3 Tips To Conquer ANY Challenge


In mid September, me and a few close friends have a 26 hr, non stop Navy SEAL challenge.

2 former Navy SEALs (both friends of mine -  although I safely assume they won't be my friend during this mission) will put my buddies and I through the ringer and I imagine it will be like a kick in the teeth AND the balls at the same time.

But wanna know something?

I am PSYCHED and can NOT wait to GO!

The challenge is organized by former Navy SEAL, Mark Divine, the ass kickings will be led by 2 friends of mine.

99% of the people who knew me a few months ago woulda told me that this is NOT a good idea, that I would never make it, I'm not built for this type of challenge, bla bla bla

But I'm not a normal, typical guy.... I accept challenges, I LOVE challenges.... I view them as gifts. Why? Because I KNOW they will transform me into a better personal, overall.

I am learning more and more that many people FEAR challenges and simply avoid them like the plague. I've been there before, trust me, I have.... let me explain.... I realized that I only challenged myself in the areas that I was already well versed in, comfortable in and experienced in.

I challenged myself in the gym or in my business, both are areas I have been involved in for years on end. The BIG challenges began when I started running and 1 mile was a brutal challenge for me. Sure, I could do short sprints, but distance runs crushed my body and played tricks on my mind.

Hence, I signed up for the 5 mile run, knowing it would be a TRUE challenge. To add fuel to the fire, I did circuits of tire flips, farmer walks, pull ups and push ups the Night BEFORE the 5 mile run. I crushed that run beyond anyone's expectations of me because I had a BIG WHY, explained HERE.

"The BIG Enough WHY" hit home when Quatro Deuce, former Navy SEAL, spoke at The Underground Strength Conference.

I KNEW I had to begin challenging myself OUTSIDE of my norms and my buddy and I pushed to get the ball rolling on this upcoming challenge..... trust me, I was NERVOUS when I said, "YES, I'll do it!" - but that's exactly why we SHOULD take on challenges, they should make you nervous.

[youtube width="640" height="360"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSAXWizNZ3s[/youtube]

Today, we have the 5th annual Lift Strong fundraiser at The Underground Strength Gym. It seems every other year goes in cycles, where we have a lot of participants from my own gym and then the next year we have a lot of EXCUSES. It gets me fired up and emotional..... to see my OWN athletes bailing.

When I told one athlete to challenge himself and compete he replied, "I compete almost every weekend in wrestling."

EXACTLY... competing in the known, competing where you are comfortable, competing where you ALWAYS compete. That NO longer becomes a challenge of deeper meaning. It becomes a competition, NOT a challenge.

So, let's get the ball rolling, 3 Tips To Conquer ANY Challenge:

1) Win In The Mind FIRST - You MUST believe with every ounce of your soul that you will emerge victorious before you enter the challenge. This is where I FAILED miserably as a high school wrestler, as I ALWAYS doubted and had uncertainties of how I would perform.

2) Prepare Like a MadMan With Frequent Challenges - Confidence to succeed will come when you prepare like your life depends on it. Now, you can STILL train hard and Still NOT achieve success, but why? Because you are only preparing in your comfort zone, in your environment of norms. This is NOT gonna prep you for challenges that lie ahead and thus, your confidence to succeed will only grow to a certain point.

You can NOT put a ceiling on your ability to grow as a person. But, if you continue to toil in familiar territory, you WILL create a ceiling. F**K that ceiling!

3) Set Mini Goals - If you watched my video from my 5 mile race, you'll see I set mini goals the entire race. I would see someone ahead of me and set a goal to catch them. Next goal... pass them... next goal... pass the next person. Amidst this 5 mile race I must have set 100 mini goals, rather than focusing on mile 5, I focused on the things right in front of me, which carried me from mile 1 all the way through mile 5.

You're put on this earth to be someone special and to do GREAT things.

Your motivation MUST come from within, I can NOT motivate you, you must create your WHY - deep down, you truly know if you're growing as a person VS putting a ceiling on your challenges.

These 3 steps to help you conquer challenges have been learned the HARD way. Through LOTS of pain and loss. That was the PAST. Now I am learning through joy. Half my life time ago, I didn't KNOW any of this stuff.

I'm learning through experience and learning through others, such as my close friends and coaches.

I am ALWAYS involved in some form of coaching.... always.

Be honest with yourself: Are you TRULY challenging yourself or are you simply remaining in the confines of your comfort zone, in the known..... If so, it's time to push into the UN-known.

Special thanks to my close friends who are training with me and preparing me for our challenge ahead as well as LIFE. BIG thanks to Mark Divine of Unbeatable Mind and my Navy SEAL friends guiding us and making us into stronger men.

Below you can see my experiences with Unbeatable Mind.

[youtube width="640" height="360"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t1O9XJSKJ8[/youtube]

Discover How To Forge An Unbeatable Mind - Details HERE

8 Responses

  1. jeff teta says:

    This was the exact kick in the ass I needed this morning! Thanks Zach

  2. Great post Zach, inspired me to get out of my comfort zone of lifting heavy for low reps, multiple sets and do some bodyweight rep stuff and tire sled sprints, and do double the sprints of what I actually had in mind! Thanks, keep up the good stuff!

    1. yea bro, that’s how U gotta keep rolling! same ol’ shyt ain’t gonna help U, brutha – keep kickin; ass!

  3. Zach, great post – once again.

    Every so often, when I think that basically everything is said and done you come back with another golden piece of inspiration and motivation.

    I’m well in my forties and will go through my first mini Triathlon this August. Really looking forward to this challenge – hence my endurance training as of lately. Funny thing about it – I won’t have a racing bike, will drive this mother with my MTB. That will suck big time, but I’m pretty sure I’ll kill it in the swimming and running part.
    Keep it up

    1. damn dude, one of our coaches did the same w/his Mtn Bike, ha ha

      That’s how U know u r a grinder!

  4. “You can NOT put a ceiling on your ability to grow as a person. But, if you continue to toil in familiar territory, you WILL create a ceiling. F**K that ceiling!”

    Dude…. Big time BOOOOM!

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