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Underground Strength Gym To The Marines


VERY proud of our Team Underground Homeboy, Wags. One of the hardest working kids I’ve ever come across, now, protecting our country!!

Here’s a message Wags sent to the crew at Team Underground, I wanted to share with Undergrounders around the world.

Wags was an all state high school wrestler for South Plainfield (2nd in the state behind eventual 4 time state champ, Andrew Campolotano), then a D1 Wrestler and after sophomore year, Wags went on to The Marines.

You’ve likely seen videos of Wags in our highlights and you’ll see lots of pics of him in our new book, which I am attacking like a Mad Man!

Wags attacking the Stone training during the photo session for our Underground Strength Book!

Wags attacking the Stone training during the photo session for our Underground Strength Book!

Zach! Finally got to the fleet.

So much training which restricted me from the Internet so finally I got freedom and ready to roll. So Ill tell you what I’ve done so far.

Boot camp I was guide which is the leader of a whole platoon of 70 we had. I became the honor graduate and got to wear my dress blues during graduation and got to meet the general of the base and got a letter of recommendation.

Also in boot camp I became the iron man out of 350 marines. I can say without your training I wouldn’t have came close. I did 24 perfect pull-ups which I started doing at your gym. No half ass pull ups all the way down all the way up.

17:51 3-mile run and 140 sit-ups in 2 minutes. That is the physical fitness test.

Then went off to marine combat training in nc and was selected guide there also.

There we got to shoot throw grenades use machine guns and a grenade launcher. Favorite part about training so far. And got meritorious mast which helps for promotion.

Then from there I went to Jacksonville nc and went to mos school. My mos is embarkation which is easy work until a deployment comes. Every morning i woke up at 0500 and pt at 6. after class i would hit the gym hard. And in mos school I took top 2 in the class and got meritorious promoted to lance corporal.

From there I got stationed in California cause I put west coast down as a preference. And I’ve been here for 3 days now and loving life here. Got a girlfriend and doing my thing. After work I hit the gym for a hard hour.

The thing is I try to incorporate work outs I remember I did at your gym and do a work out focusing on one or two exercises and superset everything. I just don’t have a steady workout.

Well that’s what I’ve been up to the past 7 months, which has been a long journey physically and mentally. Great to hear from you Zach I appreciate everything you have done for me and hope to keep hearing from you.

Can’t wait to see the book I’m excited was telling the guys here about it. I’ll have to give you my address. I don’t even know it yet hah I’m still new to the area.

Well, tell the guys still training at your gym I said what’s up and stay motivated.

Pain is weakness leaving the body!


I gotta say, it makes me proud beyond words to see what this kid is doing.

Reminds me why I do what I do!

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2 Responses to Underground Strength Gym To The Marines

  1. Al Rymniak says:

    Outstanding! This brings back so many memories for me. Also my son is in the Marine Corp. If you like training and tearing it up everyday the MARINE Corps is the place to be.

    Semper Fi Wags!

  2. Dustin W says:

    Way to be Wags! Keep rocking it! If there is something they give you time to do is train.
    FYI-Torrey Pines off 5 by Del Mar rocking hill and trails! Great beach, but you will drool over the hill. Nice and steep!
    Good Luck! Go for every opportunity tossed out. You trained with Zach so you know the importance of being a go getter.
    You rock this chance in life once make it YOURS!

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