3 MUST Have Training Tools for Staying Healthy as an Athlete or Lifter


During a podcast I was asked why I love to learn from many of the lifters and athletes that are considered "old school"? 

And then on the same day, I heard a podcast with Mark Rippetoe and Ripp mentioned his knee and shoulder are pretty busted up to the point where a lot of training is not possible. Now, Ripp is in his mid 60s and has been training likely since age 15 so after 50 years, a lot of damage is done.


Even MORE damage is done when you refuse to evolve, refuse to learn and refuse to research better and / or different ways to keep you in the game longer.

In this Video I share 3 training tools / methods you should be using to increase health and longevity in your lifting / training.

In addition, there are more methods / tools not included such as body tempering and an endless array of mobility work. I will include those extra videos in this blog so you can enjoy them with a cup of Anabolic Coffee or the good ol' GET BIG DRINK.

Photo Credit: The Stark Center https://starkcenter.org/igh/igh-v5/igh-v5-n1/igh0501e.pdf

Above, Photo Credit: The Stark Center 


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