STRONG Life ep 114: Training Talk: HIT, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting & Sports Performance


STRONG Life Ep. 114 with my buddy Jim Steel, S & C Coordinator at UPenn.

Jim and I answer some questions from Instagram as well as allow our usual rants in training, mindset, books and life to go off on a tangent.

Here's some of the topics Jim and I tackle in this episode:

  • Keeping your passion as a Strength Coach when you are frustrated with people accepting mediocrity.

- What are tips on balancing Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Training along with a strength & conditioning program?

- Stories of Steve Maxwell and his early training methods back when he was a collegiate wrestler including the popular HIT training popularized by Arthur Jones and Nautilus in the 70s.

- The many ways that training can work, from bodyweight to powerlifting, from HIT to Olympic Lifting and our thoughts on all these methods.

- How strength keeps you going along with our comments on NFL BEAST, James Harrison.

- Jim gives insight into his circuit training workouts and how he often mixes strength work with martial arts inspired training.

- Jim talks about how he trained for his bodybuilding show (The Southern States). This show is 1 of the toughest shows in the country.

- We discuss Squats, from how they help sports performance to how they boost mental toughness and self confidence.

- Why the world needs to CHASE the discomfort, not the other way around.

- Jim discusses his life lessons learned from lifting heavy, quitting before entering a bodybuilding show and more.

- Advice Jim received from a friend that helped him as a college freshman and it still helps him now.

- 3 Amazing Books that Jim is raving about!

- A magazine that Jim is reading a lot of recently.

- How using JUST a Barbell is all you need to get Stronger, Faster, Bigger & Tougher

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3 Books Jim is Raving About:

The Captured

My Life As an Indian

9 Years Among The Indians

Skillset Magazine


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