My 6 Strength & Health Mistakes You Should Avoid


It's the weekend and that means lots of sports with the kids and STILL, early mornings for me to get things done.

Sunday mornings are always for answering questions for  my Strength Coach Mentorship group, The STRONG Life Brotherhood.

Today, we've got Baseball & Tennis.

It's gonna be a GREAT day.

Yesterday I saw my Doctor to start planning for my knee surgery. It's time to fix this and take care of ME.

And a BIG reason why my knee went downhill was because when it began hurting 5 years ago, I NEVER went to a Doctor until 4 years after. During that time I was trying all types of "alternative methods" of healing.

Yes, 4 years after I finally saw a Doctor. So, listen to my BIG mistakes and avoid them.

Here's a short list of my mistakes, and I assure you there are many more. For now, we begin with these 6 mistakes:

1) YOU are the priority. Take care of YOU or you can NEVER truly take care of others if you are not at your best from a physical and mental standpoint. Don't feel bad for training, eating healthy, stocking the fridge with healthy foods or skipping ice cream when everyone else is eating ice cream.

Oddly enough, health is NOT a priority for many but you, choose to be different.

2) Do NOT feel bad for taking care of you.

It's important to be selfish.

It makes you better at family, work / career, happiness and all around a STRONG Life.

If someone makes you feel guilty for doing so, well, they don't truly care about you. What are we without our health? We are nothing!

3) As you "get older", add more steady state or moderate intensity interval work for your cardio / aerobic base.

Don't worry about being HUGE. Eventually, those days need to come to an end. Focus on performance and how you feel. That should be your driving factor.

What you did in your 20s, early 30s, etc is NOT the same thing you should do in your late 30s, 40s and 50s (and beyond for my 60 & 70+ year old friends).

I am prepared to evolve more as I get older. I am sure more will change in my 50s, 60s and 70s.

4) Do NOT lock your identity in with certain exercises such as "I HAVE to Deadlift" or "I have to Squat".

Sometimes, certain exercises do not agree with you or make you feel better.

Maybe now it's a belt squat, or a trap bar deadlift. With benching, maybe it's only with a Bandbell bar.

Be smart, listen to your body and adjust accordingly. Be prepared to invest in specialty equipment to keep your training going.

5) Autoregulate and avoid pushing when your body and mind are not feeling it.

I trained CRAZY when I was younger. I did high volume, high intensity and everything in between.

That can NOT be done anymore. Nowadays, I ALWAYS leave with energy in the tank.

I never destroy myself in the gym. I don't want to be useless for family and work.

6) You do NOT need to train high volume.

I love Gladiator STRONG because we train 3 x week.

Sometimes, I add a 4th day with calisthenics, sleds and bands for a shorter, "Mini training" session.

The recovery makes you feel great AND keeps you excited to keep training.

When there is too much frequency and volume, you start to coast because you know you're coming back tomorrow, again and again. I've seen athletes do this. They stop pushing themselves because they are coming back tomorrow.

Training should still be challenging. Showing up over and over does not guarantee results. Smarter training is what delivers results.

This weekend, I will hit KB Swings and Push Ups. Nothing else. Simple. Smarter is better.

Always be willing to evolve. Change is a good thing.


10 years ago at a seminar, a Fitness Coach admitted to spending (read: WASTING) some 8 hours a day scrolling through facebook. I was in shock, I couldn't believe it. He was running large bootcamps which gave him a lot of free time and he was wasting it. Wasting time is one of the worst things because you NEVER get back your lost time.

I receive messages every day asking me about training or business from people telling me that they've been following me for years. 8 years. 10 years. 15 years. But, they are asking me about training and business concepts that I've made available for years and years.

So, make sure you visit the Store and see what's available.

Just like training athletes, I can not help people who are so stuck on scrolling through their phone they don't know about things like:

The USC Cert

The STRONG Life Brotherhood

Be careful of the white noise out there where you keep scrolling through your phone being BUSY, yet accomplishing Nothing.

Do NOT confuse activity for achievement.

Live The Code 365,


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