398 w/ JP Mikhael: The CRAZY Rise of Athlete Injuries, “Complete Athlete Training” & Tips for PARENTS of Athletes


STRONG Life Podcast ep 398 with JP Mikhael of M3 Strength & Conditioning in Florida 

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This episode is a crucial listen for parents of athletes and ANYONE who is a Coach working with athletes. 

The dramatic rise in injuries is greater than I have ever seen in my 20+ years of strength & conditioning. 

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The Audio has more content as I add an intro which you don't see on the video.

Something to think about.....

With more "Strength Coaches" on every corner of every town, why do we see more injuries?

What are the experienced Strength Coaches seeing in today's teen athletes?

What mistakes are being made by parents and athletes?

This is a war against weakness. Listen to this episode and share with parents of athletes, share with other coaches and share with admin who are on the fence regarding the crucial importance of a High School Strength Coach.

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