3 Renegade Documentaries That Changed My Life



Is this blog even about building muscle anymore?

Why all this life talk?

I assume, these are some of the thoughts fleeting the minds of many visitors.

I have an inner drive to express myself. I don't want people here if all they care about are the weights they lift. That is a 1 sided boring life for me.

I want to connect, communicate, teach and inspire people who want to succeed in LIFE, both in AND out of the gym. THAT is the essence of living The STRONG Life.

Let me explain why.....

I was recently updating the Zach's Story page, aka the "about me" page.

I was at the point on that page where I had to discuss and share some stories during a tough time in my life. A time where I got lost for a bit, got very sick, lost a lot of everything and had to find myself.... Again.

It reminded me about 3 documentaries I came across.

These 3 documentaries changed my life for the better and I want you to take action and watch all 3 of them as well. You will NOT be disappointed.

Watch the video and I explain it all.

[youtube width="720" height="405"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmuvZew-DkM[/youtube]

Training? Building Muscle? Getting Jacked and training to "dominate the competition". Yes, these are things I am regularly writing and speaking about. I teach them day in and day out when coaching at The Underground Strength Gym.

BUT, the strongest athlete in the gym is not always the most successful athlete in his chosen sport and even further, they are not always the most successful in life.

I talk about it ALL the time. Training IS Life. Your training must make you better in ALL areas of your life. Family, work, career, friendships, social life, etc.

I'm always evolving, always improving, always chasing greater Strength, Both in the gym and in LIFE. When I feel I am in a rut, I educate myself more and also dig deep into my discipline. As Navy SEAL Jocko Willink says, "Discipline trumps motivation."

Drop a comment below on how you live The STRONG Life. What documentaries do you love that have played a role in making your life Stronger?

Live The Code 365,


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3 Responses

  1. Gabriel V says:

    My favorite documentary is easily, “When we were Kings” about the Rumble in the Jungle; Ali v. Foreman. It’s inspirational and unbelievable. Not only that, but I have continually used it in therapy session with my clients (kids and adults).

    Thanks Zach!

    1. yeah – “when we were kings” is absolutely awesome.

      the final scenes where the great mahler tells the story of the fight still gives me the chills. great, great storyline and first and foremost great story. very inspirational.

      1. I will check that out, is that with Will Smith or is this a documentary?

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