The Pussification of America

No photos or art work today, just a straight up rant…..


Something has been irking me lately and it’s exactly what I coin “The Pussification of America.”
On the flip side, I’m sure this article will get me in a lot of heat, mainly by those who are contributing to the weakness.


There is a rare breed of people out there who are also ranting about this and will understand where I am coming from, regardless of being male or female. I have a funny feeling it’s on the minds of many and I do not stand alone.


Not sure what’s going on in other countries, but in the states we’ve got one too many strained hamstrings, too much “I’m tired”, too much “I just gotta get my mind into it” B.S. floating around.


Weak Bodies have become common place and the age range is REALLY starting to stretch. Did you ever think there would come a day when a 6 year old would say he / she doesn’t want to play? Did you ever think that running 2 minutes would exhaust someone? I NEVER imagined such days would come, but they have come and they are HERE.


Physical Education is getting crushed in the states, especially in the middle and high school level where one too many PE Teachers (I should not even call them Physical Education teachers) are allowing students the option to walk on the track and consider this exercise.


If the teacher is allowed to describe such slow movement as “walking”, which is actually slower than a 8 month old baby crawling, then guess who allowed this lackluster effort to be accepted as “Physical Education”? Look at the top.

The Administration gave the OK to allow the teachers to give options for those who are motivated to move and for those who are unmotivated to move.

Guess what happens to the Teacher or Athletic Coach for creating a challenging Physical Education environment? He / She will be reprimanded by the Administration.


Challenge the students enough (i.e. make them work outside their comfort zone) and the student tells Mommy & Daddy he doesn’t like you. Next in line? Mommy and Daddy call the school and complain about the teacher and get little Johnny transferred into a different class.


Lesson learned? Push beyond mediocrity and you get reprimanded or perhaps fired. My High School Wrestling Coach took a position at a different high school this past season and in the first week nearly 10 kids quit.


Maybe they said he was too mean, but the translation, which is clear as day, is that it was too hard. These kids will fit perfectly fine into the gyms that have dumbbells no heavier than 50 lbs and 95% of the exercises allow them to sit down, lie down or push and pull on a time wasting machine.


Then again, these kids will NOT be entering any gym as they have proven they are against hard work, or any work at all for that matter.


Teachers and Coaches are becoming the enemy to those who are expected to work hard or earn their way on to the starting line up. Many Administrators allow the parents to complain or cry about the required work of their child and then the Coach is reprimanded and asked to lessen the expectations.
This sends the WRONG message and a poor lesson is learned. Complain enough and you get your way is what they learn.


What happens when they grow up and become part of a large company / business, or even a small company / business?

Does the conversation now look like this:

Employee: “Hey Boss, I don’t really like to work, can I take it nice and easy today, tomorrow and the rest of the year?”


Boss: “Oh sure, as long as you’re doing just enough to get by we should be good.”


For the parents and administrators who are supporting the requirement of hard work, dedication commitment and consistency I salute you and thank you. You are a rare breed, unfortunately.

For the parents who are interfering because they have become experts at the sport by watching the sport and never having participated in the actual sport, you are screwing up the future of this country.


This shit is spiraling out of control and if you try to become part of the solution your co workers and the Administration will hate you for trying to rock the boat. For those supporting the new path of mediocrity, you are screwing things up across the country now AND for the future.


By the way, “rocking the boat” means you are trying to be progressive and stretch beyond the poor standards that have been set so low and are being accepted. Don’t rock the boat, because then you’ll be forcing other people to do that strange thing called WORK!


Take a look at what society has done to the large number of gyms popping up around the states. Dumbbells are not allowed heavier than 50 lbs and how dare you grunt or use chalk or break a sweat because some ridiculous alarm will go off and you will be removed from the gym. This sounds like insanity to me.


The person who created such a philosophy can not truly go to sleep at night knowing he has done wrong for so many and is now creating a society of straight up weaklings.
Punishment for hard work, that’s the lesson here.

Little do “They” know, that being removed from such a lame ass gym, and I dare stretch my vocabulary and call such a place a “gym”, this is the BEST gift one can get from these places. Removal from a place that supports mediocrity and lackluster effort. In a nut shell, they want you to be weak.


Now this individual will have to hide in his basement, garage or backyard with a 300 lb weight set pieced together from E Bay or Craigs List. He has no bench, no leg extension, no squat rack….. just a raw barbell.


Boo Hoo.


Thank You, Sir, May I have another!?!?


Do we need to have required military service from age 18-21 as they do in Israel and other countries?

This could be the trick we need and the younger generation can no longer tell you, “I’m not going to school yet until I figure out what I wanna do.”


Response: No problem, Dude, you’re going to the Army so you have the next 3 years to learn discipline, responsibility, accountability AND your future aspirations.


My Grandfather was in the Russian Army, then the Polish Army and then the Israeli Army. No wonder why he was so damn tough. He never owned a car, instead, he rode his bike, walked and chased buses to make his travels.


I remember my Grandfather in Israel jogging with my brother and I or riding our bikes over 1 mile to the pool to get us swim lessons where my older brother usually attempted to drown me on a daily basis. After swim lessons we would jog or ride our bikes back home.


He didn’t tell us to take it easy, have a nap, stay inside, it’s too hot outside to play. And mid summer in Israel at 1 or 2 PM the heat climbs near 100 degrees.


We played street soccer with other kids in the neighborhood on a cement playground and falling on the cement was NOT fun. But we got up every time we fell. I still remember the best goalie was playing in his flip flops! I know of elementary schools that have disallowed running during recess due to some kids falling.


The next step is to tell them to crawl….. where do we go after that? Lay down and wait to die? Perhaps Lunch Aides will have taser guns and start zapping kids who dare to run.


This teaches the young kids to NOT get up after they fall down. This lesson carries over in life. Forever. The kids grow up and become adults, who fear trying new things or taking adventures and they live a boring, safe life. They view running as evil and they view action as evil.


What happens to these kids as they near the end of high school? Are they motivated to study harder to get into that school they always dreamed of? Or, do they lack the mental toughness to wake up early or stay up late so they can do the necessary studying and make better grades?


5 years later you run into Johnny or Susie and they’re still trying to figure out what to do, and they have a kid, but they’re a single parent because being a parent and married at age 19 isn’t what they wanted to do.


They were never encouraged or taught to handle adversity, accountability, responsibility or decision making skills.


Ask most high school kids why they don’t eat breakfast. They’re answer will more often than not be, “I woke up late.”


Translation: I’m too lazy….. I lack the mental toughness, discipline and dedication to wake up 20, 15 or even 10 minutes early and make my own breakfast.

Boo Hoo


Let us raise the bar for life.

Expectations have dropped so low and excuses are common place for why we can not achieve excellence. We have young kids with high blood pressure and signs of early heart disease. We have varsity athletes who don’t know how to perform push ups (and are also too weak) and adults who prefer pills over exercise.


Will Physical Education transition into something that challenges all and moves away from accepting mediocrity? Exercise is what my Dad was doing when he was a young kid in Romania, which was the REAL PE back in the early 60’s.


Here’s a taste of the required “Physical Education” my Dad & each kid had to perform before being allowed to organize a game. And YES, they organized games on their OWN!


– Sprints on the track

– Hurdle Jumps on Track

– Throwing of small shot puts

– Gymnastics Movements: tumbling, jumping on, over and off of objects such as benches, boxes and gymnastics equipment

– Crawling on hands

– Climbing Rope


After the required 30 minutes of challenging activity, a large field was available with various sport activities for the kids to organize on their own. This taught them responsibility AND accountability. Problems with the score? Figure it out on your own and learn to settle differences without calling for a mediator.


Some of the games played were:


– Hand Ball

– Soccer

– Basketball

– Track & Field Races


Some kids continued to practice gymnastics, others ran the hurdles and others rotated to and from the various sports games on their own.


Why has Physical Education become less physical, less challenging and basically less of EVERYTHING compared to 50 years ago? Doesn’t this strike anyone as being strange?


Donald Trump said that all the “feel good” lessons kids have learned through school has produced less business men / women who can succeed in tough times, or succeed at all.


Why do we have Varsity high school athletes unable to perform 10 pull ups, 25 push ups or even ONE freaking full range of motion bodyweight squat?


I left my teaching job behind, and now, with my own business and my own gym, I can create a TRUE Physical Education program through my gym, also known as Physical Culture.


Our athletes run, jump, climb, use Kettlebells, perform Gymanstics drills, etc.


There comes a time in life where you must stop allowing society to do a shitty job and cheat the health and future life success of our kids. This means you will have to go against the norm and rage against the accepted mediocrity.


I hope it’s not this embarrassing outside the states.


Lead from the Front, Advance & Conquer, Live The Code!




  1. Mike says

    I was about to take down the weights and body compositons of my high school weightlifting class. One of the girls refused, saying she was uncomfortable with her weight and that by finding out how much she weighed would damage her self-esteem. She said her parents didn’t want her to damage her self-esteem. Maybe if she would come to the realization that nobody but her parents gives a damn about her self-esteem she could actually move forward and do something about it!

  2. adrian says

    its starting to get like that over here (uk) so i have just brought a copy of your ebook and so i will man up and train at home

  3. itchy says

    It’s quite the same here in Germany.

    Sports in School mostly suck – because even the fattest and slowest “athletes” can get quite good marks.
    There were guys und girls in my class in 2009 who ran the 5k in much over 30 minutes and clearly couldn’t do a single pull-up (we also never had to – “yeah lets do a circle: 5 push ups, rest, 5 lunges, rest, 10 sit-ups, rest,….”) and still got average marks.

    After school i began training with my federal states law enforcement agency. And it’s also the same here.
    In a period of half a year we had 3x90min of different sports per week.
    Which meant: 90 min of self defense training & boxing (which was hard but okay), 90 min of either idiotic circletraining (“i don’t know what to do today, lets fuck up our trainees or bore them to hell”) or swimming, or 90 minutes of running with the “the slower you run the more you run”-method.

    All in all i have to say: there is no “physical culture” here in germany.
    In school all the guys were talking shit about how much to bench and how much to curl, the girls all talking shit about being vegetarian and the benefits of sitting on an ergometer on lowest setting while reading a book.
    Here in the law enforcement agency its not much different.
    We have sport-teachers here, that are proven marathoners or triathlethes, who don’t know shit, but they studied “sports and physical training” and are therefore qualified to train all of us – not.

    In our weight room at our barracks here, there are tons of useless equipment.
    literally: few machines, many cable-turrets, several benches, lots of dumbbells and curl equipment and no (yes! not a single!) squat rack or anything like that.

    And so you can see the young and old officers benching and curling like there is no tomorrow, doing lat pulls for fun and in between some sit-ups.

    Nobody cares about squatting, because there is a leg press. No one cares about pull-ups, because there is the lat-pulldown and so on.

    It sucks.

    And those are the reasons i train underground style.
    I love bodyweight-training and currently i’m going from pr to pr.
    Today i tested myself and did 250 bodyweight-squats in a row – because fuck you you sucking bench&curl bodybuilders.

    i rely on a mix of bodyweight training “convict conditioning” style with crossfit and underground strength style workouts and i love it.

    I will close now:
    you Americans are not the only people who have to deal with the pussification.

    Greetings from germany :)

  4. Pencilneck says

    I and some others are trying to start a web-based exercise program based on bodyweight and kettlebell training. I decided to contact the local Army recruiter to see whether he’d be willing to recommend our site to kids who wanted to enlist, but were worried about their ability to handle the physical training. I was in the Army from ’85 to ’80, and we got to talking about the changes in kids and in the Army. He informed me that drill sergeants were not allowed to yell at trainees, and could punish them with no more than 10 pushups nowadays! Heaven help us…..
    Keep on ranting, Zach! Some of us are listening, and doing our part to spread the word.

      • DegoSRX says

        oh damn, i didnt realise that my comment was “The comment:. i thought i was registering. well anyways. bro, keep rantin (if THAT is called rantin nowadays). you have inspired ME of all people to get me arse back in shape. granted i was never “overweight” or… ah screw the crap we americans throw around. thanks to your so called “rant” thats more of a scientific research (take a look at the research bein conducted by the “non-governmental” non-thinking, all inclusive, humanist, sensitive … dolts… apparently we are to be content by their approach. ya know what? i feel like i was a lost sheep. questions kept comin but answers were few and unfulfilling (that should be a word). power to you bro. and best yet power to all those who cherish discipline, respect (for those that deserve it) and bootstrap approach (copyright by me right now at this moment) >XD

  5. Marc says

    I totally agree with 90% of what your saying. I just wish you had not mentioned the army as an alternative to the laziness of our kids. I find guys like you who are passionate about good health and hard work are what our youngsters need. I’m sure the army has a way of making large groups of people follow discipline and yes probably, while keeping them in relatively good physical health. But it’s certainly not the place to encourage how to handle adversity, accountability, responsibility and especially not decision making skills. Most of them learn to follow, not to lead. So, while strengthening the body the army is weakening the critical mind. If we wan’t our children to make a real difference in the future, yes they need to learn hard work and the unlimited benefits of a real effort mentally and physically but they also have to be thought self motivation and leadership. That’s how all your teachings will become contagious Zach.

    By the way, i didn’t know you were Romanian, i love that country.

    peace !

    • Phil says

      Marc, I think had you ever served in the army, or any of the armed services, you’d understand that critical thinking, decision making, risk evaluation, how to endure hardship, and leadership. They actually go about training people to be leaders.
      It produces people who know they can do hard things when they must, who have pushed their limits, and who have lead, and been held accountable for the results of that leadership. No military wants a herd of sheep – you need a long line of leaders, one after the other, so that as groups become smaller the next man (or woman) in line takes over.
      In the end, it’s all about leadership, and the physical is just a side benefit!

  6. Nicholas says

    I enjoyed your article the last time it was posted and it still rings true. I remember Air Force boot camp. At the end of the 30th day of training, one of the requirements was a 1.5 mile under 35 minutes. Yes, you read that right. An entire 35 minutes to run far less than two miles. (Really wish I had become a Marine instead.) As a nation we have allowed the mediocre and the lackadaisical to set the pace.

    We live in an era of the excuse. Don’t give anyone the appearance of fitness, you must be doing steroids. Here, eat, you can afford it. Discipline and consistency are words of the past. Now it has become give in, succumb to your urges. Get abs in four minutes while you inhale your favorite junk foods.

    I once visited a gym where deadlifts were outlawed, squat racks were non-existent, and heavy lifting was banned. Intimidates and scares the hell out of the other members – not allowed. But, boy, they had the most modern sit down equipment, complete with TV’s, small personal fans installed to keep you from sweating, magazines to read while you have a leisure, stress free workout.

    Until the pendulum swings in the other direction, weakness will only drive the will to exert one’s self further down in darkness, while the strong willed, disciplined individuals become a faint memory and a small minority, still holding on to what made civilization great in the first place.

    • admin says

      @Nicholas: You’re right, brutha, guys like us are bringing back the truth – that you gotta work for that shit, earn it and sweat for it.

      4 minute abs and shortcuts exist in fantasy land.

  7. Laura says

    It’s hard to follow your rant, though I might agree with it, when you call it the ‘pussification’ of america. I’m assuming you’re insinuating that American is becoming like a vagina? Likening someone who is weak to a woman is extremely degrading. Use your words wisely.

    • admin says

      @Laura: Laura – I’m hoping that you would be able to tell by reading this has NOTHING to w/women, it’s a “phrase” and if I TRULY wanted to relate this to women I would have mentioned so in the article.

      But, as you can see, I did not :)

      It’s just a “phrase” and of course I knew some people would be offended, this is the way it goes when topics of this nature are expressed.

      If you have difficulty following my rant then you are perhaps not as involved as I am with seeing how people are short changing themselves with regards to success in ALL areas of life:

      – business
      – health
      – fitness
      – sports
      – career success

      – the list goes on and on, people are getting soft, both mentally and physically, and I felt the need to say something about it. Period, end of story.

      Thanks for writing :)

      • says

        Serious truth. People who would rather argue semantics than content are obviously not interested in content. Trolls gonna troll, simple as that. Awesome rant Z, you have a movement and nothing can stop it. When the cold hard rain of reality hits these pussified guys and girls they are going to wish they had someone to listen to them whine about how a name offended them. For the rest of us, drive on, hard work and smart training = results. Thanks for everything

  8. Vincent says

    This is all true !!!!
    People want results without work.
    Nothing in this world is free – that is what I teach my son.

  9. Scott says

    You just said what all old school think discipline is the key does not exist in the fake gyms and PT classes are getting cut in schools

  10. Sean says

    It’s got to the stage here in Australia where to join one of our state police forces, one of the physical requirements is to perform five push ups. That’s right, five push ups! Good times ahead.

  11. Andy says

    HELL YEAH!!!
    I’ve followed your stuff for a while now but this is the first time I’ve felt the need to comment. I’ve been ranting about this exact thing for a while now. Coaching rugby in the UK at ages ranging from Under 16 to Under 7s I see exactly this sort of thing going on weekly. We have parents feeding kids sweets on the side lines (Under 7’s) to give them “Energy” to get though a 2 minute game of tig WTF??? (My type 1 diabetic son sometimes requires a banana part way through but hey he DOES need it)

    Also working as an IT manager after putting my self through courses and re-training to get out of my stuffy factory job. I see so many weak people in the office that think they are owed a job and a living. They use sick days as extra holidays WTF!!! We take the competition out of so many aspects in schools and it is like you described it starting to show in business and will only get worse while we live in pampered, nanny states. Hell we have no swings or climbing frames near our house due to a kid falling off and the parents suing??? WTF!!! Also if a kid gets wrong at school the parents og in and have goes at the teacher I’d have got a hiding for getting wrong never mind whether I was in the right or wrong..

    Dude this article is so on the money for me and has hit home to stuff that I’m really passionate about. I am the guy working out in the back yard with a barbell and dumbbells from ebay a pull up bar and any heavy shit I can find 😉 The “Gyms” around me are the ones you mention where actually sweating and pushing to the point of wanting to hurl is frowned upon. Doing intervals on a treadmill was seen as abuse of the equipment MAN WTF have we become???

    Keep up the great work man!!!!!

  12. Iavor Puchkarov says

    Dude I know what you feel bro. At my high school, they shutdown the gym a couple of years ago. A while before I. Now there are just a bunch of weights sitting around all dusty. Also, it is only when I read your article that I realised how true it is what physical education classes do. In Canada, here, it’s the same damn thing. You can walk if your too tired to run and most of the classes is free time doing frisbee,soccer,basketball. 1/3 of the class just sits thought it, it’s pathetic!

  13. Dave says

    Zach, thanks for bringing so much truth! I am a PE teacher and there is so much I see on a daily basis that just disgusts me. Kids who despise any type of physical activity, if it’s not a video game, they have no interest. I have parents who send their kids with excuse notes explaining why they are not allowed to participate in PE for the lamest reasons. I even had a parent call me to complain that they didn’t appreciate me working their children so hard because they woke up sore the day after we did a fitness activity. Then perhaps the most infuriating thing is my fellow PE teachers that are out of shape and have the worst diets. They only became PE teachers for the wrong reasons. So much for setting a good example and living what you teach. No leading from the front here. This is just the fire I needed to get me jacked for the upcoming year. I plan on hanging this article above my desk to get me amped every time I need some fire. Like I always say “What would John Wayne do”!

  14. joe says

    I agree with most of these comments and especially when the children can’t be children and raised pansy ass good for nothings. What most of these kids need is to stop playing these fake video games and get off thier ass. Then join the infantry or Rangers and be a real man that can take what ever life has to throw at them. I remember when i was young riding a bike and skateboarding with out a helmet, drinking out of a hose on a hot day. Now adays people look at things like this in horror and i smile because they are pussified. The person i really look up to in this area is George Carlin the comedian.

  15. Dan says

    • I promise you, my dad NEVER changed a diaper
    • My dad NEVER cooked
    • My dad NEVER took anyone to a little league game (of course my mom did not either, we rode our bikes or walked)
    • My dad NEVER did any of these chores

    On the other hand………..

    • My dad provided….we always had food on the table, we NEVER worried that we would be warm in the winter….his job was to PROVIDE…and he did and he would have held his head in shame if he did not.

    Tonight on TV, I learned that in 40% of American households, women are the primary bread winners….and men are staying at home talking care of the children.

    On the same TV I see all kinds of ads on ED….sooo, my conclusion is:

    If you can get a hard on you no longer have to provide for your family….just be able to service that woman you live with and take care of the children you father and you will be ok…you will be provided for….and you can look forward to your wife coming home from work and hope she doesn’t find some other guy with a bigger dick.

  16. Bluestone9 says

    Thank you for commenting. I am a high school teacher and all I hear is “I’m tired”; “What do I do now” or “Do we have to do the reading?” My favorite: “Can I get some ice?” My daughter had a problem with her dance teacher. I told her: “YOU talk to her yourself and YOU deal with the consequences.” Failure builds resiliency- or at least it did before everyone became a shining star at everything. I blame the F-ing internet.

  17. says

    It’s funny because I have been saying the exact same phrase to my fellows and family. It’s the pussifacation of America. You could go so far as get into the homosexual aspects and how that’s rampant, but I tend to just dwell on sports in the USA. Football and Basketball. These guys can barely come in contact with each other, in football it’s sad because that’s supposed to be the only outlet for men who really need to beat the shit out of each other or someone. The basketball is way overboard too. In hoops you would be taught when a guy comes across the key you give him a forearm to the chest and walk him across. That was called good defense. Now you have to wait till he gets on the block and then the kids can hump each other on the block nice and easy. The major contact sports in this country have just lost. It’s almost getting dumb to watch. On a different take I have always complained you can’t even smack a guy up side his head if he mouths off or says something rude to your girl. This country is way in the dull drums of a “Pussification of America”, I had to google this phrase and your site was the first that popped up. Thanks Just would be nice if all men were allowed to be men, and women were ok with being a “woman”

  18. sf says

    One time, when I was a senior in HS, a gym teacher threatened students with detention for trying to climb a rope in the wrestling room. I was born in 1990 and graduated in ’08. At my HS, students and teachers would probably have needed signed parental and administrative permission to let students climb a net; I’m not even joking. About the only things we did in gym were play with soft kick balls, we did occasionally get “tested” on things like running the mile, how much you could stretch, how many pull ups you could do, etc.

  19. Patrick says

    There are social dynamics at work here that could be studied till the end of time. I believe changing this attitude starts at home, and studies seem to indicate that children of single parents tend to be more obese/lazy. My opinion (which matters to few) is that technology/social media has had a much higher impact than anything on children especially. And that’s where it starts. But all great empires rise and then fall. Ours will one day.

  20. eric says

    Dear friends-

    Today I was laying in bed thinking, what happened to America. It’s like we are becoming pussies. Then I wondered: is there a pussification of America? I googled it and got your webpage.

    I just want ya’ll to know that pussification isn’t just happening in the gym or the classroom. It’s everywhere. It’s getting a trophy for just showing up for soccer even though your team came in last. It’s sensitivity education where “parental status” has become the new no no. Now we have to be sensitive to people’s needs for “diversity” for anything you can think of. This has gone too far. We have 15 an hour minimum wage where people get paid 15 an hour to sit around and flip burgers. Are you f’in kidding me? Minimum wage jobs are suppose to pay low so that you have a desire to actually improve your lot in life instead of expect people to hand you a pay increase. We’ve got a generation of idiots known as mellinials who think that I as heir employer should be bending over to make their employment a pleasant experience. These days people are addicted to their smartphone. They check their phone, Twitter account, email, and Facebook account 227 times a day. And they wonder why they got passed up for that promotion?!? Soon we will have anti fat people discrimination. It will become illegal to call someone fat. We will have to say they are physically challenged. Then we will have the government telling us that we can’t call people pretty or others ugly else we offend someone so the government will make that illegal too. I’m sorry so how is the government going to convince my dick (or penis for you sensitivity people) up for a 200 lb ugly fat woman? Is that going to be a civil rights violaion subjecting me to damages?

    Take me back to the day when Americans had balls and weren’t pussies. If you are offended by his statement go f yourself. We are on a gradual decline to a second rate county and the reason is that individualism, initiative, and self discipline has been replaced with diversification training, lawsuits galore, and a need for someone else to take care of you while you play on your smartphone.

  21. BobbyCanuck says

    Well lucky for America, manliness is no longer required. Anyone that disagrees with you on the international stage is subject to embargos, and nuclear attack

    On a national level, there will always be ‘free range’ kids which grew up the old fashioned way, and they will be the future leaders…not a real problem, things will be fine.

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