve seen to date. Straight up!

    Living the Code is an approach to life. For us Undergrounders, there is no other way. I push myself hard in training—so I can push myself even harder in Life. The Code will always hold true, it’s the person that fails. And Hell will have to freeze over before I will fail. Through the guidance of my Lord, the love of my family, I will LIVE the Code. My family is number One….and I would go through the deepest pit of the Earth for them. I will work hard, train hard, and always…always be Stronger than Yesterday. As a man, a husband, and a die-hard worker.

    Live the Code.

  8. says

    I’ve always believed in training myself hard and the people in my gym, too.
    Most of the people I’ve trained in recent years have been pretty tough and reliable; however, I racheted up the training intensity and loads across the board for everyone, including myself and we went through some of the worst months we have ever had, but that is over now, the gym has been purged. About a dozen people quit during that time, and the ranks have been filled with new hungry people! While some of the people left due to relocation or job changes, others just didn’t want to lift extra heavy or be consistent in their training .
    It was a time of my own determination being tested when people you thought were reliable started bailing out left and right.
    I’ll tell you one thing, I’d rather close my gym than train a bunch of wusses in a watered-down way!
    I prayed GOD would give me the faith to continue training people the hard old-school way no matter what.
    Well, it worked!
    People are really fired up with our extra hard training now!
    Bringing Coach Dru Patrick on board has added a whole new definition of intensity and what heavy lifting means!
    Never surrender!

  9. Will says

    Living the code, to me, is as simple as being the best “me” that I can be. Attempting to eliminate things like complacency, selfishness, and anything that would generally be deemed negative. Fitness is a large part of that. Whenever I take on a new class, best example, when I started paramedic course, a paramedic asked me why, since our system has no pay raise. My answer did not go well with this individual. Right off the top of my head, and immediately I said, “because I am fit enough for it.” She gave me a pissed look and asked, “Physically?” I replied “Not just physically, but spiritually and mentally. Yeah, the pay sucks, but I want this job, and I believe in this job.” After that she hasn’t said much to me, and she also cut her hours back.

  10. Gabri says


    The videos that you have uploaded are awesome! I love this video and those of stone training!

    Recently I have started attacking the day soon in the morning, and getting shit done, it feels really good, but I still can do it much better. So I have a question for you.

    How do you train for life? Is it about doing tough workouts that challenge you in every aspect, or about applying the commitment and strength that you get from training? Is it about doing both?

    I’d appreciate to know your point of view, since you are the one leading us in our journey to live the code.

    Sometimes I feel that during a workout I am able to do whatever I want, but during the day I am not so motivated to study 8 hours a day every single day. I feel workouts are easier, since I know that they will eventually subside, and that I will feel amazing when it’s done. But studying becomes harder every hour as I lose focus, and I know that the next day will be the sane or harder.

    Thank you for all your support Zach, thanks to you I am really becoming a better person, and as Elliott says, becoming the strongest version of myself.

    Keep being so passionate because you inspire us, you are amazing!!

  11. says

    Big Z!

    Living the code means making decisions based on your values, to be so strong that nothing can break your mindset, to never quit when you are tired and drained – so that you finish strong in everything you do.

    Living the code is to live honorably!

  12. says

    Zach – awesome video man, just going through a real tough time atm – just lost a long time high paying client which really bummed me out this morning but after watching the video I feel I can pick myself up again and keep slogging at it. Thanks for the inspiration mate great stuff!

  13. Matt says

    Zack, love what you say about seeing adversity as an opportunity. Having a pretty shitty time myself just now. Just got divorced ( nothing to be proud about but sometimes you have to be rid of negativity in your life ) and have no money for food for the next 3 days. Today’ my little girl will give a piano concert and I’m gonna walk a good 15 miles there and then back again to see her play. For me, living the code means not making excuses! Just get it done no matter the obstacles cos you’ll come out stronger on the other side!

    • admin says

      Matt! I have to find a way to help U use your skills, whatever they are, and turn them into profit

      For now, I would (NO joke) mow lawns on the weekends and do things to make the extra cash!!! MOST fear manual labor, U obviously do not!!!

      Hang tight, gonna work on this!

      • Matt says

        Hey Z,
        Massive thanks for the feedback, brother! I’m cool, though. Like I said, just got a few hard days to get through. I’m working 6 days a week and commuting 2 hours a day each way across Tokyo to teach a bunch of kids in a kindergarten from hell ( love those damn kids though ) so I’m making this work. Just moved out of my place the other day though and gotta make it through to pay day as I took nothing with me. Gotta make sure my daughter’s looked after is the main thing.

  14. says

    Hmmm, I know exactly what you mean by “it’s times like these you find out who your real friends are”

    Good post, sometimes we (I) can get to involved in my own problems and forget that there are other people out there who are also facing challanges.


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