E Bay Freak-isode – The old garage, overstock and memories


Take a trip through the original Underground Strength Gym, see what's inside the Box and take your pick....

if you WIN the bid 🙂

watch the video below and then click the link below the video to go to my e bay auction!


Click HERE to get in on this insane e bay freak-isode auction!

Till the next time,

Kill it!

--Coach Z--

PS - Should I do something crazy like auction off a slot into the Underground Strength Coach Certification for 11/1 and 11/2?

Not sure why, but the camera turns me into a crazy mofo, crazier than expected! ha ha

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  1. Good day Zach,

    Could you please describe your experiences with Ryan Lee? If I could purchase just one Ryan Lee product what would you recommend and why?

    Thanks in advance for your time,


  2. david

    ryan is going to be re-releasing his e course on fitness info products w/updates info, i would wait on that

    my experience w/ryan? he has been a great friend, mentor and coach to me – he is in it for making others successful, trust me on this, i’ve known him for a while, i have been down and out and he’s helped me get up, he has had me over his house to spend time w/family, he wants to see people succeed.

    he is a HUGE reason why i am so educated and went from posting signs on trees to get clients to educating people around the world w/my methods

    also, his monthly coaching program kills

    hope this helps bro

  3. wayne battersby says:

    Hi Zack i was wondering how to get started in the business when money is a huge issue. Ive been training for about one year. thanks Wayne

  4. wayne, the way i roll bro, u need a few sandbags, a few used d-bells from e bay or craigs list, and then connect with a local park

    you need a biz name and insurance

    i started off nuts and berries, no start up money needed

    no loans, etc.

    i am leaving my job to focus full time on my biz, my income in the biz beats my day job

    i wont lie though, it’s hard freakin work, i work my ass off, then again, i want a grand slam, not interested in hitting a single or double 🙂

    kill it bro!


    ps: this is the stuff i teach in depth at my certification program ==> https://zacheven-esh.com/coaching.php

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