350 | Pete Arroyo: Strength & Conditioning Career Moves & Lessons Learned Since Early 2000s


STRONG Life Podcast ep 350 

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In this episode, Strength Coach Pete Arroyo takes us through his timeline as a Strength & Conditioning Coach, starting from the early days of the forums on websites such as Dr. Mel Siff's SuperTraining forum and Deep Squatter forum as well.

Pete takes us through some awesome experiences as he gets his first Strength & Conditioning job in one of the earliest sports performance facilities around.

Just some of the topics we cover in this episode with Pete Arroyo are:

  • How did Pete get his first Strength & Conditioning job
  • Where was Pete learning in the early days of the internet
  • The who's who of Strength and Sport Coaches as well as lifters that Pete wound up learning from
  • The med ball complex that Lance Vermeil had Pete go through to build up his GPP in order to learn Weightlifting
  • Training swimmers and wrestlers

This is an inspiring conversation with Pete on how he immersed himself in the field of Strength & Conditioning and grew from there.

Listen below and please enjoy!

BONUS: The Romanian Weightlifter that Made Me Cry!

PHOTO CRED Istvan Javorek. https://istvanjavorek.com   Kun B. Nicola Nicolae, Zakarias Antal, Holtzer Endre (aka Endre The Giant), Zsigmond Attoila. Kiss Arpad, Javorek istvan, kato laszlo es Herghiligiu Spiridon


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