386 | 20+ Years of Lessons in Training Athletes in High School, College & Private Sector


STRONG Life Podcast ep 386 

In this episode I was a guest on The NHSSCA Podcast 

Details at https://NHSSCA.us 

Training high school athletes has been something I began in late 1995.

The intricacies of coaching high school kids changes from private sector to public high school sector where the groups can be 60-90 kids.

We get into the weeds of all these details and the various ups and downs of each position.

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Topics covered / discussed are:

- 20+ Years of Lessons in Training Athletes in High School, College & Private Sector.

- What I like more / less in the 3 different sectors of Strength & Conditioning?

- Lessons learned from Louie Simmons and the importance of getting athletes to raise their GPP levels and work hard.

- The problem with athletes today and why we see excessive injuries plus how we can fix this issue!

- Why paying for my knowledge was so instrumental in my success as a Coach and business owner.

- The process in writing my latest book, IRON JOURNEYS.

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