260 – Coach Bill Gillespie | 40 Years of Coaching Experience: Sets, Reps, Exercises & Strength Coach Career Talk


STRONG Life Podcast ep. 260 with Master Strength Coach, Bill Gillespie 

Bill brings 40 Years of Coaching Experience and MANY world records in the bench press and has benched over 800 lbs in competition.

Bill's Bio is HERE

Contact Bill for Consulting / Education: Bill@sorinex.com

In this episode, Bill and I discuss and exchange stories of training that go back to the 70s as we discuss Sets, Reps, Exercises & to cap it all off, some heartfelt Strength Coach Career Talk!

Prepare to be inspired!

  • How did Bill begin training in the early 70s?
  • What was the difference in how people learned training in the 70s and 80s compared to today
  • The 2 types of strength training Bill utilizes for training athletes
  • Bill's early days of coaching in the 80s and how it all started, who mentored him and how he learned
  • How young Strength Coaches can learn to be a better Strength Coach
  • Technique in the Deadlift that really helps you get stronger and improve your technique
  • The different phases / names of training that began back in the 70s and evolved all the way into the 2000s and how Bill created his own training method
  • Stories from coaching athletes in the NFL at The Seattle Seahawks
  • Program design for Squats and Cleans while using the tendo unit

  • Bill breaks down the in season Football template with exact days and exercises (This is GOLD!)
  • Bill's bench program (Bill has benched over 800 lbs!)
  • Bill's job as a teenager and the importance of work capacity for athletes
  • Training after an injury that Bill learned from the Bulgarians
  • Bench Press technique to keep the shoulders healthy and strong
  • Communication techniques and building buy in with athletes at various levels (NFL, College and High School)
  • How to loosen up tight hips and the common reasons behind hamstring and lower back injuries
  • Bill's favorite exercises for developing speed
  • Bill's early memories of Sorinex dating back to the 80s
  • Tough lessons and heartbreaking stories in the career / field of Strength & Conditioning

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2 Responses

  1. Zach & Bill “knocked it out of the park” on this one!
    I know just like Johnny Parker’s podcast with you, I will listen to this one multiple times.
    Huge thanks, brother!

    1. Franky, agreed, I will re listen myself many times! Such a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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