451 | NO BS Lies about Building Muscle, NO Rules Bodybuilding Lessons from Arnold + Does “Hard Work” REALLY Matter?


STRONG Life Podcast ep 451 

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NO BS Lies about Building Muscle, NO Rules Bodybuilding Lessons from Arnold + Does "Hard Work" REALLY Matter?

Topics covered:

- What is happening inside Gladiator STRONG programming? Base Building and how it's working explained.

- Updates on Base Building and why it's a great method for men to use for building muscle AND strength.

- The truth about building muscle that goes against the BS complications being used by influencers who should STOP "influencing" 🙂

- Old school training methods from one of my favorite books of the early 90s / lessons from Arnold in his early days of Bodybuilding

- Hard Work vs Talent - does it REALLY matter and WHEN does it matter?



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I had to finish with some great excerpts above from Pumping Iron.

Every Strength Coach and strength athlete should watch Pumping Iron and read Arnold's books.

Until the next time....

See you in the squat rack!

Live The Code 365,




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