Breakfast before the Storm



My Breakfast before the Storm:

4 whole eggs

4 egg shites

2 bananas

2 clementines

1 cup of coffee

I tend to alternate coffee and green tea through several week cycles. This is what my body is telling me and I go with it. I stray away from dairy products as much as possible except the eggs. I used to do the ol' bodybuilder breakfast of 8 egg whites and one yolk, but after 7 or 8 years of the same thing, I decided to add more yolks to my breakfast and I feel stronger. And this did NOT have any adverse impact on cholesterol levels. 

Throughout the day I'll have several meals which are higher protein, lower carbs and I'll also get one salad in somewhere during the day, as well as several pieces of fruit and TONS of water.

After breakfast I'll be heading off to The Underground for a training session, a full body workout, much like what I prescribe in my Underground Strength Kit for my wrestlers.

The style of training I utilize with my combative athletes focuses on developing high levels of work capacity. Being strong is not good enough. Strength endurance, Power endurance and very high levels of stamina is what we develop through our workouts

What will you be doing on this fine Sunday?

In strength,


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I listen to these audios over and over again myself. As always, this information will not suit those who sit on their ass all day and talk shit on internet forums. It's for those who are ready to train like Gladiators.

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  1. I don’t think I’ll be trying the egg shites breakfast 😉

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