Coach Paul Sacco | Lessons & Stories from 41 Years Coaching Football + Strength & Conditioning


I had a GREAT time chatting with Coach Paul Sacco. After 41 years of coaching both Football and year round Strength & Conditioning as well as having a school powerlifting team, the lessons and stories here are powerful.

This weight room is loaded with iron history and I know you're going to love these lessons in strength, football and all around coaching.

Dig in and enjoy!

This kind of weight room and these stories are hard to come by today. 

My favorite piece of equipment in Coach Sacco's Weight Room are the Squat Racks built with a car jack! WOW, that stuff reminds me of early days York Barbell / Strength & Health Magazine! 

Most gyms wants fancy equipment. 

Most people want fancy training. 

But the truth is that we ALL need these 2 things:

Brilliance with the Basics

Simple Things Done Savagely Well

Championships for individuals and teams happen for those who follow through with consistency on those 2 things!

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2 Responses

  1. jgilfedder says:

    Those squat racks are a thing of beauty!!!

    1. I agree!!! Car Jack attachment to adjust the height, Coach Sacco said they’ve had guys in PL meets squatting 800 lbs on those racks!

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