3 Ways To Improve Your Tire Flip & Strongman Lifts



Training the strongman lifts, I always tell others, must be earned.

If you're a Strength Coach, seriously, stop letting everyone and their Mom flip tires. It leads to injuries and leads to a lack of respect for what it takes to be strong.

We shouldn't have tires every 50 lbs separated so everyone can flip a tire. That's like saying everyone wins, it's always a tie!

We shouldn't have Sandbags every 10 lbs so everyone can comfortably increase poundages. Odd objects are supposed to be UNcomfortable. They are supposed to be hard. You should feel like you're wrestling them to get the rep finished.

The strongman lifts must be earned. Period. End of story.

How do your earn your way to use the strongman lifts? It's simple, but not easy. Let me explain....

Get STRONGER.That is first on your To Do List.

I know, this is NOT newsworthy but for some reason no one wants to believe that this is THE way. Stronger is the ticket and the foundation for success in the strongman lifts.

Check this video as I give you some KEY exercises you must become GREAT at so you can earn your way towards not only performing the strongman lifts, but also dominating some big weights with the various other strongman exercises.

Check the video below and drop your questions for me in the comments section.

[youtube width="640" height="360"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYt39e6Szi4[/youtube]

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7 Responses

  1. Great blog post. I have a question revolving recovering from workouts. After lower body workouts I am always really sore the next day. I get about 8 hours or more of sleep every night and have a post workout shake after every workout usually accompanied with a meal shortly after. I also foam roll and stretch after every workout. Is there anything you would recommend doing to recover faster after lower body workouts?


    1. Ryan, the day after heavy leg work go ahead and take 1 or even 2 days off from lifting. If you have the itch, drag some light sleds, take an ez bike ride, etc for recovery but heavy squats, deads and strongman really beat up the body so listen to your body and recover bro!

      1. Ok. Thank you. I will be sure to implement your advice. Keep doing what you’re doing. You are changing the world

  2. Phil Marsden says:

    Zach great post and exactly the principles we apply at WST in the UK. Everything is progressed and only if hitting certain numbers and nailing technique are things moved on and everyone knows they have to earn the right to do certain exercises and the targets they must hit. Sadly this is not the case for all gyms and some sports clubs who often will throw people onto more advanced lifts including heavy Tyre flips without earning the right and this includes first hand storeis of Youth athletes that come to me who have been thrown under the barbell to squat without the team checking they can even do a good bodyweight squat. Each to their own but it is not our way.

    1. Good work Phil, we’re leading the way bro and doing it right!

  3. How strong should I get at deadlift before tire flipping? 1,5 x BW, 2 x BW, 2,5 x BW?
    Also if you would drop some numbers on DB clean and press that would be awesome.
    Respect man.

    1. Mateusz, it depends on the tire you flip

      For example, our 450 lb tire I wanna see this:

      Trap Bar Deadlift 275 x 5 or 315 x 3

      1 Arm KB or DB Clean & Press x 3 – 5 ea hand approx. 60 lb

      Pull Ups at least 10 reps perfect

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