You Can’t Fake STRONG



I'm coming off a high after last weekend's USC Cert + Travis Mash's Learn 2 Lift Seminar.

We blend our 2 methods together because it all blends perfectly.

It's a combination of our almost 60 years of combined training knowledge. I think that makes us Senior Citizens of STRENGTH.... kinda.

The Blending of....

  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Powerlifting
  • Old School Bodybuilding
  • Bodyweight Training
  • Odd Objects & Strongman Training
  • Speed & Explosive Training Methods
  • Program Design

It is inspiring to see how Travis gets on the floor to lift & learn as I teach and I do the same. Every time Travis teaches I am learning. EVERY. TIME.

Remember, "Good enough" is the Death of Greatness.


The Coaches in attendance were hitting PRs left and right on both days. Deadlifts, Power Cleans, Dumbbell Quick Lifts and more.

Each style of training and each tool has it's own unique carry over to another type of Strength.

  • When Travis flips tires, lifts the Thomas Inch Replica Dumbbell filled with sand....
  • When Travis throws around the 150 lb Monster Medicine Ball....

You can just see the strength that came from him Living The "Barbell Life."

When Travis began teaching me Weightlifting, I began picking up very quickly the finer techniques of the Power Clean and I hit 225 for a bunch of easy singles over the weekend.

Before that, I remember how 185 and 205 felt brutally heavy and 225 now moves with finesse and power.

During The Cert, there were a bunch of guys hitting 500 + lb deadlifts and then Travis as challenged by Chris Gaines as BOTH hit a 600 + lb Deadlifts.

You Can't Fake STRONG. It ALL works as long as YOU do the work. Whether you know it or not, you ARE a Coach. Even if you are not coaching others, you must be able to coach yourself.

    • You are finding what works vs what doesn't work.


  • You are learning that your body reacts differently to training methods compared to only a year ago.



  • You film your lifts and study how to get better by studying how others are succeeding, lifting heavier, faster and more efficiently.



The learning never ends. Life must be filled with constant learning. The best way to stay motivated is to learn new things and set new goals. Staying in one place and not improving or challenging yourself is actually the ultimate way to stress you out according to Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach. He is correct. 100% TRUTH.

If you're not STRONG enough. Learn more and Apply more.

To see the men and women of all ages traveling from all around the world to better themselves at a USC Cert just fires me UP to no end! I know the stress and pressure that come with traveling, leaving family, organizing extra and rather than let it stress me in a negative manner, I use it to INSPIRE me to live an AWESOME life.

Success and Strength is a Choice.

Get it ALL.

Live The Code 365,


Inspiring The World Through STRENGTH


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  1. That was a great weekend. I wanted to thank you, Travis, Tony Soprano, Jim, and the rest of the coaches for the instruction and inspiration. Can’t wait to get my Level 2 cert soon.
    Stay strong.

    1. Bert, It was AWESOME and an honor having you with us, brother! I am psyched you made the trip from Az! Till the next time, keep attacking Life!

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