Chase Those “White Lights” or Get OUT


There is something very special at The Underground Strength Gym.

I bring it with me anywhere I Coach. 

I look for the hardest worker in the room.

I'm gonna tell you why in just a second.....

You see, I feel so strongly about The Underground that I have kicked my own kids out of my gym when they are in there and NOT working.

When I say ​Strength Discriminates Against No One, I mean it.

It means YOU are not special and YOU will NOT get any special treatment here, EVER.

The Underground is a place for building BEASTS.

You can have better equipment, better turf, better technology, but it does NOT matter.

The Basics Build BEASTS.

In a world where there is a race for who has the most expensive, flashy, biggest gym or weight room, those same people have forgotten about building BEASTS.

They are too worried about the equipment and not concerned enough with the people on the deepest levels.

​I don't want a room filled with talkers, jokesters and people who use the same weight every set as their warm up. If it's easy, go heavier. If you have so much energy to talk non stop between sets, then you are NOT working hard enough. That's the TRUTH.

Push yourself and Push your teammates. If you can't do one then you can't do the other.

If you can't push others then you're not making the weight room a better place and you're not making yourself a better lifter / athlete / human.

Either You're In, Or You're in the Way.

Why is Intensity and Hard Work the ticket?

The fact is, MOST people do NOT push themselves hard enough to get Stronger and Better.

They simply don't.

When I say leave 1 rep in the tank, they leave 5 or 6 reps in the tank.

You need to learn to go places where you're seeing some white lights.

I'll tell ya, one Summer I had the D1 Guys doing 20 rep squats.

I had a kid misjudge his weight and he was so damn tough he did 32 reps with his bodyweight of 165.

This kid - every time I trained him he reminded me of The SEALs. He had NO quit in him.

Another kid got to 15 reps and he battled to 22 reps.

He was wobbling like a MFer walking the bar back into the rack I thought he was gonna pass out!

YES, Scary!


Sometimes, you gotta see those white lights!


If you don't try, you'll never know. 

I don't need fancy technology either.

The GREAT Coaches are in the same boat.

The guys I chat with in the NFL, most of them still use a white board.

Westside Barbell?

Fancy technology? NOPE.

Chase those white lights.


Get OUT.

Live The Code 365,


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2 Responses

  1. We have to listen to our bodies, but sometimes have to tell it to shut up!

    1. Frank, 100%

      When I am run down I don’t chase white lights, well, not true…..

      Sometimes I PUSH through and it DOES make me feel better

      For the most part, MANY people have NO intensity!

      Intensity is Needed!

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