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If you're not training to become stronger, bigger, faster, leaner, meaner and tougher than yesterday than what the hell are you doing taking up space and breathing in the very air that Gladiators need!?

Every day you need to be better than yesterday.

I hope you feel the same. If not, then heck, you've definitely stumbled upon the WRONG place.

This s**t ain't easy when you're 35, at least that's what I recall everyone else saying and telling me over and over again. We agree to disagree, shall we?!

Lucky for me, during this most recent Hybrid Bodybuilding workout caught on film, I was lucky enough to have TWO training partners to push me and remind me I that am NOT strong enough.

Check the vid below...

Here's a quick rundown of this Hybrid BEAST Workout:

1A) Safety Bar Box Squats: several sets of, then 3 and finally a heavy double

1B) 30" box jumps x 3 reps

2) 175 lb atlas stone shouldering 5 x 2

3A) ring push ups + 20-40 lbs of chains 3 x

3B) mixed grip pull ups 3 x

4) Standing Dumbbell Cleans 3 x

Just another day at the office 🙂

I've found this style of training to be one of the best methods for packing on functional muscle, adding brute strength, speed / power and the final touch of developing mental toughness. Blending these methods together is reserved for Gladiators, don't forget 🙂

In Strength,


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13 Responses

  1. Great video Zach! I myself am also 35 but I can not help but NOT act 35. I am always moving, playing with the kids, lifting, bouncing on the trampoline (you should see the looks I get from the neighbors lol). I am also an Electrical Design Engineer, which is probably the only time I “act my age”. Seeing pics of DeFranco’s dad is inspiring (white hair and built like a tank).

  2. I have a question to you Zach or anyone who will answer it. It is tax return season and I am looking to get more strongman equipment. I am definitely buying farmers bars, but would also like to purchase a log and atlas stone molds. So I need to know the best person(s)/company(s) (website would be nice) to purchase this kind of equipment from. I live in upstate NY if that makes any difference. To whoever answers this question, THANKS ahead of time. This info would be much appreciated.

  3. Awesome work, boys! I dig those standing DB cleans. I’ve always done them seated. I know what I’m going to play with today!

  4. Zach and Crew;been flipping a tire and carrying a rock or two for several years now along with mainly bodyweight exercises.Just made a sand bag yesterday and looking forward to going thru paces with that.Your videos and info is awe inspiring among all the sights I frequent.I’m 52 years young-OLD SCHOOL RULES.All the best in training, Darryl

  5. Hey, where are the pull-ups, Zach?? Slacker! Lol!

  6. 52 is the new 35! Killer workout this morning, KB swings 25 reps and pullups 5 reps for 10 rounds, in celebration of a PR in the back squat and military press yesterday!

  7. Thers no school like the old school!Guts, sweat and intensity, what else is there.Keep on pushing your style of training, its whats needed by a lot of people. Im 45 and theres no feeling like being blown after a session, feeling that you’ve given it all and looking forward to the next one.
    If everyone felt like this, there would be a lot less health issues.

  8. Awesome Zach….I have just turned 30….But I do feel like I am getting fitter every day.

    Al I hope I can do this at 52…wow

  9. I’m 34 & I still got the Peter Pan disease/syndrome. I love training & nothing will slow me down. Good stuff Zack ATTACK!

    Okay, but what about us out there that have no one to push or drive us for more weight or more reps? Help us please. I train at home & there’s no way in hell I’m going back to a gym or gay fitness center…or worse…THE YMCA.

  10. Mike – do a search for Hybrid Atlas stone molds, I got one as a gift and they are tight!

  11. @Dean – bro, the motivation must come from within. Sometimes you simply need a change of plan.

    Follow a workout regime by someone else:

    Or, get a new training tool / make a new training tool.

    Having training partners does make a workout way better, if possible, get a friend or 2 to join you, even if they are weaker, you will lift more b/c you want to impress them and the energy will be that much higher bro!

  12. Hey Zach Great video,

    where would i pick up one of those neck attachments that you have on the bar when you are doing those safety squats?


  13. Just realized that the safety squat is the modified bar. Thought safety squat was another name for box squats. Looks pretty cool though.

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