Another Tear Jerker E Mail!


Man, I am getting choked up, no joke.

I am a pretty sensitive guy, perhaps to a fault.

I am getting choked up with these e mail
and videos.

I do have a problem though....

Some people are intimidated by the videos
that have been posted thus far for The
Underground Inspiration Contest.


Don't be!

Take this as an opportunity to share your success, and motivate someone to become great and rise from their situation, just as you once did.

It's not showing off, and maybe I should not have even made this a contest....regardless, it is a contest, but, MORE important than anything, is us, binding together as a family, to help someone do something magical in their life.

Not sure what I mean?

Please read the e mail below:

    You don't know me but I hear from you just about every day.  Your enthusiasm and love for your work never cease to amaze and inspire me.  Even when pissed at some client who can't show up, you find a way to turn it into a positive lesson.  Thanks, man.

    I first came across your work through my research into kettlebell training.  I bought the video you made with Jason C. Brown and I listened to your interview.  I then started checking out your website and even bought The Real Man's Guide to Fitness and MMA Experts both of which I've used personally and professionally.  I considered entering your contest but then thought better of it.  The two vids I saw were way better then anything I might pull together.  To be honest I'm more interested in just sending you some props and saying thanks.

    Here's where I come from.  I'm 36 years old.  I live in Birmingham, Alabama and I work as a personal trainer and massage therapist in a small private gym here.  I'm married and have been for 14 years.  I have three beautiful daughters, ages 11, 8 and 6. 

    While I have only recently, really only a few weeks ago, come to find you and your site, and therefore can't attribute the changes I've gone through directly to you. I can thank you by proxy as you embody and personify the spirit of what has changed my life. 

    You see, up until just a few years ago, I had no real direction.  I had a wife and kids to look after and I did that but not as well as I could.  I kept taking jobs that took me more nowhere but frustrated.  I took that frustration out in drugs and wasted much of our time and money.  Fitness was my way out. 

     My gym became more than just my job, it became my haven.  When you say you don't know what you would do if you couldn't train, I know just what you mean. 

     Today my life is beautiful.  I'm writing you from my desk in the house we just bought last June.  It's twice the size of our old house and in a neighborhood I can feel good about raising my kids in. 

     My business is booming.  I keep a full schedule and look forward to work every day.  I may work a long day but it leaves me energized and excited about my life.  Which is something my old job at half the hours could not do.  At 36 I'm in the best shape of my life.  I'm the guy Alwyn Cosgrove hasn't met yet, as I assure you I would kick my 18 year old ass.  So I just wanted to let you know, I know what you're talking about.  I get it.  I hear you and I salute you, brother.
     I look forward to checking my inbox each day, looking for whatever craziness you've sent out into the world.  Whatever it is I know it will help me in my training and by extension my clients.  I'm nowhere near posting the numbers I've seen you and some of your guys list.  I really only started weight training three years ago, most of my background is in martial arts, but this past weekend I was able to lift a railroad tie and carry it thirty or forty yards (four times) to build a terraced garden bed.  I felt so strong and so capable at that moment.  I know it's my training I have to thank for that ability, but it's your inspiration that makes my training so effective.  Thank you.  Keep up the good work."
Dave H."

************ WOW!!!! *******************

I am blown away, and man, this e mail hit me hard.

I am getting more and more e mails like this every day,
and I am realizing the power of The Underground, because it enables people to do so much with so little.

I am in a position where I can help, but I want others to
help as well, kinda like that movie "Pay it Forward."

Alwyn Cosgrove instilled this in me, and, deep down, it's
what I love.

Thanks to everyone who is sending videos, sending e mails and sending support my way.

If you have a story, please share it, get involved, post a video, and your video will become something that will help people make positive changes for many, many years and years to come.

That's some powerful stuff....and it only takes a few minutes.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart,

and...sorry for getting so mushy!

I promise to deadlift and squat heavy tomorrow! ha ha


--Coach Z--

PS: Get rolling w/the contest, don't procrastinate. If you need help, just e mail me 🙂

PPS: The way to start doing what you love is to get involved with The Underground. Either through the membership site, my certification or any of my seminars.

PPPS: Don't let fear hold you back anymore. Countless immigrants come to this country with nothing, zero, zilch, and then they succeed at the highest of levels, ALL because they gave themself only ONE option, and that was to kill it! There was no failure in their mind or eyes.


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