309: Instagram Break, Developing Running Strength, Physical Culture & Special Strength Training


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In this episode I discuss the following:

- Why I am taking a break from Instagram & still don't use YouTube

- How after 3 years, I am finally able to run again!

- Nutrition Changes that have increased my strength & decreased my pain / inflammation

- Lessons learned from Indian Wrestling, Physical Culture & Karl Gotch

- Special Strength Training for wrestlers, athletes of all types, and for those training for LIFE (Military, Police, First Responders, etc)

- MORE lessons learned from Louie Simmons, especially the implementation of "Special Srength Training"

- How I began training wrestlers in the early 2000s using Special Strength Training methods

- Common mistakes I see athletes making when they wrongly assume they are training "Westside"

- Updates to The Underground Strength Academy

Video from September 2008. Warming up with Indian Clubs & Calisthenics

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