STRONG Life Ep. 26: 3 Tips To Start Your Day with POWER to Maximize Success



"How do you get so much done and still have time to train and time to be with your family?"

That is the common question I get asked so I went ahead and crushed a solo STRONG Life podcast to answer this question.

It's NOT easy, but hey, anything worth achieving most likely is gonna be TOUGH, challenging and downright stressful. You'll have to stand strong and face your fears, rather than running from them, like a coward.

Start your day with these 3 things and you will Maximize your success:

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I'll be crushing another solo STRONG Life podcast for you as I expand on how you can control your day to bring you closer and closer to your "perfect day".

The BIG key is your morning, but that certainly doesn't mean the rest of your day is a free for all. Anything but.

Once you start facing your fears, as Steven Pressfield says, you are now Turning Pro.

The amateur hides from his fears, engages in gossip and fills his day from bottom to top yet his days always feel heart-breakingly empty.

It's easy for me to explain the amateur days because I use to be there.

I used to always need the permission of others. I always had a "Guru" I would ask for permission and never ending advice and I felt no big moves in life or business could be made without his approval.

Trust me, when you are truly living your calling, you don't give a shit about the approval of others, you care only about kicking ass and taking names for those you are passionate about.

Passion for what you do is the complete opposite of finding something to save your ass from that corporate gig you hate.

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Thank YOU.

Live The Code 365.


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