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I get LOTS of business questions. LOTS.

The MAIN problem I see amongst other coaches and entrepreneurs in general is they are too busy following and copying and doing nothing unique or different.

In essence, they are not being themselves. This is also known as being sheep.

Take a look at my gym web site and you’ll see plenty of other coaches who have taken the initiative to cut and paste and make a few slight edits.

This is a recipe for average. Now, for those who don’t aspire to be average, you become busy creating, rather than copying.

One of the Coaches who has gone through The Underground Strength Coach Certification had a GREAT business question for Joe DeSena.

He answers in this Video. Check it out.

YouTube Preview Image

The choice is yours.

You can innovate and create something that resonates with yourself and truly answers the obstacles and hurdles others need help with.

Or, you can copy.

Lead from the Front.


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