WHY You MUST Earn It & Respect It!


Reg Park encouraged the simple yet often ignored principles of lifting heavy &  training consistently.
Reg Park encouraged the simple yet often ignored principles of lifting heavy & training consistently.

I was in Vermont at SPARTAN HQ with 15 other Underground Strength Coaches.

2 days in a row we trekked up the mountain behind Joe DeSena's house and although I had been to the top before, it never gets old at the top.

But, I am sure, for some people, they don't get it....

They don't understand why they should embrace the work.

This is why.....

SPARTAN Underground Strength Coach Mastermind
SPARTAN Underground Strength Coach Mastermind

[youtube width="640" height="360"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsdR-tU0NqM[/youtube]

The work required of getting to the top is where the beauty lies.

The journey is the work. Getting to the top is never truly the top.

There is always a higher mountain to be climbed.

STOP avoiding and fearing the work. CHASE it.

Here's Your Action List:

- Create a NEW habit using something that has been holding you back.

- Do this "thing" for 30 days.

- Post your comments below what Action you will be taking and then check back in on the blog or with me via Twitter @ZEvenEsh

For example, I began journaling on the regular using my 5 minute journal, I was doing this only sporadically before but my focus on goals for life, health and more have gone through the roof.

Let's see where you're going.

Live The Code 365


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