Episode # 67: Coach Ethan Reeve Inspired Workout


Keeping the same theme: Attacking training with heavy basics.

Heavy Basics keeps you honest and brings the results.

Here we go....

A training session inspired by Coach Ethan Reeve. I get fired up when I train so hopefully you can relate to the passion. My alter ego kicks in once the music is blasting and the weights are clanging......

The 1 arm bench is great for trunk / core stability.

The calisthenics are a must for all athletes and strength focused men.

The 105 lb Dumbbell has a thick handle so it feels much heavier.

Rope Pull Ups - the advantage here is the effect on grip strength.

Get after it!

Live The Code 365,

--Coach Z--

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4 Responses

  1. good stuff. . . gotta get me a set of them ropes ūüôā

  2. i love the 1 armed bench! i’ve been using it on my clients on a physioball with 20# and less bc usually the core can’t stabilize on the ball with heavier weight… they tend to roll off to the side. if you think your core is solid, try the 1 armed bench on a physioball!

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