STRONG Life 324: My Day in Prison: Lessons in Strength & Life


STRONG Life Podcast ep 324

In 2006 I was able to connect with a LT who worked at East Jersey Prison, aka Rahway State Prison.

This is the prison where the move Lock Up was filmed with Sylvester Stallone.

I was connected with the LT from a friend and we hopped on the phone (landline back then!) to discuss my hopes of being able to visit the prison and chat with some inmates about their training programs while in prison.

He said he could absolutely set it up, as he was in charge of the group called "The Lifers".

I spent a good few hours in the prison talking with inmates about their training programs and their day to day.

I wanted to share those lessons and recall what I experienced back in the Winter of 2006. It has been a while so I shared as clearly as I could recall.

Lessons in Life & Lifing, here we go!





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