291: The Business of Strength & Growing Your Strength & Conditioning Business


STRONG Life Podcast ep 291: The Business of Strength & Growing Your Strength & Conditioning Business with Dan Goodman & Joe Riggio from Varsity House Gym.

In this episode, we discuss the mistakes we've made in our early years & how we've made adjustments for more freedom, more fun and more money.

Dan & Joe used to be on the ground floor coaching 60 hours a week. Now, they are ONLY coaching on the floor when they want to. They have freedom from their business with multiple locations while also owning their building and property. NO Landlord!

This episode digs deep into the common mistakes that Coaches make which lead to burn out, financial problems, relationships stress and other headaches.

It is heartbreaking to speak with coaches who are burnt out, struggling financially and also struggling with relationships and family life.

This is a POWERFUL episode for every serious Coach who is seeking growth and more freedom.

SAVE THE DATE: January 29th at Varsity House Gym, we will be holding a 'Business of Strength' Seminar - Details HERE.

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Business of Strength Seminar - Jan. 29, 2022
Details HERE

More Freedom

More FUN

More FREE Time

Less Headaches

More Profit

More Impact & Changing More Lives for Your Members and In Your Community!

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