384 | QnA: Trucker John, Private Strength Coach Dilemmas, “Easy Strength” & 5 BEST Exercises


STRONG Life Podcast ep 384

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In this QnA episode, I answer the following questions / topics:

- What happened to Trucker John from IRON JOURNEYS? 

- Strength Coach Business Problems: A private Strength Coach is being banned from high school sport / football coaches. His athletes have been threatened to STOP training with him and it is negatively affecting his business and the performance of the athletes. One of those Sport Coaches banning the kids from his gym is his own brother! What to do!?!?!

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- What are the 5 most important exercises?

- How do you know if you're training too hard?

- What is "Easy Strength" and how can you apply this method as a family or an athlete?

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