Navy SEAL Reveals The 20 X Mental Toughness Factor


"Your Body Is Capable Of 20 X What You Think It Is, AT LEAST!"

- Navy SEAL, Mark Divine

I would type more but what I have to say isn't much compared to what is said in this video.I'll be brief.

You need to watch this video to fully understand the mindset I am training to develop as I want YOU to develop as well. I put myself on the line to learn more, grow into a better person, largely in part to pass on my knowledge to you. Yes, YOU. My priorities are my family, the people I love and YOU.

About the 20 X Factor. It's a critical mindset for succeeding in LIFE - forget about sports, business, getting ripped abs, etc. This lesson goes FAR Deeper.....

My buddies and I have our SEALFit Challenge in T-10 days. We know the start time, but we do NOT know the end time. The times have changed multiple times and can easily mess with your head as it's tough to train for the unknown, but that is THE challenge behind it.

The ONLY way to enter our challenge, as well as ANY challenge you're about to face, is to prepare yourself mentally AND physically through intense, brutal training that not only develops the body but also develops the mind.

This is why I explain our Underground Workouts as a blend of science & hell.

Unless you push yourself through boundaries, you will NOT arrive at your challenges with the confidence and the belief that you Can and WILL succeed. I see it in the athletes we train. Those who do EXTRA work beyond what we have them do are the athletes who arrive at competition time with the confidence KNOWING they will win.

Watch this Video to see what Navy SEAL, Mark Divine says about The 20 X Factor.....

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  1. I’m gonna do a mentally-challenging hot yoga workout soon. It may not be 20X, but considering how much focus I’m gonna have (didn’t sleep a lot last night, so I’ll be a bit fatigued and will have to dig deeper), it’ll be a step toward 20X

    1. DK, that is awesome, and every step counts brutha, MUCH respect!

  2. I recommend signing up for a long ADVENTURE race people. Not because you are runners, just because you will want to stop along the way but will find that you finish nonetheless. Go for a tough mudder and get a mere glimpse of this 20x factor.

    1. I agree

      Do something different outside your comfort zone

      The more I run, the more I realize I never should have stopped running, ever!

  3. Lauri Lovvorn says:

    A book I’m reading right now talks about dreams. Everyone has dreams, but when fear comes along they think they aren’t supposed to pursue that dream or don’t know how to move past fear. They would rather be comfortable than uncomfortable. They don’t understand the importance of fear and how overcoming it makes us grow and become a better person. I would say most of this is due to our society. Our society teaches the easy and quick way. I have found that when I experience fear or a struggle that I must push forward and look beyond the fear. If I stare at my fear too long it will paralyze me. I think we need to teach people how to react to fear and move forward.

    1. Awesome! There is a difference between fear and being afraid, I explain it here with this video, learned from Marcus Luttrell, Navy SEAL:

  4. Awesome stuff once again Zach, thanks for sharing this. It is a kick in the ass to always get better and stay focused on the fact that there are no limits. It pains me when I see people I care about and love, not happy with their current situation in life, continue to beat themselves down and allow ‘life’ to win the war. Instead of setting themselves on a path towards growth and improvement, they would rather sulk in the comfortableness of the known, rather the extend out and grow into the powerful unknown.


    1. We ALL have choices, which road we travel, the actions we take, the attitude we develop and bring to the table

      To succeed in life you must control and act accordingly!

  5. patrick Nortz says:

    Always great to read your blog. I will be coaching a middle school wrestling team this fall/winter and will be using this principle to hopefully guide the team to excellence. it is one thing to read the material posted on your website but it is a whole different beast to try and get people to follow it (including myself at times) I am no where near the 20x that I know I can reach but I am challenging myself to get there through the Brute Force program (and other training) and events like the Beast of the East Mud Run this weekend and I think I’m going to do another Tough Mudder (I did one in april of this year) which is an extreme mental and physical test. As always, your information is valuable and i look forward to every new post you put online.

    1. Patrick, you’re an ass kicker

      You MUST add conditioning to The Brute Force course as it’s not meant to improve conditioning

      Run , Bike and swim my brutha!!!!

      Add a CrossFit type WOD 1 x week as well!

      Dig deep, Go HARD!

  6. Took the sled out last night for a second workout. Kept the 20x motto going through my head. Pushed myself to a PB distance!!! Dug deep, kept repeating to myself that I can keep going, don’t let my head tell me that my body is finished.
    Felt great to hit a goal like this… Onto bigger and better from here out. Not gonna settle!
    Thanks for posting this Z

    1. Kevin, you’re a BEAST

      Set the bar HIGH, much respect for DOing the work!

  7. Kevin Salisbury says:

    Great words of wisdom. But unless applied they are useless, I so often settle for just enough or the status quo.. No more … Thank you Z

    1. SO true

      words are ONE thing

      Actions…. are the REAL thing!

  8. Kory Knowles says:


    It is great to see you providing this information. I also respect that you are stepping up and taking on a SEAL Challenge.

    You will never be able to do 20 times more than you think you can unless you put yourself into a situation where you have to. And in most cases you don’t really know how mentally tough and physically strong you are until you have to be.

    So you going out and challenging yourself is huge. I know Mark well and I guarantee that you are going to find a well of resolve and grit deep inside that you didn’t even know existed, but once you tap into it and allow yourself to draw on it your previous limits will be crushed. The only way to the well is going beyond your comfort zone; that is where the magic happens.

    From my time working my way through SEAL Training and in the Teams I learned that the best way to approach something is to know what was expected of me and then go do it. I knew I might not know exactly everything about it but I knew that I would grow into it as I worked through it. I also learned that it didn’t take very long for whatever I was doing to become my new normal, so I would plow ahead and get more comfortable as I went. Don’t wait to learn every single thing or get comfortable with what you are about to do. How about just do it and figure the rest out along the way. That is what the journey is all about. And most important step is the first one. After that just keep moving forward.

    The most important I learned was that we will never outperform our self Image. It is vitally important that you can see yourself doing whatever it is you want to do and that your you believe you can will do. If you truly believe you can do something then nothing in the world can stop you. If you have major fear or doubt then there is nothing in the world that can help you.

    You have to believe you can do it, then you set out a plan to accomplish it, and then you go do it. Don’t spend forever planning nothing happens without ACTION!

    We are all as great as we allow ourselves to be!


    1. Kory, HUGE honor that you are reading this blog my man! I agree 110% with you. It is that UNDYING belief, KNOWING that U can do the work, and of course, when U work hard and get your mind right, you CAN achieve the success of 20 X

      Most don’t do the work, which makes it VERY hard to begin thinking 20 X, or even 10 X!

  9. Zach – great post and even better mail this morning!

    Every so often you write a post which really triggers something in me. Today I kept thinking when I was really challenged in my life. By that I mean where I had to really grow outside of my comfort zone, not to succeed in a challenge but to actually stay alive.

    I’ve come up with two, maybe three situations:
    – back when I was a teenager I went windsurfing in high wind weather. My sail broke and I had to swim back to the shore. I fought for 3-4hrs as the winds kept me offshore and the current kept dragging me into the sea. I barely made it. I was so exhausted I passed out at the beach and couldn’t get up for several hours.
    – while mountaineering in Yosemite Park me and a friend got lost for two days and were without water for the whole time. We had no maps, no gps, no phone (that was some 25yrs ago). Never in my life was I so thirsty. My friend was completely dehydrated and hysteric before he sat down and couldn’t move anymore. I went up another hill and finally found a lake on the other side. We kept drinking for the whole night.
    -some 15yrs ago I went bankrupt and had to fight some serious mental exhausting times. This was extremely challenging. I kept working like a madman for almost a year until I finally solved the situation.

    In these situations losing was simply not an option. Not dead – Can’t Quit. Simple as that. These situations made me personally stronger. Not physical, but mentally. After that many other situations just seem like peanuts. Every so often you have to find a challenge and get after it. Sorry for the long post. Got inspired. ūüėČ
    Live strong
    Sven, Italy

  10. Fantastic post as usual Zach, really love your mind set approach to strength and life changing, in my opinion its so overlooked by most coaches…keep up the good work and as always looking forward to your next post. Peace

  11. Z….awesome…when you hit that 20 x zone you will never know it…we train hard eveyday so we bleed less later. Visualize doing it and completing it. If you are comfortable then something is wrong. Train as you go and put your soul into it. Fear is a moment that we have created because we are afraid to succeed….There is no magical plateau that we reach…there is constant growth…as in nature you either are growing or dying. Travis had a video on his site that showed Mike Tyson saying he feels like a God when he steps into the ring and when his opponent looks away or down or his focus changes, Mike Tyson knows he has already won. Look in the mirror everyday, look into your eyes till you see yourself in the reflection and you’ll see you are capable of so much more in life. Don’t look away, if you see something you don’t like fix it. Do you wanna dream it, or live it? Don’t be a God, be a God killer…your mindset is your ultimate weapon. Z thank you so much for always thinking different, I am so proud to see you take up a challenge like this, as a former operator in the US Army not everybody can be a Navy Seal or a SF Solider, but they can be the best human they can be for themselves and their family’s. I salute you man, live the code and been H.A.M since the day I was born.

  12. Lauri Lovvorn says:

    True Zach. I’ve seen a lot of people use fear and afraid in the same context. Guess I’m one of them.

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