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Bill Seno was a champion powerlifter, bodybuilder & weightlifter. A rare blend of ALL 3 styles of lifting / strength.

Louie Simmons often shares the advice of Bill Seno who told Louie, "Do 6 x 6 with an illegally wide grip on the bench press, then sets of 8, then 10s. When you can do 10 reps, go heavier and drop down to 6s again."

Bill wrote a book called 'Pushing for Power'. It's awesome and filled with BASIC STRENGTH tips. Basic strength training is a lost art form today thanks to the algorithm of social media which rewards circus tricks and not proven training methods, aka brilliance with the basics.

Some excerpts from Bill Seno's Book are shared below:

⭕ The body becomes accustomed to the routine of a rigorous occupation, and eventually, even those with rigorous occupations can gain strength greatly.

➡️ The point is “we don’t have to pamper ourselves or get carried away with protecting ourselves from work.”

⭕ Overwork is one thing, but maintaining one’s individual dignity is quite another.

After months of dealing with routines, rest periods, etc., the lifter will clearly receive a message by comparing his gains and strength to others.

It is healthy to utilize the comparison practically because it allows the lifter to seek realistic goals.

⭕ All people can improve to heights they never thought achievable, but all lifters cannot be a Mike Bridges, Pacifico or Kuc; therefore, one can only become frustrated with goals that are above one’s ability or too highly imaginary.

⭕ A great anti-frustration goal is to try to beat your previous total. It satisfies immediate hungers, and in due time the lifter will find that other lifters are now trying to catch up to him.

Here's a sample Bill Seno bench press workout to inspire you to train harder and get stronger!

An example of a bench press routine using the pyramid system is as follows:

Warm up to a maximum 1 Rep single.

Next, work down to a set of 3 - 4 reps, followed by a set of 6 - 8 reps and finally end with a set of 10 - 15 reps.

On the lighter sets, Bill emphasized speed on the reps and he called these "speed thrusts". For assistance work Bill recommends a variety of exercises such as overhead presses, behind the neck presses, barbell rows and shrugs.

My advice? You can't go wrong putting in the work focused on the basics.

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