208 | Paul Kolody on High School Strength & Conditioning


STRONG Life Podcast ep. 208 HERE WE GO! BOOM!

This was a POWERFUL episode I did with my friend, Paul Kolody, a NJ Strength Coach at powerhouse  Hunterdon Central High School.

In this episode we REALLY dig deep into how to organize and run a high school weight room like a PRO!

Paul sometimes has 90+ kids in his weight room with NO assistant coaches! Can you image 90+ athletes in your weight room?

Enjoy the show and make sure you follow Paul at https://www.instagram.com/reddevilstrength/

Here's just a few of the topics we covered in this episode of The STRONG Life:

- How to organize the structure of each training session for large groups, from the warm up, to the training AND while incorporating leadership into the training as well

- What changes are made to a training session when the groups are HUGE

- How does Paul break down program design and mini cycles incorporating methods such as triphasic while adjusting for the differences in each group (ALL grade levels training together)

- How does training change as the weather changes in NJ: With a solid 5 months of cold weather, rain, snow, etc, learn how Paul adjusts training with the seasons to incorporate outdoor training, outdoor speed & agility training, etc.

- What did Paul's FIRST day look like in the high school weight room and how did he adjust from what he THOUGHT was going to happen VS what actually DID happen (GREAT story!!!)

- How does Paul track the training of all athletes with software

- What is the 1 BIG piece of wisdom Paul would share with other Coaches & athletes at the high school level

- The BIG question: To test 1RM or NOT to test 1RM?


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