[443] HATE: NO Room in my Heart. Instead, Choose STRENGTH.


STRONG Life Podcast ep 443

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I somewhat pay attention to the news but the agendas that each media outlet has nowadays is never easy to trust. They post a photo or video claiming one thing and then later you find out it's a photo or video from somewhere else during a completely different time.

With an up and coming strength and conditioning clinic at Columbia University I had known about what was going on as I saw it a few months ago but decided to see some updated "news" on X / Twitter. After seeing the growing hatred being supported there, I wanted to share what's on my mind and why I decided I can not be a part of this clinic. This is not political, this is merely LIFE stuff.

The same day myself and another Coach stepped down from being speakers, the host company also stepped down. We can NOT be affiliated with a place (Columbia University) that supports hate of any kind.

This is what I call, Basic Human Stuff. 

What is your character? Are you a good person or an evil person?

I believe if more people were dedicated to challenging / vigorous exercise and experienced 20 rep squats, hard running, etc they would NOT be here on earth with no job and a bunch of hate coupled with free time to protest.

Growing up in Diamond Gym where 90% of the people were black, Nobody cared. There was love and respect for all. You earned your respect through the work.

Until the next time......

This one, as always, is from the heart!

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Until the next time......

Live The Code 365,


2 Responses

  1. Brian DeFiebre says:

    Zach, my man!
    So great to hear you talk about this, and SO GREAT to see you take a stand for what is right and against what is so wrong!
    It’s easy for us to hold back from giving opinions in social, political areas. “Stay in your lane!” they say. I know, I do it myself.
    But you said it best, this is about life. Character.
    And now, more than ever, it’s time we start to speak up, speak out!
    Brian D

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